Monday, March 7, 2016

KAL's and an update

Hi Peeps, just wanted to pop in and give ya'll an update.  Currently open:
Fae Yarn Club
Rona KAL
Daisy Mae KAL
Mini Skeins introduction
Twist sale has new yarns introduced
     And we just finished a ChiaoGoo promo, which I neglected to open further then the Yahoo group.  So we will extend this promo another 24 hours until 3-8-16 at 5pm PST.  When you place an order for ChiaoGoo Interchangeable needles you can take 25% off of your order.  Either in the form of goodies, knitting notions or the form of a refund after you place your order.  Just put into the notes, what you prefer and the refund or goodies will come out.  This is for our open stock only which is either a full set or there's ONE set of small (lace) interchangeable needles remaining. Not available for the Fae Yarn Club.
     What are we doing this week?  After dyeing about 400 skeins of yarn we are packing it up to ship out to Paradise Fibers for their April club.  About 100 skeins are for you all, many shipped and Daisy Mae is still here waiting for the PF order to ship which will be tomorrow I hope.  
     Pixie #1 is going helping out at a conference this week. We will be dyeing again the following week after she's had the weekend to recover. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!
     Mmario's Lovers Fire is coming in June and I got all of the goodies for it last week, gorgeous!  Of course with this name we have red, yellow and orange, hearts and fires.  I don't normally work with these colors and it's been terrific fun to see what types of goodies are going to come through.  I never know until I set down to a bag of gems what's going to happen.
     After that we are working with Silva Harding, it will be interesting to see what route that shawl takes I can't wait!  She's been amazing so far, I'm sure we will do another bang up job for ya'll.
     ENJOY your knitting!

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