Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daisy Mae MKAL

Hi Kiddies,
      What we've all been waiting for Daisy Mae is now open for pre-orders.  
She comes with 6 skeins of sock weight yarn, 1 over sized 150 gram with 820 yards per skein which we will knit the background of the shawl in.  Then 5 colors which will be used to embroider on the shawl using the Daisy stitch, it's where she got her name.  We will be making flowers over the front side of her.  What? No embroidery?  I'll teach you, making it so easy that a child could do it... I'll make it fun and send ALL kit owners my favorite needle.  It's got a large hole on one side and a sharp point on the other for splitting plies so that all your ends are not just woven in but split in... they will never come out.
     It will be fun, this plain shawl has been coming for a long time, what better way to celebrate spring then with a handful of daisy's!  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alex & Ani

      Recently I became aware of Alex & Ani jewelry and was bowled over by the pricing.  I'm into large items with loads of different types of things to hang necklaces off of... chains are my old stand by but normally I like leather and organza and my pricing is low.  Anyway, I decided to try my hand at their piece work necklace and this is what I came up with. Mind you I have a tiny amount of gold items, much more silver and antique bras, somehow gold tone was the first that came out.
A very delicate necklace which measures 38", has a lobster claw at the back.  From bottom up we have:

A little drop with a Swarovski bicone crystal accent.
In the center a leaf and radiant round.
At the top I had to continue the Swarovski bicones which are trapped inside of a cage, they ring when touched, sweet!  Since this is for a woman, there's a girl hanging out at the top.
   Checking out pricing this is well over $100 worth of goodies per Alex & Ani,,, I will sell this to you for just $25 and that mostly covers the crystals. ;-)  First come first gets.
      Be happy to make these in antique brass, silver and Swavovski.  Came be paired with 2 smaller for a 3 chain set.  PM Me for a quote wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at @ and dot.)