Monday, April 25, 2016


I'm not sure which has become more impressive to me, the dye or the beads? The beads took longer but today Pixie #1 organized all our dyes and it will make painting so much easier.  These drawers are on wheels which means we can roll them anywhere we want.  They are organized by color which means no more hunting for 5 minutes find your color.
 What a tremendous time saver.  Not to mention money in that I don't have to buy an item we already have,,, been there, done that. Last thing we need is a shipping area.  We bought the stack racks and have the closet picked out.  Need a table to store the guillotine just to the left of the half drawers here.  
Our spinning wheels are going to have to find another place to be stored.  We don't use them as often but then Tour De Fleece is coming!  We are the official Paradise Fibers Sponsor this year! This is my inspiration photo.  Kettle anyone?  I can see this on a 50/50 merino/silk blend or a NSW... would be smashing!

WOW I'm impressed, takes me all day to get photos of the yarn and load it here.  A few minutes after posting they are all flying out the window!  Thanks Peeps! Your the best.  We are going to dye all of the colors again on another base to see how they react so hang in there. If you didn't even get to see the Twist today, there will be another,,, I don't know when but we will do it again.  Meanwhile there's still some nummy yarn left.  Have at it.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Presentation is everything

  WOW kiddies, we bought soooo much stuff to be used to make the presentation of your orders even nicer!  I have 9 different types of butterfly's to decorate our goodie boxes with.
  I bought some AMAZING organza project bags... One has beads all over it and tassels! AMAZING If they are as nice as I believe I'll be back to order more. Then there are 3 others, I got 8x12, the beaded bag is 7x9 and an 8x3 (gusset)x 9 bag too.  These are small, one skein projects like a single skein of yarn would be swell for them. One of my big things this year is to offer more bags to go with our kits.  
  Sivia Hardings KAL is coming together she's got the yarn and we are working in a Peacock theme. I'm going to make more samples and dye them in different colors so that there's not just the one. I only have a few charms so far but I did get special peacock feather wrapping tissue, can't WAIT to share.
  OOOOH and we got in some Molly Harrison art work business cards from Zazzle.  So far I spent 10 times as much there then I did with the "real" printer to get 1000 cards.  WAIT will you see all the goodies, everything from We got the standard sized card and a 3x1 book mark that come in this swell pack that makes them easy to hand out, just push with your thum.  Then there are post it's and cards for putting into fiber (roving) packages with content  % already on there, we just have to fill them in as well as the weight of the item.  
  The 1000 biz cards are coming from a "real" printer and is Titania being walked to her wedding by Arthur Rackham. A lovely print by doesn't hold a candle to Molly Harrison.
  We got in a slew of machines and stuff to dry the roving on.  I can't wait to get to play with roving next week.  Speaking of which, I have another procedure the following Monday, May 2nd. I need to get all of the orders dyed and shipped by then.  We got in more of the 80/20 NSW yarn on cones.  We can make super sized skeins if you want. I believe its about 980 per 100g though, since they are on cones I'll have to find out.
  We have a saint in our midst! She been working on our Pinterest account.  I'm going to owe her big time when she's done, have a look see! We actually have followers and separate folders to load items into instead of just my old generic Yarn folder which I thought no one would ever see.
  If anyone else out there has a bit of time on there hands and can typeset, edit, take a pattern and make it publishing ready, do pm me please.  wmdress at sbcglobal dot net
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spreading the Word

