Monday, April 18, 2016

Christmas in July & Rumsiskes kits

  Hi Peeps, just a bit of work before I go under.
It's Christmas in July!!!  YUPPERS the Pressie club is now open.  This time around there are larger clubs with even more amazing yarn. What with us bringing in 154 kilos from a mill, 6 kilos from another and 17 K from another, we are going to be insulting the house soon! Either that or buy yet another barn. Oh and then I had to order our Fine Sock and lace those are both coming in too.  SO MUCH YARN!  For sure some of it will go into Dark Rainbow in several iterations,,, LOVE IT!  
   We also paired up with Donna Druchunas for her Rumsiskes, I LOVE that pattern!  It's a set of mitts/socks with all sorts of fun color work in them. You get a full skein, 4 My Mini Me's and a stitch marker all in one low priced kit.  Check that out here.
  Ehile you are there check out the new magnet knitting pins on the Porterhouse knitting pin page.  I'm outta here for a few days with the first surgery ENJOY!! 

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