Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I always tell myself I'm going to blog more regularly, instead I have these long blogs that take forever to make and longer to read. To get you caught up we have to go back to June.  
Our 21st anniversary was spent at the Madonna Inn which has themed and rock rooms.  We didn't get the rock since I'm so klutzy I'd come back with rock rash on half my face or something equally nasty.  We had a the Mount Vernon room with antiques, old maps on the wall.  Yes, I took them down and we checked them out! As well as our founding father, old George himself.  My make up vanity looked like an antique writing desk from that era.  
We had a blast, got too much sun at the lovely pool, walked too far for my disks and spent far too much money.  I have a scrapbook full of memories now though.  
I made a scrapbook months ago, it just happened to be themed pink and if you know the Inn, it's all pink! With cherubs and in March FAIRY's!  I want to take a trip there just to photo the steak house and see the wee Fae folk in it. They must like fairies, there's a wishing well outside that is covered with them.  I made a video of the book for you, find that here you can see the wishing well in that video. My first time using the large tripod and I wasn't set up well but you get the gist.
     We came home to 600 skeins to be dyed for the Paradise Fibers yarn club.  I wanted to see how fast we could get them done instead of taking a long time.  I also wanted to be done before Tour De France.  We did them up in SEVEN DAYS! Shocked even me!  We are supposed to be the September club but con't hold me to that.  These are the boxes full of yarn, labeled and ready to ship.  You can tell how large they are by the size of my wee pup who's DWARFED by these boxes.  After dyeing up all this yarn, drying it, labeling it, I'm happy to be finally shipping it! :-)
     Renewed my subscription to the tea cup of the month club by Alura.  LOVE my club, they come in a gift bag and normally there's something else in there too. Here's the last three and a wee dish she sent with one.
     We have been told that this is to be an El Nino year.  Which means we should get a good amount of rain, that may get Southern California out of the drought.  If this flood is any indication, I'm one pleased pup, we really need the rain.  Normally there's only one puddle out front... not the entire front flooded as you can see here.  The concern? Comes from the fact that we are on a well which is shared with 4 homes, 2 of them have several horses, 1 is heavily landscaped.  Nothing against horses, (oh did I mention the donkey and goat?) or trees, just the water they consume.  Check out the short video I made here.
     Kim Harrison is hosting a KAL of a small stuffed dragon.  Her's is from cotton, I'm using my sock yarn, wool, of course.  We are chatting about it in our Ravelry group on the Dragon Stufty KAL I have two small pieces done and have ordered enough pipe cleaners for 2 of them.  One for me and one for Pixie #1.  I was thinking of black poly fill, has anyone heard of it?  Guess I will be finding out.
     Speaking of Pixie #1, we work really well together!  She know's what I mean and I know what she means before we say it many times.  We complement one another with color sense and work load. 
Anyway, she and I were busy dyeing up this weeks work, which you can see here in the prep stage before soaking. The entire time we were dyeing we ended up chatting about the next KAL.  So much so that we didn't just talk about it but we DYED IT!  LOL We are very pleased to be doing things this far in advance as this will be our Winter KAL (see bar at right).  I believe there are 7 different colors, a veritable rainbow in a NEW technique!  We are going to reskein them so that you get the full effect of the colors.  They are medium/light as we are doing a cable and lace with a lot of different cables.  Shapes hard to discern as I've never done this one before.
     You all probably know by now, we are official distributors for the Roberta electronic spinning wheel. There's financing so you don't have to pay a dime now! We are having a BIG promotion, with every machine purchase I'm sending out far too much fiber all dyed or natural in roving form. This is a wee bit.
 Then I have some bits and pieces to play with not to mention and entire closet and garage full of more.  I believe I even have some locks which would make some fun art bats.  We'll see, no promises.  I will promise free Lube, Oil and a lot of fiber though! :-)
     TOUR!!! I had so much fun!  This is the final yarn I ended up with.  I spun a LOT, far too much.  I'm not real fond of the bottom left, gray brown.  Those of you who know me,,, know I'm a peacock and I need my color.  You can see more info here. $60 and it's yours. Super inexpensive for a hand spun lace weight, Cashmere blend.

Tour was fun but I learned that my thumb pad, on the hand, they hurt from spinning daily. I was so very pleased to find out that it was all the spinning and not "all that knitting" which made them hurt.  If it had been knitting, we'd all be in trouble.
     Lastly I want to tell you that this months yarn club is going to be a day or two late getting out.  I'm making these LOVELY lampwork glass beaded things.  The fun part (well there's a few) is that these beads are all hand made so they differ and I LOVE working with different things instead of doing the same thing over and over again.

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