Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Peacock dye process

   Hi Peeps, just quickly thought you might like to see the process here. 
A day at the spa 
   We began to dye for the Peacock KAL, first the yarn comes in. You can't tell but these are really deep boxes.  About 3 foot deep and contain well over 100 POUNDS of yarn.

We put an extra tie on the mini skeins, this takes about 2 hours per 25 skein bag.  This way they don't get messed up in the next spot... the bath.
After bathing for the night the real work begins.  We then bring them to the table for a paint job. After being massaged, they go into the kettle for a steam bath AKA sauna.  This process takes about 50 minutes.  After that they go back outside to rest and chill out.  A few hours later they are given a final rinse/dye fast test and are then set up to dry.

All in all the day spa enjoys the company.
    Next week we will begin the packing process.  First they all get labeled, then the kits are packed so that when we go to ship they are grabbed and packed together with the yarn. 
No this isn't the actual yarn shipping.
 We have special tissue for this KAL which we will use to wrap the yarn. I hope it lasts through all of the orders as it's a peacock feather.  Gotta have some consistency here, LOL like we haven't already had it from start to finish.
    That's all for now, off to dye, hope ya'll are having a great day.  We will begin packing and shipping the first orders next Monday.  A fun time indeed.

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