Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm Baaaack Again!

Somehow I don't feel as if that's the first time I've used that title in a blog post.  It's been a hard year, if this quarter's any indication of what's to come MAN! Am I ever going to be strong at the end of this year.
     The meds from Hades which I was subjected to in February are finally completely out of my system.  I'm still recovering from the surgeries and from loosing my life companion, my wee dog.  I keep looking for him, expecting to see him, have to maneuver around him, etc.  
Its been really hard even though I full well knew he was on borrowed time for over a year. In the end he had no hair and lived in the Aqua Man sweater I knit for him.  It's now empty and he's gone.
     At the end I took to carrying him everywhere with me in a baby type sling... so that he wouldn't get hurt or hurt himself.  The dementia had him roaming the halls all the time.  He was still terribly cute all the way to the end.  Perfect to me, scary to others but I loved him so much I didn't care.
     So many of you sent e-cards, snail mail cards.  Some are very special, hand made, hand stitched.  A lot contained a stitch marker or set of them.  My favorite hangs on my lamp.  You can just make out the clear S which holds the cream paw print... that glass beads hand made!  There's a red heart on the other side and it's very precious to me.  All of them are special, wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for sharing these little offerings with me.  One even came from across the ocean!  I feel very loved.
I didn't want this to be a downer.  I only wanted to come in here and tell you that I'm really back.  The brains are functioning again and I'm looking forward to doing the skirt/poncho/circular shawl.  I pulled out the PERFECT yarn for it.  Skirts out of sock yarn are going to be heavy and HOT!  I found a lovely silk/linen that I have here, didn't know what I was going to do with it but I have 3 massive cones full.  Think about it, silk for drape and linen,,, which is a well known skirt fabric.  Together they made this really drapey fabric which I'm well pleased with.  Late last night I swatched it up and washed the spinning oils out of it.  I think this will work just fine for us.  I can't wait to wind off some for the next dye day, next Tuesday.  Which is when we will begin to dye up all of the 1300 KAL orders.  I need to thank you all for your patience.  What with all those different bases and colors and combinations... all of them have to be dyed as 95% of you want 2 skeins of yarn.  This things going to be AMAZING in a full circle!!!
     Do you think I stopped there?  NO WAY MAN!  I found another set of 3 massive cones... it's 70/30 silk/baby camel... oh so luxurious and lovely!  This one's a bit fatter and looks to want about a size 5 needle.  I'm thinking that it's about time for a smoke ring... wondering if I can get crystals on either one of these.  I know full well that I need those wee button crystals up the side of the skirt.  Then the crystals I want on the top panel and again on the edging.  The thoughts are all pushing to be heard.  It's crazy... this part, the design part where everyone just is screaming to be acknowledged. So excited now that I have to get off of the puter and go see just how many yards each of these yarns hold in 100g.  SEE YA!  
     OOOOH one more thing.  I have been saving these for you.  I've told you all about my tea cup club in a past blog post so if you want URL's scroll back through my posts.  I just wanted to share the kit for March.

This lovely cup has all the Provinces of Canada on it... and their flowers.  See the vintage santa?  He was given originally with the cup and man is he old... the paper is all browned. VERY COOL  A bunch of business cards with discounts were included and then this spring panel was inside my gift bag.  CUTE!

Hope you are all knitting like the wind on Ragnarok, my sample is finished and it's going to get a lot of use out of it.  Have a great day, night or otherwise.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Defarge Does Shakespeare

Did you know?  
Have  you heard?
Defarge has face time with Shakespeare!
This is the latest book YF is appearing in and you can order it here. We have a very sweet choker coming out in the book and have kit available on the kits page if you need them. 
Please do not ask for the pattern only as it's only available in the book format.  The book has 30 great patterns and it's inexpensive so hop to it. 
      In the book preview, they had a photo of our choker and with a top down sweater called Lady M, by Mari Chiba. 
 Totally complement one another, wouldn't it be fun to work them together?  In contrasting or matching yarns?  Mari's top pattern goes from S to 4XL, so it will fit everyone.  The yarn just so happens to match exactly to our Pixie Maxy in weight, yardage and fiber type.  We can do it up in Raven!  With a matching Raven choker, how fun would that be? To order the yarn for either pm me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace @ and .)
     Just wanted to pop in and let you know that the books available along with a contest.  You should totally get in on the contest!  There's all these freebies, along with a copy of our pattern! You might win but the only way is to sign up for the newsletter here.  ENJOY!

