Friday, April 15, 2016


  It's always so nice when everything ships.  I say everything but so many orders weren't able to ship due to needing either beads or needles.  Eventually it will all get done.
  What do we have here?  Victorian Velvet in 100% Cashmere, anyone want it for Katya? Modern Heirloom or Titania?  First paid get's first dibs. SOLD
  Meanwhile I wanted to share this months Fae Yarn Club with ya'll.  I have enjoyed painting many times over and then over again of late.... so that's what's happened to these guys.  Just wanted to show you the difference in the types of bases.
The ones on the top left are the only superwash in the bunch, I LOVE them and will continue to play with this type of dye, dye and then dye again technique we have been developing.  The middle of the top is Pixie Paca, NUMMALISHIS!  Then we have some 80/20 nsw lace.  Since it's considered more of a "frugal" base, ya'll are getting TWO skeins instead of the standard single skein.  Wait till you see the goodies, a veritable rainbow, just like the yarn.
  Have ya'll seen the new page? Portuguese knitting pins, can also be used as badge holders, brooches, you decide.
  Well, we have some yarn going back into the dye again mode here, I just HAD to finish up a few skeins that I didn't like as well as I should have. I'm off, have a great weekend.  ENJOY!

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