Monday, January 26, 2015

New Things

     Hi Kiddies, Hope you are all well and happy.  We have been busy here dyeing yarn and shipping Mirkwood, Dickens, Raven, Manderley and the Fae Club you get the drill. Meanwhile things keep crossing my desk, this for one.
Now this idea isn't new,,, but normally you see it in a novelty yarn.  This puppy is 100% merino superwash so it takes color like it was made to take it.  This is a DK weight yarn with 273 yards per 100 gram skein.  Would you want me to carry this yarn?  It would make a nice coat wouldn't you think?  It might act as an insulator with all that warm air trapped in the chain.  What do you think?
     Another item which has been absorbing a great deal of my time and thoughts... 
Ragnarock... which is soon to make an appearance LOVE IT!.  I have been having sooo much fun with this one.

My skein winder motor is off to see the wizard.  Of course when it got there it would NOT act up!  WHAT??!!!!  I freaked!  That thing would NOT work here and it goes home and works?  Excsqueezeme?  Just like when you take your car to the automotive repair.  We NEED that winder back, I now have 3 MASSIVE boxes full of cones to wind.  Yeah it's a never ending labor here.
     OH!  Those high end lux yarns came in!  The fine lace weights... 1300 yards per 100 grams... that should tell you it's finer then the 880 (standard 2 ply lace) but fatter then cobweb at 3000 yards per 100g.  It should land at 2/28 for those of you who are familiar with the numbering land.  We are carrying standard 100% super wash merino, Suri alpaca!  (I KNOW!) 50/30/20 paca/merino/silk and last and possibly bestest 70/30 baby alpaca/silk.  Pricing, in order is $25, 27, 30. I would love to play with them so if you have a favorite color in mind, PM me to place an order, wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.
     Speaking of new yarns, we played with the Yak.  The base is grey, really grey so I fretted that it wouldn't take color... I really shouldn't have worried.  This one will take and keep on taking.  This is our new multi hand painted color way.  This will not puddle, when you are expecting say brown to come around another color will come up in it's place.  Least wise that's the way it was planned.  I will have to play with this myself.  Oh the color is a club one called Naiad or Enchanted Forest.
     Really should be working Fae Yarn Club goodies but I have been hunting down a half hook for a project I've been tinkering with for YEARS!  A kit to make a thing we all need to hold all the things we all need... that comes with all those things.  You always see, "products not included", here it's products all included.  That said I'm off.  Knit on!

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