Thursday, June 18, 2015

TDF Dyeing & Anniversary

Hi Kiddies, I have been having so much fun with fiber! First I need to share our new drying set up.  This is 5 rail which we used to pen animals up with.  Now that we have no animals we have plenty of it just laying about.  Got some bamboo poles to go across.  Tie downs on one end and bungee on the other keeps the yarn it it's place.  I will get you another photo with my new camera with brighter yarns so you can really see.  There are 3 poles in three corners as this one has a gate that opens so it can't have a set up here.  So far it's served us well.  We still have another bar across the back porch in case of overflow but then that would be far too much dyeing in one day (200 skeins) which isn't going to happen any time soon.

We haven't just been dyeing yarn but roving for Our Peeps.  For me it's for the Tour De France (aka Fleece) this July. These are some of the rainbows I have made on SW BFL, taken with my brand new Canon Power Shot Elph 160 which I just ADORE! Takes true to color/life photos AND the zoom actually works.  I'm still waiting for my goodie bag, had to have all it's accouterments.

Before you ask, all of these are sold, custom work, one of a kind, non repeatable. That said, I can make you a rainbow of of your very own.  These are just the SW BFL I've been doing BUT check this out!
  It's a merino blended with a gray, almost blue gray, black and white.  Oh the things I can do with this one!  It too is superwash, whereas many of the high end baby camel and yak are not.
     Speaking of TDF, yes, I'm going to be spinning again this year.  I hope to work (dye) on their rest days and spin throughout their 21 days of cycling.  I don't know how feasible that is which is why I don't have a KAL open right now.  That said I am VERY sorely tempted to open Here Be Dragons on July 
16, TDF ends on the 21st so I could come back to work in full swing at that time and ship to my hearts content.
     Speaking of Here be Dragons, wanna peek?  I'm soooo bad at keeping secrets! This is the cable that runs all the way along the top and the right side edging.  See how there's SO much more to even just the edging then normal? LOVE IT! This is the Wind color way, we are doing the elements and a rock or two.  The color comes from some character from Dungeons & Dragons that has something to do with Wind.  Sorry all of you D & D addicts out there, perhaps one of you will have it's name?
     The other item, DH is counting down the days to our 21st wedding anniversary.  Not our actual anniversary but the weekend following.  To celebrate he booked us rooms on the Saturday and Sunday nights following our anniversary at the Madonna Inn. 

When we aren't found here...

Or here...

Or here...

     We will be in some teal room who's name I've forgotten.  Most of the rooms have rock/caveman themes going on but I wanted a plain one so DH got us this room that has a shower that's open to the rest of the bathroom, all teal tiles with a floor that slopes towards the center.
      I can't wait! I don't think we have EVER been away from the children (who are now adults!) in our entire lives! I bought his gifts already, Amazon has been hitting out house daily. :-)  SHHHH can't say more as he will read this.  
I have two nice outfits I'm getting together for the restaurant where we will be eating.  Isn't it sumptuous?  Everything there is completely over the top.
     Whoooo the Seven Sisters Quilt Show will be there!  I'm in!  I was just checking out the menu's and amenities, no room service, bummer.  ENOUGH, I have work to do... just needed to pop in and say hey and tell you what we're doing. FUN ENJOY!

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