Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Where oh were has our little dog gone? into the black hole of YARN

I tell ya, things sure do change from one year to the next. Last year this time we would dye about 75 skeins every other week.  Now we are dyeing about 150-250 every week! From KAL's to samples, special orders to wholesale... we are keeping VERY busy.  Here's a small peek into our world.  
What you are seeing here is just a small wholesale order of just 150 skeins. They were a lot of fun to paint though.  Some we made Mates for so that a Multi Mate could be made or a shawl. 

 Pixie #1 designed and painted Kayliee from the SyFy Series Firefly. That's the on there on the left that has pops of hot pink in it, just below Paris.

Me, I was so into rainbows and how easy it can be to make one,,, that I couldn't be stopped!  Had I known you can use just 3 color on a non-super wash and achieve such amazing results I'd have done so much sooner.  

The current Twist was included in last weeks dyeing and we just continually kept the kettles going.  We have another yarn store sale that we are working on and just finished a bunch of fiber as well.  This is most of it, except for the last few pounds. If anyone else wants some roving, do holler, nothing I like better then putting yarn/roving into a pot and seeing what will happen.  

Oh and the Yarn Fairy Official Tour De Fleece roving for 2016 is here.  

Check this out... this is the inspiration photo and this is the roving.  I LOVE the way this came out and if the Eiffel Tower doesn't scream TDF I don't know what does!  :-)  LOVE IT!  I would really like this color on some roving to use for socks.
   Other then these there's all the KALs.  We've had a few special orders for Lovers Fire, new color ways as well as Dickens.  Check this one out! 
Our Peep didn't want it to start with pink so we started with maroon and stretched the purple a bit more.  I really like the way it turned out.  
   Then there was a special order for Bunnymuff.  WOW do I ever love this one!  Final Frontier loves him some silk SW merino sock!
  After our long weekend of Scottish Festival (see DH's photos here) we then had a day of rest.  On Monday, we went to see Alice and went to a new to us, Japanese restaurant where there's a grill in every table and you grill your own food right there. That was FUN! Expensive as I paid for everyone but fun.
  Then I went CRAZY with clutter stitch markers, have you seen them yet? They have been selling fast and many are not reproducible so I hope you get a chance to get a set.  Most likely I will be making more as I have these beads, they are called "bamboo", they look like little pieces of bamboo but are made from glass and come in many different colors. And there are these multi colored faceted beads, loads of fun. OH and the precious gems!  I still have a slew of pearls, fresh water and plain as well as a bunch of gemstones.  I can't wait to dig into them all.
I will leave you with this cute Geisha girl. Here she's on the 3 hook large lobster but she's also available as a stitch marker set here.

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