Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dyeing yarn, Hair and playing with pen & ink

There's been so much happening that I really don't know where to start.  What with a photo being worth 1,000 words perhaps we will have a photo V-log today?
Lets start with the oldest photo in the "Post to Blog" folder.  This is the September Fae Yarn Club, called Rocky Dragon, you can see how it took the colors differently on the different bases, still really pretty no matter which base it landed on.

Since we are talking club, might as well share the October one,,, this quarter we have moved on into Wizards!  I LOVE the goodies for this club. 
I found a wizard, performing magic and using a blue opal to work his spell.  COOL!  Yes, it's a real opal! dyed blue cause I love blue.  That goody helped us to know what to dye.  He's gunmetal so the yarn color had to be gray.  Subtle under coat of the opal shine and pop of colors and then gray all over.  LOVE how it appears and reads gray but has all these lovely colors in it that will keep you knitting, "just one more row".
     I love it when Peeps ask me to work up a custom job for them.  That they trust me enough to either send me a photo of the family pet, home, sunset, etc... then to make the nummy that is their dream. 
 Here we have Penny Dreadful taken from this TV show.  The base had to be a superwash... it needed to be lace, so there was only one choice, our work horse, merino, smooshy lace weight.  LOVE this yarn. 
 You can see the subtle pops of color coming through. The green was my suggestion as a nod to Frankenstein was mandatory.  Goodies were also made.

Another was for the Fall Harvest taken from this photo.  All the colors needed to be in there.  We needed a superwash again and the request was for a sock base.  
At first we were going with 6 skeins of 100g and then I remembered we have the yarn from Dickens which is already in 50g skeins so we ended up with this magnificent wheel of color. 12 skeins for the price of 6, inexpensive and magnificent.  There's so much that can be done with the blending of these colors.  This was made for the Cruising Shawl Sweater which I'm working on, it's going to be published as a pattern I believe.  I had to put it on hold for work, surgeries and life.
     All of you Coin Collectors out there, this is another iteration of Gold for the Coin KAL.  Just ask and we can make it for you.
Remember the good ole days, back when I used to talk about all the knit items I'd finished!  Now I just get to share, oodles of dyed yarn and parcels that I've shipped.
Now there's another thing we've been painting,,, hair!  Here's the first iteration.  We used too much conditioner and learned to use less for the next time we did it.
Yeah, what the Yarn Fairy does with her life... paints it rainbows!
I LOVE how this one turned out.  But one thing we learned from watching all the video's is that this turquoise and green,,,, they are very hard to get back out of the hair.  The gloves were green when Pixie #1 was finished painting.  She washed them thinking the dye was still on them... no such luck, I will be blue there for at least a month.  Liable to paint the top over and over in that time,,, I'd like to go back to the checkerboard we had in the first one, perhaps paint just the bangs yellow, dunno, time will out.
Does no one have a baby, grand baby due?  I have one Mommy Nursing Necklace left for sale for a new Mommy.  Baby's love the different textures and playing while nursing.  All the wood is unfinished and the entire thing can be washed.  The thread is cotton and the shiny black are plastic.  All are knotted firmly and nothing can come off.

Writing is becoming a lost art form.  Peeps of my generation weren't taught to write with fountain pens.  I would like to encourage you to get one, they make you think before you write.  You tend to write better just using one of these lovely pens.
Top to bottom, Monteverde marble turquoise, Reflections in royal, Zebra (very inexpensive as are the rest Amazon) Mahogany with dragon clip and a Chinese dragon runs around the gold part of the bottom one.  Today I got in a set of 2 of them, these new ones were like $5 for both and they have an extra fine nib.  I can't wait to write with the extra fine nib as I've never tried one. They have a neat, weird looking thing at the tip, reminds me of the old feather cut on the bias.  The leather fairy book came from a Bestie.  I use it and my pens as often as I can. Normally, late at night when I can't sleep.  I really have been enjoying this pastime.
We have a new prize for the next person who finishes their Here Be Dragon shawl, check out our Ravelry thread to enter your shawl to win.

Mermaid Lagoon dyed on our Gold Shot and Medium Sock to go with one of our latest releases of the same name.  You can find the yarn here on the Kits page and the pattern is located here.
     Tole ya I'd been holding back.  Kept waiting to have a minute, didn't want to loose my cruise counter, how do I push that back to the top?  And I've been waiting for Chatty Patty to make an appearance, as you can see she has.
     Last thing,,, I have been getting those outpatient Radio Frequency Ablation surgeries.  "Once the needle and electrode placement are verified, a small radiofrequency current is sent through the electrode into the surrounding tissue, causing the tissue to heat. You should not feel discomfort during the heating portion of the procedure." That's what they do, first the right side at 3 places, then the left a week apart.  I get another next Wednesday. Takes about a week to recover from one and then I see Doc the following week.  By then I should be back in tip top form.  That man's the biggest blessing I've had in I don't know when... since DH dropped on my lap and handed me my children?  I dunno,,, a long stinking time!  The first time I came to the center in a wheel chair, they had to put me in a bed.  Doc said do Yoga, I have done everything I could that he's suggested.  After about 6 visits to the center, I was able to walk in, sign in, STAND there and sign the paper work!  WHAT! Yes I said STAND THERE!!!! at the front desk chatting for a good 15 minutes.  Then I get to sit in a chair and WALK into the OR room #3.
     Doc's a miracle worker, if you are in So. Cal or even within 10 hours drive, heck fly in!  He's so worth the traveling.  He's got me walking again, something I never thought I would ever be able to do. I'm able to take care of myself (limited but still!).  I told DH it would take a miracle.... the Lord sent that miracle in the form of Doctor Kumar in Santa Clarita. Tell him Wendy sent you.  Great big blessings heaped upon my Doc. PTL I'm going places and doing things again.  I feel like I've been handed my life back.  Course I'm sitting here in agony as I type this, BUT I know that when I rise up in mid November it's going to be to a new me. :-)

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