Monday, April 25, 2016


I'm not sure which has become more impressive to me, the dye or the beads? The beads took longer but today Pixie #1 organized all our dyes and it will make painting so much easier.  These drawers are on wheels which means we can roll them anywhere we want.  They are organized by color which means no more hunting for 5 minutes find your color.
 What a tremendous time saver.  Not to mention money in that I don't have to buy an item we already have,,, been there, done that. Last thing we need is a shipping area.  We bought the stack racks and have the closet picked out.  Need a table to store the guillotine just to the left of the half drawers here.  
Our spinning wheels are going to have to find another place to be stored.  We don't use them as often but then Tour De Fleece is coming!  We are the official Paradise Fibers Sponsor this year! This is my inspiration photo.  Kettle anyone?  I can see this on a 50/50 merino/silk blend or a NSW... would be smashing!

WOW I'm impressed, takes me all day to get photos of the yarn and load it here.  A few minutes after posting they are all flying out the window!  Thanks Peeps! Your the best.  We are going to dye all of the colors again on another base to see how they react so hang in there. If you didn't even get to see the Twist today, there will be another,,, I don't know when but we will do it again.  Meanwhile there's still some nummy yarn left.  Have at it.

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