Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bucket List

     Do you have a bucket list?  Or is there something you have wanted to do all your life? I'm starting in on my bucket list! We are finally dipping our toes into the sea, my cruise!  
DD and I are going early December on a quick, 4 day cruise down to Mexico.  The thing is,,, the cost is identical as it is to take DH away to a motel by the ocean for 4 days!  AND 3 meals a day as well as entertainment are provided for both of us, go figure. Please tell me, why have I waited this long?  Same cost as rooming on dry land with all the amenities?  Probably wont be our last cruise.  IF we don't get too sea sick. December, El Nino expected?  Yeah, 2 + 2 still equals 4 in my book.
     My doctors fretting about renal failure due to taking 200mg of Celebrex three times a day for the last 10-15 years!  I got on it when the drug was new to the market, now they are probably about to remove it from the market.  The thing is the alternative is Aleve and it just doesn't do the job like Celebrex does.  I continually pray that my hands don't go out on me.  They are crucial to dyeing and designing our knit wear and hurt continually.  I can't imagine getting off of the Celebrex completely.  The blood test was taken today, will have to get back to you with the results.
     I always laugh off the fact that I'm "InValid" and talk about how great my doctor is.  Make that has been and continues to be... in getting me back on my feet again.  He continually encourages me to exercise, I figure if there's sweat running in rivulets down my back, I'm golden.  This is the state you will find me in most business days, since lately we are either dyeing or wrap, pack and shipping. We do this type of physical labor, about 5 days a week, yes I work from my chair. Then I knit late into the night so that I'm "working" about 16+ hours a day.  I enjoy my job a great deal though and don't consider it work, we are blessed.
     A great friend of mine asked me to share what this looks like. In order to encourage all of you who are like me, chair/house bound.  This is what we accomplished over the last two weeks.  Remember when I told you we dyed about 400 skeins over 4 days?  
Here you can see a tall bar stool on the right and a spinning wheel on the left... these are King XL comforter bags packed full of skeins of yarn.  On the left is Coin Collector and on the bottom is Call of the Wild.  The bag on the right contains Calypso and Ursula for Sea Witch.
Here you see Dickens in the center and some Caribbean and Coral mixed in with some Mirkwood and Raven.  There's so much more here I wont bore you naming it all but there are 3 bags by the couch, another bag has yarn covering it on the floor and there is more on the coffee table and the two leather recliners on the left out of frame.  What you see here and a few more bags, which I didn't get a photo of, are part of the 400+ skeins.  We dyed Monday-Thursday, I SO didn't expect that to happen.  We planned to dye on Monday and on Friday.  Tuesday I told Pixie #1, oh lets just fix this and that.  Before you know it we had a full blown dye day.  It just snowballed from there.  "Oh, more orders came in overnight, lets just get these couple done too."  LOL and on it went.
     After dye and dry, we have hank and label, Pixie #1 did that while I made stitch markers for the club.  Then there's wrap, pack and ship.  Which can get dicey what with there being so many different items that go into each package.  All the different kits, in the different KAL's, all the different options, yeah, dicey.  A few of you have had to write and say I got this but didn't pay for it...  or I didn't get this and did pay for it.  Yeah... dicey.  Here's what that looks like.  Pixie #1 comes in and wraps all the yarn up and puts it into piles.  I come behind her and figure out what each person gets, pack there box, or bag and decorate them.  I then attempt to multi order ship them but many times I have 15+ that need to be hand typed into the system.  MUCH room for error, the larger we grow the more detailed this system has had to become.  

As you can see, we are shipping this quantity of orders about every other, to every third, week.  One week of dyeing, one week of making items to go into the parcels and the third week we ship.  So there you have it, not work, fun.  Pixie #1 and I will have fun with our Peeps names from time to time too.  We have a great customer who's last name reminds me of warren (of rabbits).  There are now 8 generations of wild jack rabbits here and it led to rhyming fun.  The great thing is that our minds are so in sync that she knows what I'm talking about as it's coming out of my mouth.  One day I will have to video the entire process for ya'll.  I challenge all of you who are like me, InValid, to get up, get moving and save yourself.  Doc tole me, if I didn't use it, I was going to loose it.  I believed him and we ramped it up. The only thing I've lost so far is 10 pounds! :-) Just living "beyond" the handicaps dream Peeps.  Can you do something more?  From that chair, something you enjoy which will bring rivulets to you?  I hope and pray you can find something for yourself.     One of our Peeps asked for a Mommy Nursing Necklace, we obliged.  The back half is for Mommy and has a Made with Love charm on it.  The front, is all baby, texture, color and vigor.  We have enough goodies remaining to make another in purple, blue and green if anyone needs one PM me.
     We dyed this months club, I love how the colors change over the different bases and really LOVED what Pixie #1 did to the sock blanks.  They blend from one color to the next really well.  In case you don't know the club for this quarter is dragons!  
Fun how it landed at the same time as the Here be Dragons KAL, totally unplanned.  This yarn was dyed to honor the baby dragon since he couldn't become a part of the KAL.  

Of course the gift had to be purple blue and green... these crackle beads really fit the bill.  I LOVE this lampwork bead that the lux club got... see the waves within?  I love staring into these lampwork beads.  I have a TON of them you haven't seen.  One of these days I'm going to get to use them.
I have all this paper for making scrapbooks, reams of it.  I had all this lovely travel stuff already on hand.  Pages of beaches, sand, sunsets, an entire pad of world maps.  
We are going to make up a scrapbook before leaving for our cruise to put all our photos into when we return.  Have something nice to showcase our photos of our first cruise. 
     Some times you just can't hack it.  See the skein on the far left?  It was the leftovers from dyeing Caribbean for Sea Witch, so there were are all sorts of colors in that bath water.  I dumped the entire thing into a kettle and stuck a skein of yarn into it.  NO way can I replicate it, but I tried.  First was Azure and black, which is the center cobweb, came out Spruce??? HUH? AND yuppers, dyeing for the 2016 Heirloom, it's that time again.  The second attempt is on the far right and it came out closer to the color.  Third attempt is on the left by the first skein, sigh, it's just not happening.  I hand painted that third one thinking that perhaps the colors would stick, they were dark, deep blues.  Should have known that the turquoise I choose to bathe it in would overtake everything... and it did.  I will have to decide on the beads, I had cobalt beads in the cart... thinking I might just have to dye again! :-)  First I have to wind the yarn though as this ran us out of ready made skeins.  I LOVE this CashCob yarn, I can't wait to work with it.
     Hope you are all healthy and happily knitting away in the corner of the couch, your feet tucked up, watching your favorite movie. :-) ENJOY! 


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  2. What beautiful work.The colors are stunning. I understand your pain. I deal with chronic pain too. I am on Ultram for mine. I had to come off Celebrex and the others. It might be a choice for you too. A cruise will be lovely. Some day I want one if we can get someone my fur baby trusts for a few days. As far as seasickness goes, take some Dramamine with you or ginger pills. That will settle those motion sickness issues. An inner room is better for that too.Rooms closer to the center of the ship move less than outside rooms. Less expensive too ;). Looking forward to pictures of the cruise. Have a blessed day, Diana

  3. I'm really happy for you, Wendy. The cruise must be a great adventure for you. I'm going to Chicago for a couple of days. It's not a cruise, but I just want to relax from the routine work.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Kiersten, The excitement is gaining momentum. Today we are making cards and shipping as much of the present club as we can get out. Doing a bit of designing on Queen Titania. Then Thursday or Friday we are doing nails. After that we have an in house "fashion show" and packing to get done. I hope you enjoy Chicago, any break from the normal is welcome respite, have fun.