Wednesday, August 31, 2016


     Well Kiddies, how many of you read my prior post and thought,,, hum the other shoes going to drop? Normally my cynicism would have put me there too but for some reason it didn't and I went along my merry way. Some of you know that our dear, much beloved Furball kitty was in and out of the vets for the last 2 weeks.

 We had no idea that today he'd be gone and it would be over for him so fast.  The vet said he was old! Who knew, I thought he was young.
We created him, due to the fact that his father thinks he's a dog and is VERY cool, amazing, etc.  So before getting the father neutered we mated him with a crazy cat (should have been the first indication).  Missy would run back and forth with this wild look on her face, tossing herself up the walls, climbing the drapes. Just to race back down and hit the next room.  CRAZY CAT!  Her coloring was predominant as Fur turned out black and white, long haired. The rest of her DNA was lost to Fur and he got his fathers loving innards.
     Turns out he probably got died from the same thing that one of our dogs died from, kidney failure.  Our well past inspection, I don't understand how since this is the second pet to go from the same thing.  Years back we had a fountain that I fed from the well, not the RO filtered water.  The lab that gave us the test results lulled me into a false sense of comfort or I'd never have allowed them the water.  This was many years ago,,, for the last 5+ I have given nothing but filtered water to the pets.  As I've aged I've grown more of a germaphob as well.
     I write this so that you all know and the PM's stop.  I'm having a hard time dealing with his death, knowing I caused it and the ensuing years of agony. The doctor told us that the ammonia in the urine backs up on the system and it's as if your on fire from your mouth to the other end.  What a horrifying way to go.  While I get that you want to write and comfort, I can't take the love just now. Perhaps next week will be easier?

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