Friday, December 4, 2015


Hi Kiddies, if you e-mail me you will get a holiday response shortly. I hope to be able to pop in tomorrow for one last time but will have no time to check in here.

WE ARE OUTTA HERE!  For a much needed break.  While we will be back in the country end of next week, I wont come back to work until the 14th.  I have 2 doctors appointments and a surgery for these things on my wrist on the 18th. I hope to dye during the beginning of the week, before they slice me open.  One of the doctors will have to deal with 4 lumps around my chest.  None of the doctors who've seen them are concerned so I'm not.  They are just painful so they need outting.

What else?  All of the Holiday Club has shipped (huge sigh of relief) in FOUR massive PO bags.  I can't believe how long it took us to get it all out.  I wanted to send you even more goodies, we will be better prepared next year.  I'm sure you'll love what all you got, the big present, the values through the roof on that one.  As you will see.  Some of you got a fine, light weight 100% cashmere lace!  :-)  It's new to our line up.  I'd hoped to have a photo of them but I just tossed them into the wrapping area and into the pressies they went.

The main thing I hope will happen over this coming week.... I need to reboot here.  For some reason I can't design, can't paint, can't seem to do much of all right.  I feel different, weird, not right.  I'm really hoping that it's just a break that's needed and not a major problem.  Especially in the design area as Pixie #1 is very good at painting now.

Oh, before I forget, do check out the Chunky Monkey page as there's a new bracelet and the Cupcakes as there are 3 new colors.  We can paint as many skeins as you need for your shawl, sweater, socks, gloves etc. We can paint from a photo for these as well.

Many Trellis Blanket and Queen Titania's (Black Orchid is by far the favorite) will be painted when we return.  I want to tell ya'll that we will push the pattern release/KAL start date out as far as we have to, then dye and ship everything.  We wont start until all of the orders are out.

While I will miss you and miss my knitting, I'm so happy to be going away I could scream!  I think I have too.  Sqweeeeee! LOL 
over the bounding main!  
See you in a week. 

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