  We have so many interesting things going on over here, new bases coming in, new software for the books, real business cards, new designs and another new designer is now with us!  The growth through spreading the word has been fun. If you know of a fiber mill, a designer who'd make a great match for a YF collaboration or anything else you think we might like to hear about you can PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & .)
  We are in Paradise Fibers yarn and fiber club now and are always on the look out for a new LYS and a new fiber club.  We found one called Spinning Box and can't wait to dig into the fiber for this club. Again, if you can think of any other club, LYS or box like these PM me, we want to spread the word further abroad. 
  Just a quick run down of the new bases we have brought in, normally other Indies wont tell where they get their yarns from but I spoke with Caroline of Ancient Fibers, what a gal!  She just kept giving me information and we even bought some yarn from her a 70/30 cashmere/silk blend in lace weight.
  On to the new bases. We are getting in massive quantities of 80/20 merino sock I love that it's 80/20 and not 75/25.  We are hopeful that this will replace our Fairy Medium.  It's put up in 4 oz/113g instead of 3/5 oz/100g so it's a bit fatter then we normally have as it's 437 yards per hank what does that make it in 100g terms?  I don't like math. AND get this! We are actually bringing in some FAT BOYS! We got a sport with merino cashmere & nylon sqwee! Then there's a 100% SW merino DK weight.  All the merino is 21.5 micron NICE stuff like our Fairy Fine and all the other merino's you love from us, still soft and smooshy. These are all coming in from a mill outside of the US so they are all put up in the 4oz skeins.
  From another distributor who we already do business with, are getting 2 more sock weights.  A single ply sock which I LOVE! I have NEVER found a single that I liked before this one. But let me tell you, I LOVE this one.  First it's SW, takes color great, no pilling, no felting, just lovely deep dark saturated colors. The second yarn has 2 plies of very fine lurex which has actually been spun into the yarn.  Unlike the shot socks with stellina. And unlike the shot socks this stuff really shows through, great for Holiday sweaters. See what I mean?
  I wanted to see if the single was energized so I needed to knit in a straight line, headband. As you can see while it's finer then the one with the Lurex, the yarn didn't squirrel off into no mans land (unblocked work).
  Yeah, yeah, I hear you, this colors amazing. Unfortunately it was after a 200 skein day, end of the day, all these wee dye pots around me with tiny bit of dye left in each.  I poured them all into this sample, then dyed it again... and of course, wrote no notes. Once we nail it and make it repeatable we will indeed add it to the line up and its name will be, Dark Rainbow, there will be 2 colors one purple the other blue.
  Did you know that you can get your shawl featured in our patterns? Well, you can, we need great, not good, photos of the finished projects.  Not while blocking but laid out afterward so you can see the entire shawl, light behind you, not behind the project. Just the project, not the scenery, on a person, grass, bench, deck, in the sun, or bright indoor lighting. If you shake, use a tripod, a table, stack of books. You get the drill. When we are finished PM me just a couple of the best photos to see if they will work out. 
  Our latest design, Cocoon beckons me, as does Lovers Fire kits.  We are almost ready to begin shipping about 20 Kit 1's.  Yeah, a whole lotta markers and fobs were made for this one. :-) It's a gorgeous shawl though, you will be so happy with it. ENJOY your knitting.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Christmas in July & Rumsiskes kits

  Hi Peeps, just a bit of work before I go under.
It's Christmas in July!!!  YUPPERS the Pressie club is now open.  This time around there are larger clubs with even more amazing yarn. What with us bringing in 154 kilos from a mill, 6 kilos from another and 17 K from another, we are going to be insulting the house soon! Either that or buy yet another barn. Oh and then I had to order our Fine Sock and lace those are both coming in too.  SO MUCH YARN!  For sure some of it will go into Dark Rainbow in several iterations,,, LOVE IT!  
   We also paired up with Donna Druchunas for her Rumsiskes, I LOVE that pattern!  It's a set of mitts/socks with all sorts of fun color work in them. You get a full skein, 4 My Mini Me's and a stitch marker all in one low priced kit.  Check that out here.
  Ehile you are there check out the new magnet knitting pins on the Porterhouse knitting pin page.  I'm outta here for a few days with the first surgery ENJOY!! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Crafters! Make me an offer

I'm like a bad penny today, keep cropping up! :-)  While waiting for my pots to boil I found these. Calling all Crafters 
Calling all Crafters 
   Make me an offer I can't refuse and I promise I wont refuse it! Remember buyer pays shipping, paypal only.  First to claim dibs and who can pay today gets them.  I'd love to have these packed up to take to the PO tomorrow. :-)
These are all really old looms, Left to right, hand made peg loom, Loomette peg loom, Plastic raffia ribbon flower-has instructions.  The the Beading loom on the far right in the box come with 4 skeins of DMC floss.
Next up, these are just the cardstock frames you supply the fabric and threads.  We have 1 heart and oval and set with one of each inside and stand.  In Teapots, 4 different cut outs in the teapots, there are FOUR packages of these.  These weigh about 5 oz each pack.

Many of these, left circle brooch, just the pins included... set of 2 per pack.  There are 2 packs of circles and 3 set of hearts.  These are both metal, gold tone.
  Will ship anywhere, just know what shipping is in your neck of the woods before you cry wolf. ;-) PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ &.)


