Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Hey all!  Pixie #1 here, I wanted to share with you my new shawl, Moriarty.  It's a shawl created with thin and thick wedges.  The design is made with twisted stitches, texture and a bit of lace strewn about.  I like the edging the best I think it was fun to design.  With the design I am attempting to make it crazy, with crazy yarn, a confusing thing that is also clever and the tangles all come together in a pattern in the end.  
    YF here taking the ball, #1 doesn't like to toot her own horn but SOMEONE HAS TOO!  It's that great!, not good, great!  I have to share, this things amazing! First you have the shape... what to call it?  It's got wedges, small ones in front, wider ones in the back, it might go all the way round to the front, massive! Then there's the texture, she's got all these insane places where there are no stitches, where I'd have stitches.  SO totally Moriarity, like what his brains would look like if opened.  The mazes that are his puzzles for Sherlock are even in there. See the wedges,,, they are all DIFFERENT!  She really went off, OFF, off, this so NOT your average TV knitting. At least it's not "real" lace where you have to move sts on both sides, you get that purl back break.
     Think of it this way, you are getting me, to the 10th degree... very much like the difference from Elizabeth Zimmerman to Meg Swanson, we joke about that all the time here.  Ya'll are going to FREAK when you see how flat out amazing this shawl is.  The colors are very Moriarty and I'm not sure she's done with them but we are in need of 3 TKERS. Left to right, Envy, Poolside and Bloodlust are the first 3 colors, look at them, even her color sense is amazing!  
     I'm very happy for her as the world just POPPED open.  Tee hee hee, she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. :-)  She'll get just as addicted as I am and then we are ALL IN TROUBLE!  

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  1. I am such a Sherlock fan!! Depending on the time I would be interested in test knitting this shawl. If not, I will be in for the real thing :)