Sunday, November 29, 2015

Present Club

It's official, the Present club will be closing on Tuesday.  We have been flooded with many more orders then we thought we'd have so we have no choice but to shut it down. I hope all of you who wanted in, got in.  Click here for more information.

Those of you who are on the Yahoo Group will get this message twice, once from the blog and once from Yahoo.  Bear with me while we make the transition.

Our hours are going to fluctuate wildly in December due to going on a cruise, the holidays and doctor visits.  We have had an insurance change and all new doctors need to be seen.  Orders will still be processed, we will dye once the first week, the third week and possibly the last week in December.  Which will keep everything moving along, do bear with us if this adds a bit more time on your order.

Everyone has been asking me when Queen Titania will be opening.  She's been pushed back so far this year due to everything we have going on, I just flat out haven't had the time to open her up.  She's my goal and has priority #1.  Looks like the first clue might come out the end of January but we will get this all done so don't fret that you haven't been able to place your order yet.

Hope you all are doing well and are very happy.  Enjoy your knitting.

Yarn Fairy 

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