Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hi Kiddies,  I know that I owe you a cruise update but before I get into all of that, I GOT MY design MOJO BACK! Really excited to share that with ya'll.  Prior to our leaving I couldn't design very well, needed all sorts of help from Pixie #1.  Each time we ditched whatever chart I'd been working on, nothing was working.  It was like an author with writers block.  Seems it was all used up in Call of the Wild and there was nothing left.  I can't tell you how many times I went to work on Queen Titania and it just wasn't there.  Today, badabing, it's just flooding out onto the charts!  I had known what I wanted/needed, it just would NOT transfer into charts. Normally whatever I draw I can chart, so not! what had been happening before the cruise. I made up about 4 different charts, tossed each aside.  Now I don't even have to ask Pixie #1 as I know what I have for Chart 2 is amazing.  YIPeeE skippy!!!  I'M BaaaaaCCCCK!!! and it feels so good. contented sigh 
      BTW-We will push the date out on this KAL as far as need be until everyone as their orders.  We still have to wind all the yarn into hanks so don't fret about not getting your goodies in time.  If we have to begin in February, so be it,,, we'll just double up on the number of clues at the beginning.  It will all work out. Just needed to share.
     Oh and a funny for you... spent hours decorating our 9+ foot tree,,, no one touched it after I was done.  About 2 hours later, this was the sight.  Should have known it wasn't in the base well enough as each time I pulled slightly on a branch it tottered.  Such a shame but we'll pop it into the base better and get her up yet.
     Away I go into the realm of the Fae again for church. Ya'll have a great day. 

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