Monday, March 28, 2016

IRS Sale

    It's that time again, IRS must get there due... which means you get a sale.  But we don't have near enough yarn available for you to choose from.  We have the cupcakes and minis as well as the Twist to choose from but want to offer you more.  
  Thus a poll has been born. We want to know what you'd like to see. Go full screen, you will see a bar on the right at the top are 2 polls.  Choose the weight of yarn you use most, sock or lace.  Then the type of yarn you'd prefer, luxury or frugal.  Vote which dye method you'd like to see: solid colors, a semi solid with many tiny dots of other colors, Meldy Deep where we paint many colors then blend them all so that they read solid. Would you like the 20g Minis?  These are sock yarns, perfect for shawls, we can blend them in solid colors or paint them like Dickens in multi colored hand paints to roll through the colors.  When thinking about a skein of 100g of lace or sock, would you like more then one skein in a set?
  After choosing from these items go down to the next poll and choose colors.  If you want to see something very specific like a deep, saturated rainbow on Minis...  PM me and let us know. (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net)  If you want to see a specific color in the semi solid with many dots, the photo here shows London Calling done in this method.  
You can see all the different colors peeking through but it will read gray.  This yarn will be a blast to knit up as it's one of those, "just one more row, I have to see how the center color plays out". PM me with ANY request and we will attempt to fill it for you.  You can see many of our yarns here.
   We will be painting the poll results next week. The sale will be as grand as we can make it, as deep as we can cut the price and for existing yarn only. So, let your voice be heard, we want a large pool for you to choose from.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Battlestar Galactica 2004 Complete Series

  Entire series of Battlestar Galactica, the 2004 series in a box with a 25 disks. These do not work in the USA so this needs to be an International arrangement only as these play in Region 2. What is Region 2? Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland British Overseas Territories, British Crown Dependencies, French Overseas departments and territories.
   These sell for $199 and are brand new, will take a VERY SMALL best offer, or trade, just want them to go to a good home. Trade could be of yarn or roving, purple blue and green are my colors. Nothing below merino in itch factor, no "wool". Or, if you know me, other goodies I might like.
  Buyer pays shipping which will be high since they weigh almost 3 pounds, possibly about $35, there's just no getting around that.  But if you order yarn and have it shipped with your order, it will at least soften the blow. PM me wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ & . remove spaces)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Our week

You've all heard of a day in the life? Well this is a week in the life as not enough happens in a day for us to share.
To begin with we went to see the flowers and ended up with the cows and this lovely tree.  :-)  Just had to share that. 
  Monday was dye day.  Along with all the order we got to play with fiber as there's a large fiber order up. We will be dyeing this for quite some time.  Loads of photos for inspiration too!  On the right we have Frankie Goes to Hollywood, our first sample anyway.  This will continue to be tweeked until we get him spot on.  He's available.
Here we have rainbow on Firestar and Falkland, these are sold.

On the right is a Polworth/silk blend that I don't think I like dealing with.  Love the color but it's a non superwash which makes it more difficult to tame.  Do love this color.... this blend is available, what should we call him?  Why are they all hims?
   Tuesday was spent making stitch markers... a ton of them!  
As you can see from the photo, far too many.  My hands are still screaming.  
I popped in a DVD and just worked on them all day and into the night. There are 100's here.  I also constructed various items that were needed for shipping. 

Such as Rona's SM's, bagging beads as well as custom orders. Ya'll know we do custom jewelry right? 

 A request was made for chandelier earring with crystals, this is the results of said request.

  Wednesday was spent tagging yarn, wrapping and shipping it all.  There were only about 50 skeins so I was flying solo, finished by nightfall.
   Since I was busy all week, today has been spent playing catch up with various items.  Wading through 3 days worth of e-mails. Then concluded the Snap Contest on Ravelry.
 We now have a new photo inspiration to dye up and add to our line up should it be well received.  The winner was Starling, cute little fellow.  I just love all these colors so he should be easy to dye up in a multi colored hand paint.  Would look smashing with a solid to match and then be turned into a Multi Mates shawl. OH! What about green to purple in a set of minis!  What fun that shawl would be!  
Start with the lime, into hot pink, maroon, burgundy, violet, lilac. Oh me, it would be fun to hand paint them in a variety of colors like the Dickens yarn.  Surprise, surprise, Pixie #1 and I would love to make another hand painted shawl like Dickens this year.  

Say Victorian Christmas with a chocolate covered cherry on top? Begin with a pale pink and run through all the colors into darkest brown we can get.  Maybe two colors?  Gee, need to open this for debate on Ravelry, join us here to get your 2 cents in.