  It's always so nice when everything ships.  I say everything but so many orders weren't able to ship due to needing either beads or needles.  Eventually it will all get done.
  What do we have here?  Victorian Velvet in 100% Cashmere, anyone want it for Katya? Modern Heirloom or Titania?  First paid get's first dibs. SOLD
  Meanwhile I wanted to share this months Fae Yarn Club with ya'll.  I have enjoyed painting many times over and then over again of late.... so that's what's happened to these guys.  Just wanted to show you the difference in the types of bases.
The ones on the top left are the only superwash in the bunch, I LOVE them and will continue to play with this type of dye, dye and then dye again technique we have been developing.  The middle of the top is Pixie Paca, NUMMALISHIS!  Then we have some 80/20 nsw lace.  Since it's considered more of a "frugal" base, ya'll are getting TWO skeins instead of the standard single skein.  Wait till you see the goodies, a veritable rainbow, just like the yarn.
  Have ya'll seen the new page? Portuguese knitting pins, can also be used as badge holders, brooches, you decide.
  Well, we have some yarn going back into the dye again mode here, I just HAD to finish up a few skeins that I didn't like as well as I should have. I'm off, have a great weekend.  ENJOY!

50% off closed and Update time

  The 50% off sale is now officially CLOSED!  Thank you all for your patronage.  In the end we almost made all of the $5,000 the IRS needed and only had to pull a small amount out of savings to pay the first quarter which is due upon the heel of 4/15 payment.  I feel like I can breath, a little, the corset is loosening.
  Update on existing orders.  Rona needs to ship today for sure, there are 10 days left before the KAL begins. We have a one off of this yarn in a deep turquoise if anyone is interested... feel free to place a Rona order and ask for it in the notes.  Ordered more supplies for Lovers Fire last night, Kit 1 of this has been very popular, I can see why! It's a great deal of goodies, glad to see ya'll enjoying yourselves. Oh and NONE of the Lovers Fire will ship just yet.  We have all the goodies and I'll be making them while in recovery mode next week. Speaking of Lovers Fire, did you see the photos?  MAN! I'm not sharing cause it's an MKAL but if you got a glimpse (no I'm not telling!) what do you think?  I can't believe how well the yarn matches the shawl. 
  We dyed up a bunch of yarn for pending orders, I checked beads for them last night so if you had beads or a Kit one, you may not be shipping today but end of next week. You'll know if you get a message from paypal today.  
  On Ravelry we've been chatting about our upcoming patterns, Neverland is another hooded cape full of all things Peter Pan.  Cocoon is a colorwork (and lace?) capelet with a built in necklace.  Sqweeee!  I have wanted to make this for years.  Now that we have minis, we have the stock to back the idea.  
  Speaking of mini's Sivia Harding and I have been talking about Peacocks.  We dyed up her sample and with the exception of 2 minis I love it! When I get to dye again I'll finish it and hopefully the lovely colors will spark her creative genius and we will be dirty duo who gets it done.
  The dreaded ailments update, I like ya'll to know about any "health junk", least wise, any that will get in the way of your hearing from me.  I'm spending 2 HOURS in the dental chair on Saturday.  Followed on Monday, by the first of two of my back procedures, the 2nd is in 2 more weeks.  This will lay me up for next week, no dyeing will happen that week.  I'm hopeful that we will be able to ship the balance of the yarn we dyed up this past week end of next week the beads will be in stock by then and I should be up and around.  Orders will still be processed, e-mail may have a bit of a lag as I'm normally gone for the weekend, it will be extended by at least a day. Dare I hope... the corset may drop off? The "corset" is my way of saying there's too many irons on the fire currently, we also had a car die! This way I can enjoy some fun DH has planned for us this spring.  :-) VBG we have a shorty cruise coming up to see if DH is sea worthy. If he is, LOOK OUT!  Then a mini weekend type vacation for our 23? 24th? anniversary end of June. We are going back to the place where we wed, up in the mountains.  Since I'll have had my procedure I hope to hike or at least canoe. We are staying in the came cabin, designed in a medieval time period mode!
  Must away, e-mails to attend and the days awastin.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

50% off sale

  Well Kiddies, the times come, the 50% off sale is in full swing.  The Italian Silk has almost sold out.  I need to dye again this week and got to thinking I really should dye up more of it, especially since we got in the bag of sock weight yesterday.  The sale is on the Cupcake and Twist pages.  
   Next week we will get to dye the orders that are up after packing up all of the sale yarn and the ChiaoGoo Mini Twists! Yuppers they are here and sooo amazing!  Love this tiny pouch and the mini case for the mini parts, it's all so cute!  Did you get your set?  PM me if not I think there's one remaining.
  Must fly, so much to do, have a great weekend.