Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shut Down

     Well Kiddies, it's almost time again.  I go in for surgery on 1-11 and my right wrist will be splinted for 2 weeks.  Doc says I have to rest, so another break is on the horizon.  I have been posting this everywhere so it shouldn't come as a shock to our oldest members.  Newbies, you are still looking at the same time frame of 4-5 weeks to get your order out.  If there are no complications, I'll be back on the 25th. We will dye ONE MORE time, this coming Friday, 1-8.  All orders that come in between now and then will be dyed, then shipped the following week.  
      We will always have the pre-dyed available for you as well.  They will be listed on the Titania page and include Raven and Dickens... still hot sellers after all this time.  ENJOY!

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