Friday, April 15, 2016

50% off closed and Update time

  The 50% off sale is now officially CLOSED!  Thank you all for your patronage.  In the end we almost made all of the $5,000 the IRS needed and only had to pull a small amount out of savings to pay the first quarter which is due upon the heel of 4/15 payment.  I feel like I can breath, a little, the corset is loosening.
  Update on existing orders.  Rona needs to ship today for sure, there are 10 days left before the KAL begins. We have a one off of this yarn in a deep turquoise if anyone is interested... feel free to place a Rona order and ask for it in the notes.  Ordered more supplies for Lovers Fire last night, Kit 1 of this has been very popular, I can see why! It's a great deal of goodies, glad to see ya'll enjoying yourselves. Oh and NONE of the Lovers Fire will ship just yet.  We have all the goodies and I'll be making them while in recovery mode next week. Speaking of Lovers Fire, did you see the photos?  MAN! I'm not sharing cause it's an MKAL but if you got a glimpse (no I'm not telling!) what do you think?  I can't believe how well the yarn matches the shawl. 
  We dyed up a bunch of yarn for pending orders, I checked beads for them last night so if you had beads or a Kit one, you may not be shipping today but end of next week. You'll know if you get a message from paypal today.  
  On Ravelry we've been chatting about our upcoming patterns, Neverland is another hooded cape full of all things Peter Pan.  Cocoon is a colorwork (and lace?) capelet with a built in necklace.  Sqweeee!  I have wanted to make this for years.  Now that we have minis, we have the stock to back the idea.  
  Speaking of mini's Sivia Harding and I have been talking about Peacocks.  We dyed up her sample and with the exception of 2 minis I love it! When I get to dye again I'll finish it and hopefully the lovely colors will spark her creative genius and we will be dirty duo who gets it done.
  The dreaded ailments update, I like ya'll to know about any "health junk", least wise, any that will get in the way of your hearing from me.  I'm spending 2 HOURS in the dental chair on Saturday.  Followed on Monday, by the first of two of my back procedures, the 2nd is in 2 more weeks.  This will lay me up for next week, no dyeing will happen that week.  I'm hopeful that we will be able to ship the balance of the yarn we dyed up this past week end of next week the beads will be in stock by then and I should be up and around.  Orders will still be processed, e-mail may have a bit of a lag as I'm normally gone for the weekend, it will be extended by at least a day. Dare I hope... the corset may drop off? The "corset" is my way of saying there's too many irons on the fire currently, we also had a car die! This way I can enjoy some fun DH has planned for us this spring.  :-) VBG we have a shorty cruise coming up to see if DH is sea worthy. If he is, LOOK OUT!  Then a mini weekend type vacation for our 23? 24th? anniversary end of June. We are going back to the place where we wed, up in the mountains.  Since I'll have had my procedure I hope to hike or at least canoe. We are staying in the came cabin, designed in a medieval time period mode!
  Must away, e-mails to attend and the days awastin.  Have a great weekend.

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