Saturday, April 23, 2016

Presentation is everything

  WOW kiddies, we bought soooo much stuff to be used to make the presentation of your orders even nicer!  I have 9 different types of butterfly's to decorate our goodie boxes with.
  I bought some AMAZING organza project bags... One has beads all over it and tassels! AMAZING If they are as nice as I believe I'll be back to order more. Then there are 3 others, I got 8x12, the beaded bag is 7x9 and an 8x3 (gusset)x 9 bag too.  These are small, one skein projects like a single skein of yarn would be swell for them. One of my big things this year is to offer more bags to go with our kits.  
  Sivia Hardings KAL is coming together she's got the yarn and we are working in a Peacock theme. I'm going to make more samples and dye them in different colors so that there's not just the one. I only have a few charms so far but I did get special peacock feather wrapping tissue, can't WAIT to share.
  OOOOH and we got in some Molly Harrison art work business cards from Zazzle.  So far I spent 10 times as much there then I did with the "real" printer to get 1000 cards.  WAIT will you see all the goodies, everything from We got the standard sized card and a 3x1 book mark that come in this swell pack that makes them easy to hand out, just push with your thum.  Then there are post it's and cards for putting into fiber (roving) packages with content  % already on there, we just have to fill them in as well as the weight of the item.  
  The 1000 biz cards are coming from a "real" printer and is Titania being walked to her wedding by Arthur Rackham. A lovely print by doesn't hold a candle to Molly Harrison.
  We got in a slew of machines and stuff to dry the roving on.  I can't wait to get to play with roving next week.  Speaking of which, I have another procedure the following Monday, May 2nd. I need to get all of the orders dyed and shipped by then.  We got in more of the 80/20 NSW yarn on cones.  We can make super sized skeins if you want. I believe its about 980 per 100g though, since they are on cones I'll have to find out.
  We have a saint in our midst! She been working on our Pinterest account.  I'm going to owe her big time when she's done, have a look see! We actually have followers and separate folders to load items into instead of just my old generic Yarn folder which I thought no one would ever see.
  If anyone else out there has a bit of time on there hands and can typeset, edit, take a pattern and make it publishing ready, do pm me please.  wmdress at sbcglobal dot net
Have a great weekend!

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