Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mommy Necklace available

Hi Kiddies, hope this find ya'll well.  Just wanted to let you know that I'm playing with my beads again.  I love to play!  So much more fun then factor settings,,, replicate,,, "you will be assimilated".  LOL but this!  This is fun. 
 There's only one necklace available which is why it's here and not incorporated into the pages.  I love these colors.  The beads are all baby proof and it give the child something to grab instead of hair, shirt etc. The different textures give the baby something to explore as well as the fun of exploring all the tactile differences in the beads.  The white is a silk cord which is super strong.  The back is for mommy, black velvet and silver, classic.  It's just $22 and I will pay for shipping.  First paid, here gets first dibs.  Click GOODS send to: wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at and dot, remove spaces) in the notes put Mommy Necklace.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gotta enter to win & future designs

     As I'm always telling ya'll, ya gotta enter to win.  We have the Finished Objects contest on Ravelry and only a handful of people compete for three prizes every other month.  
     Why am I telling ya'll this again? Well, I entered and won!
 I just received notification from Crystal Palace yarns that I won two skeins of their allegro lace weight yarn.  COOL BEANS!  If it inspires I might have to make a shawl with it.  I asked for the Deep Teal color way which is in this photo on the right side, 2nd down from the top, gorgeous yarn.
       Lately all I can think of is working this gorgeous feather and fan type of pattern I designed recently though.  Lovely and would look smashing in a variety of colors on a sock yarn base worked in a few rows of garter stitch between repeats of the pattern.  Standard but really different the way I made up the pattern.  This is been something I've had at the back of my mind for a few months now.
     Another one is to paint 2 sock blanks and work up a crescent.  Or say, one blank (so expensive) and a dark, solid skein of the same base to work the edging. With CRYSTALS! OH YUM!  I have too many ideas.  I know, ya'll can't keep up with what all I have going already, let alone more.  Perhaps they should be released as stand alone patterns.  Thing is, I get much more satisfaction and happiness out of making up kits for ya'll and doing the whole KAL thing.
     One more before I close,,, an afghan made of squares.  9x9 squares made and put out over a year long MKAL.  You have 4 colors of worsted and each time the pattern comes out, knit up a square (or 2) from each color.  This could be 6 different squares coming out every other month or 4 square with more colors coming out every quarter.  
     What do ya'll think about all of this?  Is there one item you'd like to do more then another? See poll at right, go full screen to access. The poll doesn't seem to be working there are just squares.  

Top one is feather and fan, 
2nd Crescent from sock blank, 
3rd is afghan of 6 squares (every other month), 
4th is afghan of 4 squares (once a quarter).
bottom is all of the above.