Monday, March 28, 2016

IRS Sale

    It's that time again, IRS must get there due... which means you get a sale.  But we don't have near enough yarn available for you to choose from.  We have the cupcakes and minis as well as the Twist to choose from but want to offer you more.  
  Thus a poll has been born. We want to know what you'd like to see. Go full screen, you will see a bar on the right at the top are 2 polls.  Choose the weight of yarn you use most, sock or lace.  Then the type of yarn you'd prefer, luxury or frugal.  Vote which dye method you'd like to see: solid colors, a semi solid with many tiny dots of other colors, Meldy Deep where we paint many colors then blend them all so that they read solid. Would you like the 20g Minis?  These are sock yarns, perfect for shawls, we can blend them in solid colors or paint them like Dickens in multi colored hand paints to roll through the colors.  When thinking about a skein of 100g of lace or sock, would you like more then one skein in a set?
  After choosing from these items go down to the next poll and choose colors.  If you want to see something very specific like a deep, saturated rainbow on Minis...  PM me and let us know. (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net)  If you want to see a specific color in the semi solid with many dots, the photo here shows London Calling done in this method.  
You can see all the different colors peeking through but it will read gray.  This yarn will be a blast to knit up as it's one of those, "just one more row, I have to see how the center color plays out". PM me with ANY request and we will attempt to fill it for you.  You can see many of our yarns here.
   We will be painting the poll results next week. The sale will be as grand as we can make it, as deep as we can cut the price and for existing yarn only. So, let your voice be heard, we want a large pool for you to choose from.

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