Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bulk mail

     Hi Kiddies, just HAD to share.  So far we had a normal sized shipment go out of the Donna Dru KAL 2 weeks ago? Then we had this ship (photo) on Monday, the middle of the KAL. There will be a few more but nothing like this one.  AMAZING right! This is from ONE dye day, more then 250 skeins of yarn are in here as well as some custom orders, stitch markers, you get the gist.  
     We will be dyeing again shortly, roving for the TDFleece, who's count down is now on the right hand bar if anyone is watching.  If you need roving, please speak up as this is what I'm dyeing. This bag is the size of a California King Comforter!  YUP one ton of roving, LOL.  Where did all this come from? From being in the Paradise Fibers fiber club for like 1.5 years.  We are also dyeing the yarn for a Fall YF shawl KAL called Here Be Dragons, not to be confused with the Dragon theme of the 3rd Quarter yarn club. I can't wait to get my hands on this yarn, it's our 80/20 merino/silk and so nummy!  That hot pink/purple dragons raging at me to c/o NOW. OH and before I forget, we got the BFL/silk 55%/45% back in stock, it's 875 yards of lace weight.  We sold out after using it in the yarn club, then everyone wanted more.
     Speaking of clubs, it's now more then official so I can tell you.  We have been in the wholesale biz for about 2 years now, selling to yarn stores.  Well, Yarn Fairy and the Pixies have the September Slot for the Paradise Fibers yarn club!  How great is that!  The timing is perfect since the above cart has shipped and the pressure is mostly off.  Fed Ex pulled up with SIX massive boxes of the same yarn we used for the Donna Dru KAL. Yes, SIX HUNDRED skeins of yarn.  Course we will break that down and dye once a week for 6-10 weeks as needed for my health to keep up.  Or until I drop, hit the wall, you get the picture LOL. 
     Ya know how I some times refer to having the "decks cleared? This is what I refer to as the decks being cleared,,, only this is a shot of when they are not cleared. I only wish I'd gotten a photo of them before we shipped the above cart, the entire left side was piled as high as the right side. Which is about 2 foot high.  Currently the desk has these lovely purse fob/stitch markers I brought in for you. 
 I have been dying to work with all the lovelies but DD KAL and Fae Club needed to get done before I could play. Titania (on right) is ready to ship.
  So far I've made two goodies and can't wait to get the rest of my thoughts into goodies.  I LOVE these things.  I found largish focal lampwork glass shapes with foil inside.  One of them is actually RED and has copper goodies, perfect matches. Another is turquoise/teal, with pearls and this swirl, foil, inside painted bead you could fall into if you stare too long.  I can't wait to share.  When I do I'm going to attempt to make a button to purchase from instead of just loading them up there on the SM page.
     My arthritis in my hands kicking up again as I had to make this shawl and get it done so I could get back to work knitting again. This is my hand spun from a "new to me" thing, a fat batt from Phoenix Fibers. I had to learn how to spin it. April, the owner of the shop, is delightful to work with and she made me a special braid which is in the mail now. I wanted a gradient of this lovely batt she calls My Lucky Turquoise and she made it for me. I'd already purchased the standard one and then when I saw them had to get two of the gradient.  I think they will all look grand in a shawl.  Anyhoo this is her Peacock with sparkle, of course,  now there's sparkle everywhere, floor, bed, washer, you get the drill!  It was for a SAL contest.  
Got it spun up, realized how MUCH of my hand spun I had and needed to knit it. WAS FORCED to knit it, even past the pain in my hands that said STOP KNITTING! Put the needles down, step away from the knitting (said from a bull horn!) The turquoise is our Chubby Baby Camel which I HIGHLY recommend.  This stuff reminds me of Quivit, it's so amazing.
     All the angel stitch markers sold out so I'm off to replace them and make more out of some pretty unique items.  I hope you love them and buy me out again, so that you can have them and enjoy them too.  After all, who doesn't love the angels? Dark or light?  ENJOY! YF

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dye Day WOW!!

