Thursday, January 14, 2016

Geode Earrings

     WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII! 15 day cruise, will return 1-31-16. Doc said the arm needs another SEVEN WEEKS of no motion!  Just rest.  Since I've been knitting, typing and even making jewelry, I have no choice but to do something that takes me out of my circumstances.
      If you have questions, please help one another on Ravelry. Please forgive me for ditching out on you like this. Call of the Wild will be late (clues 4-6 will come out Feb 2-17)) , Titania and Trellis, might come out too soon, which will put us ahead and be good. Please understand, its between using my arm as is now, in the short term or loosing it for the long haul... I choose to have the use of my arm for the long haul and will take my sling with me and be a good girl, no knitting or writing. I'm so sorry, I feel like I'm ditching you. Just know I prefer to be with you in the long haul, instead of just for now... that's the reason I run. I will come back stronger and more ready to design then ever. 
    One last parting item, yeah, I can't NOT work! I have no choice but to leave. Last night I made these.
     While you'd think these are heavy (since they are stones) they aren't. I was totally comfortable in them and I got a, "your so pretty!" while wearing them.  :-)     
Black geodes earrings with a slice of agate necklace.

These have a cute black butterfly at the top just before the hook.

The brown with gold crystals. Isn't the geode LOVELY! I love all the sparkles, can't catch all of them with the camera.  These were both made with sterling silver hooks. The gold slice of agate can be strung on real gold or gold plate chain.  $30 per pair of earrings, add $10 for necklace with gold plate chain.  To order: send funds to click goods, via  

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