Sunday, April 5, 2015

Newbie to the menagerie

I would like to introduce you to the latest edition of our critters.  My heart was deficient and now it's overflowing, full of gratefulness and thanks. I'd stopped looking for a pup as I must have sent out 16+ e-mails and not one returned my letters.  Kev on the other hand, did not stop.  He told me he'd find me a dog and he's as good as his word! He came in here last night with the photo and had the owner on chat and asked me what questions did I want to ask?  I replied, "When can we come get him!"  That was it, end of story.
     I'm not sure what his name is but he's a pure bred Chocolate Yorkie, isn't he adorable!  He's 7 months old and 2 days, we have a birth date for a change!  He weighs right around 6 pounds and he's perfect.
     He's very much the puppy and has tried to make friends with everyone here.  He's very interested in what our other dog was doing in this photo, he was just sitting there BTW.  Our other terrier is very possessive so we had him muzzled for a bit over the first 12 hours.  Whenever there was even a thought of dispute, food, bones, toys, anything like that I didn't want to take any chances as he was growling.  Most of the growling has stopped, as has the muzzling since Baby(?) just wants to play.  He's gone into "play bow" with Mr. Angry Pants and has almost gotten him to play.  Almost.  I'm confident that they will be the best of buds in no time. 

     The cats are another story, they don't know what to make of him.  My lil gray (our first cat) was in here for the play bow and just looked like, "What are you! and why are you in my house? Why are you on my bed! Of all the nerve!" then walked away, tail swishing.  The B & W cat (lil's son) can't be found to say hello to, he's shy, I'm not surprised.
     Of course, Baby had to have his first bath which was very traumatic.  Speaking of trauma, he's very scared still and shakes over every new challenge.  I hope that stops and we don't have a scardey dog on our hands.
     One thing he does that I have got to tell you about. We haven't seen this in any of our dogs in a good many years.  He tries to "bury" his bones and food in our duvet!  Cutest thing you ever seen!  He just sort of digs, then covers with this nose.  We then take it away when he's not looking (busy getting more "dirt") and he seems to think he's done a good job.  HAHA so adorastinkingble!
    For now, both he and Poppa are having their Sunday afternoon nap. It's been a rough 18 hours, and my boys are exhausted. Dad, for having driven as soon as he showed me the photo from Craig's List. He'd just returned from a shopping run!  Poor Poppa, he drove a good 500+ miles over the last 24 hours, what with sunrise service and getting up at 5 am.  This is a well deserved nap.
Baby's Toys-2 ropes are soaking
     I couldn't be happier with our new addition.  He's got a vet appointment in a few weeks and I hope we figure out his name by then.  For now he's just Baby to me.  He holds me as a 9 month old baby does when they are pressed, wrapped around and hanging on to you for all their might.   Hung unto me for the entire 1.5 hour ride home, almost hugging me. Sweet Baby Face, Choco Pup, I am in love already, I cried when I first held him.  Are you surprised?  I'm not.  I will never forget my old dog and Baby can't replace him but life moves on.  Again, thank you all for your remembrances, cards, stitch markers and WOW DS, thank you so much for my care package from TX!
This lovely friend of mine sent me these goodies, this is the care package.  The floral print in the background is for nuking things and having them be a lovely as they had been baked.  Instructions for breads and all kinds of things but the item I'm the most excited about is the baked potato, I want to try that asap.  The denim pot holder matches the lovely wildflower print.  The "teacup", ya'll know I love them and my tea by now, is so large cause everything's bigger in TX!  I can use it for the hot cocoa and broth that feels weird coming out of a teacup.  The book mark is going to come in handy for the box of books I just bought.  Then there's the black bag at the bottom... she found mee marbles! They were at Gruene's General Store. Between this friend, the Doc and the other who shipped my brains back in a zombie proof box, ya'll are likely to be deluged in everything YF here soon.  So happy to be gathering up my brain cells again. YIPEE SKIPPEY!  I'M BACK! and I feel more whole now.  Not just from my brains but my wee boy is at home.

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