Monday, March 9, 2015

You look like your dog just died

Why do people say you look like your dog just died? Because he did. That and asking a woman when are you due?  When she could just be fat.

     My cats here keeping me company.
WHY does this one hurt so much. I talked with him all day long.  I pet him and looked in his eyes and told him to leave.  That dog had the BIGGEST heart I have ever known.  No other pet has been like this.  I never shed tears like this.  Kev had to rip him away from me to take him off the hill to the vet.  He was like my child and it was like my baby died.  He was my baby in so many ways and he cared for me when no one else would.  Poor Kev, I think my grief and despair rubbed off on him and made him to realize how much like a child he was to both of us.  In the end we ended up holding each other all night long.  My back hurts so bad from laying like that, it’s screaming louder then the emotional paid. 

I can’t do it again. Yorkies have such a short live.  That terrible person who made the dog trade with me.  I’m SURE that the reason she didn’t send me his papers was because he was so old already.  I believe this Yorkie lived well over 20 years.  Well above and beyond their normal life expectancy of 10-15, average, 12.8 years.  His heart was so big that he wouldn't leave me.  I had to kill him in the end, well, the vet did.  I couldn't go down.  I planted flowers instead.  When he came back we washed and dried him to get the stench of the last few days off of him.  Wrapped him in Kev’s favorite Clan Donald shirt that he never wanted to see again and put him in the box that the vet provided. Using markers, I colored flowers and vines all over it and wrote. "Here lies and his name.  A very small dog with the largest heart I have ever know." Put a large heart on the center.  Then on the side I wrote. Do not Disturb just in case someone in the future thinks he’s buried treasure.  Course the shirt was cotton and the cardboard, everything biodegradable.  There's a stick with the back of Kev's shirt on it like a flag.  That's what I want to see when I look out the window for him.  I can see him from my room.  It's good.   
I'm so very empty. My bed is so very empty even though I have a cat and a dog here, my heart is empty. 

I have laid so many to rest, NONE like this, none with a bath and a blow dry.  I wanted to feel his silky ears again.  All the hair was off of his body.  This dog and cat here, laying on my bed, I will just bury them, no problem.  But my wee Yorkie, he was my constant companion, my love, my child.  I cared for him this last year, with the meds three times a day until in the end I was crushing them for him, adding liquid and forcing them down.  The last days he was up to people food just to get him to eat anything.  We all helped try to tempt him to eat.  Until he started to diarrhea and vomit everything up.  Until his legs went ridged and at times he’d stop breathing.   I just couldn't allow him to die in the manner that I knew he would.  Gasping, stiffening, reeling, trying to breath.  That's what he was like yesterday a.m. when I called Kev home.  That's what it was like over a year ago when all the meds first started.  Back then he died on me so many times.  I new I could call him back. His eyes glazed over, his bowls released and  I screamed and called him back, so many times.  This time I couldn't do that to him again. I told him to go, prayed God would take him.  In the end he tried to rally. That overly large heart planted in such a tiny dog. But it was over. 

Night before last I gave him his med wrapped in cheese, I held my hand under his mouth in case he dumped it back out.  What did I get that time?  A tooth!  He had no hair except on his head, the teeth he did have were coated, encased. When he tried to walk he would fall on his face and scramble.  This has been going on for the past week.  I put him in a baby type sling so I could work, until the last day when I just stayed with him, held him all day and looked him in the eye.  Talked to him, told him how much I loved him, that I would always love him. That I would NEVER forget him and no one will ever replace him.

No, I can't get another wee  companion, he will only break my heart in 10-15 years. Anything larger then a toy and I can't care for them, so it's out of the question.
The final photo I have of him, in his sling.
Rest in peace my beloved wee little guy, I miss you.