Tuesday, August 16, 2016


     Glad to see all the Neverland love pouring forth. :-) Thought you all were waiting for this one. I really love all the goodies!  Everything from the chunky monkey charms of lost boys and mermaids, to the compass we need to get to the treasure on this map.
We are going to have so much fun.  
     AND I have the original version of Peter Pan in hardback book from the 30's!  So what could be more natural but a silver plated book mark for ya'll. In case we have a RAL (real a long), what fun!
     The shawl itself is full of fun motifs which scream the opening theme of the original movie.  Yes, the second star is in there as is Big Ben! WHAT FUN! BUT shhhh this is suppose to be a mystery!

And now your update:
     Three TKers are needed for Moriarty, PM me if you are interested.
     Cocoon will be shipping as fast as we can sort out all the beads into the boxes, WOW what a job!  Fairy Dusted will begin shipping next week.
     There's something brewing on the back burner that I'm DYEING to tell ya'll about but I have to wait until I have a contract in my hot little hands.  When it's all signed, sealed and delivered I'm going to scream it from the mountain tops. Of that you can be sure.  Meanwhile, ENJOY!

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