     Ya'll know I'm In"Valid" due to my many ailments.  The only time I leave the house is to see my Doc every forth week.  WELL!  Yesterday I saw Doc then went to a Garden Center and walked through the exterior, bought some plants.  Have been doing pretty well with the whole walking thing even though the procedures worn off.  So last night we soaked about 240 skeins of yarn.  We didn't have enough containers so some even went into a cardboard box lined with 2 large bags! Then we put bungees around the box in case of bursting. I figured it was going to take us to the end of this week to get them done.  Turns out I was wrong.  DD wasn't feeling well and had to take a nap, me, dynamo here,,, I plowed through it.  Turned on some music really loud and just dyed!  Worked from 10am to 9pm it's DONE and I'm still here to tell you so! I should be sleeping! Passed out, dead to the world. I don't know who prayed what over us today but we finished it all!  Now Pixie #2 just needs to rinse it and get it hung up before the rains come tomorrow.  It's going to take about a week to dry but the hardest part is over! PTL, I be pleased!  Only one bad thing happened.  I carried a hot kettle outside to dump it and my foot got in the way!  I'm glad I was in my old Birkies but my toes aren't too happy.  Just glad I had some "New Skin" on hand as I really needed it today. OWIE!
     Now I get to play. Well, you wouldn't call it playing, Pixie #1 will go back to making a bazillion stitch marker/bead packs and I will go back to making chunky monkey bracelets, and cementing flowers and butterflies onto the earring components.  This way everything will be ready to ship when the yarn is finally dry.
     Another amazing fact.  I have been designing again!  Yeah BABY!  I had a really long dry spell through the beginning of this year.  Last year it was a KAL a month, this year not so much.  I have been plenty happy to dye for other designers.  That said, yesterday on the drive home, I had these designs just SLAM into me, screaming for my attention.  I see some full circular shawls (split up the front of course) in your future.  If I can figure out this petal thing you are getting a FULL flower, not just tiny flowers on a shawl but a full on flower.  Even more of a flower then Fae Festival which was pretty much a flower.  Seems that each time I revisit something, whether it's dyeing or designing, it just keeps getting more amazing.  So I have this flower and another which is a snowflake, yup one single, massive snowflake.  Why? because I can.  Now that I figured out exactly how to make it work, I will make it up.  Oh and another, a full square which is only repeated 4 times... to make a scene,,, like a garden scene with full on flowers, vines, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, the whole 9 yarns. ENOUGH!  Just needed you to know that my mojo has come home. There will be knitting tonight! (Princess Bride)

Now I have got to share some photos.  Here's Baby in his new leggings... how very 80's of him, ahem, or his Mum.  With matching headband of course.  
This is what I wear when we dye to keep the hair out of my eyes.  It's actually from the 80's. Yup, the actual article I wore to the 80's reinvention of Woodstock. Can't remember the name of the massive outdoor concert we went to.  Along with my black and white bathing suit, shorts and hoodie.
     Here, he's sporting his cute, purple flower barrette.  He doesn't like the top knot but I think he's adorable and can't help but want to dress him up.
     Currently he wishes I were dead I'm sure... well if he knew I was the one who put him in his current sitch that is.  He is wearing the dreaded, "cone of shame" as he just returned from the vet.  He's 8 months old now, has all his official shots, had his dew claws clipped, neutered and 5 baby teeth were pulled along with full plaque cleaning.  Chaching! Whoops there goes my savings.  And yes, even though he's a baby, he had loads of plaque, I don't think his first owners ever brushed his teeth.  Me, I'm all over teeth, we even make our own powder.  
We don't see the dentist regularly and when we do go they are shocked that it's been say, 5+ years as there's no plaque build up due to our special recipe.  Anyway, Baby likes to have his teeth cleaned due to the chicken flavored tooth paste I buy for him.
     Last photo, our boy, at the vet (shots last week) while looking at a pug.  Ain't he cute?  Am I the proud Mummy or what?  He's just really coming around to us, our family, our home and the other 4 legged critters. Finally he gets why he's here.  I kept putting him on my lap until now he get's it.  He's a lap dog and comes to me now. :-)  He's very smart and has many tricks.  I will continue to teach him until he's got it all down pat and is completely obedient so that we are all happy.  He's learned to come to me and ask to be let out so he's potty trained.  Now if I could just learn to stop what I'm doing when he needs to be let out all will be well.
     During today's dyeing, Pixie #1 and I spoke again about renting an RV after she gets her license and just going, East on the I-10.  Before that I believe we might be taking a cruise.  They can be relatively cheap if you don't go too far.  It's just something I want under her belt before she's gone from my life.  Hey, it's on my Bucket List, ya gotta allow for something that's on the list right?
     Hope you are all well and happy, we are complete again. AND I DON'T HAVE TO DYE FOR THE NEXT TWO DAYS!  I'm totally thrilled, can you tell? YIPEE SKIPEE, enjoy your knitting!