Monday, January 26, 2015

New Things

     Hi Kiddies, Hope you are all well and happy.  We have been busy here dyeing yarn and shipping Mirkwood, Dickens, Raven, Manderley and the Fae Club you get the drill. Meanwhile things keep crossing my desk, this for one.
Now this idea isn't new,,, but normally you see it in a novelty yarn.  This puppy is 100% merino superwash so it takes color like it was made to take it.  This is a DK weight yarn with 273 yards per 100 gram skein.  Would you want me to carry this yarn?  It would make a nice coat wouldn't you think?  It might act as an insulator with all that warm air trapped in the chain.  What do you think?
     Another item which has been absorbing a great deal of my time and thoughts... 
Ragnarock... which is soon to make an appearance LOVE IT!.  I have been having sooo much fun with this one.

My skein winder motor is off to see the wizard.  Of course when it got there it would NOT act up!  WHAT??!!!!  I freaked!  That thing would NOT work here and it goes home and works?  Excsqueezeme?  Just like when you take your car to the automotive repair.  We NEED that winder back, I now have 3 MASSIVE boxes full of cones to wind.  Yeah it's a never ending labor here.
     OH!  Those high end lux yarns came in!  The fine lace weights... 1300 yards per 100 grams... that should tell you it's finer then the 880 (standard 2 ply lace) but fatter then cobweb at 3000 yards per 100g.  It should land at 2/28 for those of you who are familiar with the numbering land.  We are carrying standard 100% super wash merino, Suri alpaca!  (I KNOW!) 50/30/20 paca/merino/silk and last and possibly bestest 70/30 baby alpaca/silk.  Pricing, in order is $25, 27, 30. I would love to play with them so if you have a favorite color in mind, PM me to place an order, wmdress at sbcglobal dot net.
     Speaking of new yarns, we played with the Yak.  The base is grey, really grey so I fretted that it wouldn't take color... I really shouldn't have worried.  This one will take and keep on taking.  This is our new multi hand painted color way.  This will not puddle, when you are expecting say brown to come around another color will come up in it's place.  Least wise that's the way it was planned.  I will have to play with this myself.  Oh the color is a club one called Naiad or Enchanted Forest.
     Really should be working Fae Yarn Club goodies but I have been hunting down a half hook for a project I've been tinkering with for YEARS!  A kit to make a thing we all need to hold all the things we all need... that comes with all those things.  You always see, "products not included", here it's products all included.  That said I'm off.  Knit on!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tea Cup Club and Book Repair

Well!  Have I got a find for you!  While strolling through Etsy for book corners (more about that later) I found a tea cup club!  I didn't know anything like this existed and since I am an avid tea drinker this was a perfect match.  I signed up for a 6 months go at it and my first cup arrived... in nearly new condition!  You know old cups, they should be all chipped and a mess, this one only has the slightest touch of gilt missing from around the edge of the lip.  Which you can't see unless you are inspecting it closely.  VERY pleased with my purchase.  It came in a pretty decorated box with a pretty decorated bag on the inside!  LOVE IT!  See how pale the light turquoise is?  Is that my color or what!
Now one a month will arrive for six whole months!  PLEASED AS PUNCH!  DH figured it out and with the $25 shipping they come down to something like $10 each!  That's amazing as you can't find them for under $25 normally and that's without the shipping. Allura (what's not to love about that name!) is the owner of Alluring Antiques, click here for club. She allows you to tell her your favorite colors and other things and will ship accordingly!  LOVE HER!  She's been amazing as there was a good bit of convo's before I was convinced.  Now that it's here, not only am I convinced but I'm in love!  :-)  If you sign up tell her the Yarn Fairy sent you.  She also has an antique book club.
     Which brings me to my next subject. 
I have been finding antique books on the net (1800's to early 1900's only) and repairing them!  WHAT FUN!  First was for DH as a Christmas present.  
This one was a bit of a challenge as it had a nasty mildew stench, and I do mean STINKY!  I learned about baking soda in a box.  Poor book needed it on every page before it was ok even open.  

So this is the current set, I bought 4 and have repaired my favorite first, Hamlet.  

Remember those book corners I was looking for, it's for these books.  I found 2 one for small books, and a decorative one for large books.

  FREAK OUT These books have no backs, no covers in some places.  I like it when the spine (as in DH's) is still intact but I'm finding that back in the 1800's they had a cheap method of covering books and that was with some sort of chipboard and a fragile paper which has deteriorated over time.  Mine are much more secure. Hamlets my favorite so I went for him first.  I was able to save the cover but not the spine.  Someone had tried to glue the cover on and made a real botch of the job.  I had to cut it away carefully.  Then I come to find the spine crumbled away.  I'm afraid Hard Times by Dickens is made from the same stuff so I don't believe I will be able to salvage it unless I'm VERY careful.  Magnifying glass and third hand will come in handy.  As you can see they all need new spines/covers.  I try to keep the original as you can see I kept the original cover of Hamlet.  After a bit of painting and then a spread of high gloss, it's sturdy as the day it came off of the press.  I put an organza ribbon marker in it too.
     Question, do you think these have any resale value now that I have messed with them in this manner?  When repaired, do they loose value?  Or gain value?  PM me at wmdress at sbcglobal dot net
     Yes, this is what the Yarn Fairy does to relax! ENJOY your knitting.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

For sale; volume 2-Charles Dickens Collier dated 1870

     Here's a good one for you.  I bought the complete set of these books for my family as a Christmas present. This was back in October, put them into the back of the closet and promptly forgot about them.  Last week I hit a "buy it now" for the set for $80!  YEAH talk about short term memory loss UGH! 
 These books are awesome,,,,for those of you who still enjoy the smell and feel of an ancient book.

     I also have a single volume of the set, Volume number 2 which I no longer require... it contains Great Expectations, Little Dorrit, Martin Chuzzlewit with 20 illustrations.  Single ones sell for $20-$75. Mind these are all from 1870 AMAZING books!  If you need just the one to complete your set or would just like one to have, give me a holler.  This single volume is just $15 and media mail shipping $19.  
     First person to pay for it gets it go to paypal and click GOODS, send funds to wmdress at (replace the at with @ and be sure to get the underscore in there).  On the next page say you are paying for the Dickens book as we sell a great many items.  Be sure your info at paypal is correct as we will ship them to your address on paypal.