  Nights I either knit on Titania, up to chart 5 now.  Or I work on socks.  These are made from a worsted weight and in our Glacier Deep color way.  They are keeping my feet toasty while I type.  LOVE my newest addition.  Yeah, I don't go in much for texture.  Although if you saw the bottom of the feet you'd see I always purl them for Nice Not Rice as in all our patterns.
  Our Peeps are the best, I have long said it and will continue to say it.  There's one who I talk with a good bit and we have become good friends through the years.
She's amazing!  Just last night I put a hole through the coin purse of my checkbook cover, guess what today's mail yielded? Not just a cover but a most amazing one I've ever seen! It's all hand painted on leather! 

She said when she saw it she thought of me and knew I had to have it.  Perfect timing!  I can fit both the business and personal check books into this case.  Not to mention all of the duplicate debit and credit cards.  Now I can keep them separate so I don't accidentally use business charge when I don't intend to.

  Lastly I want to share how the rest of dye day went.  Frankie goes to Hollywood was given his first run, didn't quite get it so he's back to the drawing board.  He missed the depth on the bottom skein.  I made 2 skeins as you can see, the top is our Multi colored hand paint which will not make puddles.  The bottom and above, will puddle... and flash like mad.  Both of these techniques have their uses. And yes, these are identical to the roving above.

Here's Mr. No Name from above too.  The same dyes were used in both products and again we have the multi hand paint and the puddle jumper as I like to call them.   All four of these skeins are available.  Wouldn't they be smashing in a project together?  Not all 4, but the pairs!  What fun that would be.  You could make a half circle shawl and make 10 knit rows then 5 purl rows.  Changing yarns in each section!  WHAT FUN!  I think that it would be neat to change them up too, alternate which one goes into the 10 section.  :-)  Yeah, way too much design punch for any one body to contain.
  Speaking of designing, if you are on Ravelry, you know that the next shawl we will KAL will be Neverland.  Another full on Faroese with fairy's, forests, mermaids and Pan.  The colors were a snap to pull out.  Have begun to gather supplies and will be asking for TKERs eventually but I see this as coming out in summerish.
  The last day of this week is Friday, again another Dye Day. Dickens has been so very popular that I had to pull in a case full of the yarn.  When we dye this I like to dye up at least 8 sets.  The yarn will be here, soak and then be dyed up for this beauty.  You can still get a kit about half way down on this page.
  Lastly I purchased some wrap skirts off of a link on Facebook. 
Peeps do NOT buy any more skirts there.
  I found the same skirts on Amazon for only $8 bucks!!!  Much prettier ones as well.  I got another 5 skirts for what 1 cost on that site.  No I'm not naming names.  Ya'll know who I'm talking about if you know about these skirts.
  Enjoy your knitting and your day, ahem, week. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

KAL's and an update

Hi Peeps, just wanted to pop in and give ya'll an update.  Currently open:
Fae Yarn Club
Rona KAL
Daisy Mae KAL
Mini Skeins introduction
Twist sale has new yarns introduced
     And we just finished a ChiaoGoo promo, which I neglected to open further then the Yahoo group.  So we will extend this promo another 24 hours until 3-8-16 at 5pm PST.  When you place an order for ChiaoGoo Interchangeable needles you can take 25% off of your order.  Either in the form of goodies, knitting notions or the form of a refund after you place your order.  Just put into the notes, what you prefer and the refund or goodies will come out.  This is for our open stock only which is either a full set or there's ONE set of small (lace) interchangeable needles remaining. Not available for the Fae Yarn Club.
     What are we doing this week?  After dyeing about 400 skeins of yarn we are packing it up to ship out to Paradise Fibers for their April club.  About 100 skeins are for you all, many shipped and Daisy Mae is still here waiting for the PF order to ship which will be tomorrow I hope.  
     Pixie #1 is going helping out at a conference this week. We will be dyeing again the following week after she's had the weekend to recover. Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!
     Mmario's Lovers Fire is coming in June and I got all of the goodies for it last week, gorgeous!  Of course with this name we have red, yellow and orange, hearts and fires.  I don't normally work with these colors and it's been terrific fun to see what types of goodies are going to come through.  I never know until I set down to a bag of gems what's going to happen.
     After that we are working with Silva Harding, it will be interesting to see what route that shawl takes I can't wait!  She's been amazing so far, I'm sure we will do another bang up job for ya'll.
     ENJOY your knitting!