Thursday, January 1, 2015

For sale; volume 2-Charles Dickens Collier dated 1870

     Here's a good one for you.  I bought the complete set of these books for my family as a Christmas present. This was back in October, put them into the back of the closet and promptly forgot about them.  Last week I hit a "buy it now" for the set for $80!  YEAH talk about short term memory loss UGH! 
 These books are awesome,,,,for those of you who still enjoy the smell and feel of an ancient book.

     I also have a single volume of the set, Volume number 2 which I no longer require... it contains Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, Martin Chuzzlewit with 20 illustrations.  Single ones sell for $20-$75. Mind these are all from 1870 AMAZING books!  If you need just the one to complete your set or would just like one to have, give me a holler.  This single volume is just $15 and media mail shipping $19.  
     First person to pay for it gets it go to paypal and click GOODS, send funds to wmdress at (replace the at with @ and be sure to get the underscore in there).  On the next page say you are paying for the Dickens book as we sell a great many items.  Be sure your info at paypal is correct as we will ship them to your address on paypal.

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