Saturday, February 28, 2015

Under the gun

     Feeling pressed in on every side.  The taxes are due, fortunately I'd saved almost down to the dollar what we need to pay.  BUT that doesn't give me ANY wiggle room to fall back on should something go bump in the night.  
     Over the last 30 days the doctor changed my high blood pressure medicine.  I found my ankles swollen from a tiny 8" up to 12", massive, painful etc.  Walking into walls, dizzy, no inspiration to work AT ALL! Gained 10 pounds in a WEEK! Finally she has me back on my old meds and I'm feeling a bit like my old self, lost the weight and my sanity is slowly returning.  I have been able to do math again so patterns are back into my life as something I'm able to work on at least. PHEW!  I can't tell you what a relief it is to have that fixed.  I was terrified that I was just tanking big time and that the Yarn Fairy was, lights out.
     I have been watching Battlestar Gallactica again for the umpteenth time.  Come to find last night that yet another disk will not play.  So I placed an order and charged the entire set,,, coming from the UK, liable to kick my tooshie with shipping fees but then they must have an e-mail in the mosh pit someplace.  It will be nice to see the entire thing again.  Hopefully by the time the bill comes in I will have opened another KAL and have the funds to pay the bill. LOL, yeah, so not a good trap I'm setting for myself.  I charged this years flowers too.
     The winding machine came back only to be broken AGAIN!  I will not say more then that I'm furious that he didn't change out the motor when he had it back at his place of business. I so do NOT want to ship it back there again.  I feel I have a lemon the motor seems to gather strength and will run if I have nothing on it (no yarn, no arms) after keeping it off for a long time.  I don't get it.  One of those take your car to the mechanic and it stopped making the noises.  It goes to his home without any arms and he can run it for 8 hours straight.  Course he's got no resistance or tangled yarn breaking.
     My wee Yorkie is really dying now, he's a mess.  Wont take food.  I have to tempt him with all kinds of real meats and that's wearing thin on him.  Every other day I have to change the type as he tires of them and wont be tempted.  He's taking up a great deal of my time with his dementia... he will get up to walk and get lost... fall and get stuck and not be able to get up. I have to keep on my toes just to keep him alive.  Please don't say it!  I know, it's hard though and ALL my entire family will be gone next week.  I will be all alone.  Probably will be alone when he dies and will have to endure it solo.  He's been my constant companion, goes with me everywhere and will be missed with agony when he leaves me.
     The dye day was off due to appointments and tests that took me out of the house this month. So the club didn't ship.  And lets face it... it's the shortest month in the year.  The yarn is taking a really long time to dry.  I have all the goodies cut and ready to assemble here.  I fret that even though it's all hand made you will think it's not worthy of a high end lux so I have a special treat in store for the Luxers come March!  WOWSERS that's all I'm saying.
     Top it all off my procedure was cancelled.  I knew it would be and thought Doc nutter for asking but he did.  Next week we will find out if he will be calling to get me through or not.  If only I'd known what was happening I could have pulled off of the drugs and that would have helped my case.  But I didn't realize that I was in less pain and walking more... I didn't really leave the house during those months but I cleaned and cooked.  That should have been a really big HELLO WENDY!  DUH and I'm a real blond is all I can say.
     If you have made it this far, good on ya!  Let me just share a few good things before I close this note.  For many years now I have wanted a cactus tray.  Well last time we were out we needed some wild flowers for the front yard and some hardy drought bedding annuals.  I followed the girl around, tagging along like a lost puppy and then BLINK BLINK SHINY and I was lost! What to? The cactus! The guy in the center has been hear for years.  He's the ONLY plant I have been able to keep alive as I forget to water.  So cactus are the best thing for me.  That rock,,, that's what our soil is... all rocks so we should really be planting these outside when they are done and get too large.  I have 2 succulents and the rest are just fun cacti.  I look forward to caring for them.
We also put some succulents on the top of the ficus in the front room.  DD ended up with some of the extras that were in the packs and hopefully everyone will thrive.
     You all know I'm in a tea club the last shipment was AWESOME!
She sent me a gift along with the cup and saucer which came in a lovely gift bag.  There's 2 bar of soap there in the box with butterflies inside of them! FUN! As well as a lovely damask cloth, I love that she sent me gifts.  Who is "she"  Alura on Etsy. I love my tea cup.  Great value and such a nice thing to look forward to each month.  The cloth has a design on it, I would so LOVE to make that into a shawl, we'll have to see if it's even possible.  
     Need to go eat, it's 6:30 pm and all I've had is a smoothie.  Have a great weekend.  Things can only go up from here.  Wait, I said that at the beginning of the year.  Ok, so, they can go down hill further.  I just WISH that they'd go up and get better.
     From our front yard today.  It started at one neighbors house and ended at another... guess they both had a visit from a leprechaun today.  At one point we counted almost 4 repeats on the bottom one, it was THAT strong.

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