Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Imp Sock

SOLD OUT! We have some pretty amazing yarn to share with ya'll today.  

This is the last of the Imp Sock, dyed custom and the order fell through. As you can see on the bottom left photo, this yarn reads a deep blue but has so many colors in it that I had to take many photos to really allow you to see just how special it really is.  Reminds me of the colors of a peacock, love it!
   These are only $16 per skein in the introductory offer.  There are 11 skeins and if you want them all I'll charge just for the 10 and give you the 11th for free, such a steal.  Great for a long coat, afghan, sweater and a shawl, whatever your heart desires. Shipping in the USA for all 11 is $20 as a large box will be required. First paid has ownership, will break up the set after the first 24 hours.
   While you are here be sure to check out the Twist page for 2 more new bases that just came in last week. 

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