Thursday, April 7, 2016

50% off sale

  Well Kiddies, the times come, the 50% off sale is in full swing.  The Italian Silk has almost sold out.  I need to dye again this week and got to thinking I really should dye up more of it, especially since we got in the bag of sock weight yesterday.  The sale is on the Cupcake and Twist pages.  
   Next week we will get to dye the orders that are up after packing up all of the sale yarn and the ChiaoGoo Mini Twists! Yuppers they are here and sooo amazing!  Love this tiny pouch and the mini case for the mini parts, it's all so cute!  Did you get your set?  PM me if not I think there's one remaining.
  Must fly, so much to do, have a great weekend.

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