Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spreading the Word

  We have so many interesting things going on over here, new bases coming in, new software for the books, real business cards, new designs and another new designer is now with us!  The growth through spreading the word has been fun. If you know of a fiber mill, a designer who'd make a great match for a YF collaboration or anything else you think we might like to hear about you can PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .)
  We are in Paradise Fibers yarn and fiber club now and are always on the look out for a new LYS and a new fiber club.  We found one called Spinning Box and can't wait to dig into the fiber for this club. Again, if you can think of any other club, LYS or box like these PM me, we want to spread the word further abroad. 
  Just a quick run down of the new bases we have brought in, normally other Indies wont tell where they get their yarns from but I spoke with Caroline of Ancient Fibers, what a gal!  She just kept giving me information and we even bought some yarn from her a 70/30 cashmere/silk blend in lace weight.
  On to the new bases. We are getting in massive quantities of 80/20 merino sock I love that it's 80/20 and not 75/25.  We are hopeful that this will replace our Fairy Medium.  It's put up in 4 oz/113g instead of 3/5 oz/100g so it's a bit fatter then we normally have as it's 437 yards per hank what does that make it in 100g terms?  I don't like math. AND get this! We are actually bringing in some FAT BOYS! We got a sport with merino cashmere & nylon sqwee! Then there's a 100% SW merino DK weight.  All the merino is 21.5 micron NICE stuff like our Fairy Fine and all the other merino's you love from us, still soft and smooshy. These are all coming in from a mill outside of the US so they are all put up in the 4oz skeins.
  From another distributor who we already do business with, are getting 2 more sock weights.  A single ply sock which I LOVE! I have NEVER found a single that I liked before this one. But let me tell you, I LOVE this one.  First it's SW, takes color great, no pilling, no felting, just lovely deep dark saturated colors. The second yarn has 2 plies of very fine lurex which has actually been spun into the yarn.  Unlike the shot socks with stellina. And unlike the shot socks this stuff really shows through, great for Holiday sweaters. See what I mean?
  I wanted to see if the single was energized so I needed to knit in a straight line, headband. As you can see while it's finer then the one with the Lurex, the yarn didn't squirrel off into no mans land (unblocked work).
  Yeah, yeah, I hear you, this colors amazing. Unfortunately it was after a 200 skein day, end of the day, all these wee dye pots around me with tiny bit of dye left in each.  I poured them all into this sample, then dyed it again... and of course, wrote no notes. Once we nail it and make it repeatable we will indeed add it to the line up and its name will be, Dark Rainbow, there will be 2 colors one purple the other blue.
  Did you know that you can get your shawl featured in our patterns? Well, you can, we need great, not good, photos of the finished projects.  Not while blocking but laid out afterward so you can see the entire shawl, light behind you, not behind the project. Just the project, not the scenery, on a person, grass, bench, deck, in the sun, or bright indoor lighting. If you shake, use a tripod, a table, stack of books. You get the drill. When we are finished PM me just a couple of the best photos to see if they will work out. 
  Our latest design, Cocoon beckons me, as does Lovers Fire kits.  We are almost ready to begin shipping about 20 Kit 1's.  Yeah, a whole lotta markers and fobs were made for this one. :-) It's a gorgeous shawl though, you will be so happy with it. ENJOY your knitting.

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