Sunday, December 13, 2015


Hi Kiddies,  I know that I owe you a cruise update but before I get into all of that, I GOT MY design MOJO BACK! Really excited to share that with ya'll.  Prior to our leaving I couldn't design very well, needed all sorts of help from Pixie #1.  Each time we ditched whatever chart I'd been working on, nothing was working.  It was like an author with writers block.  Seems it was all used up in Call of the Wild and there was nothing left.  I can't tell you how many times I went to work on Queen Titania and it just wasn't there.  Today, badabing, it's just flooding out onto the charts!  I had known what I wanted/needed, it just would NOT transfer into charts. Normally whatever I draw I can chart, so not! what had been happening before the cruise. I made up about 4 different charts, tossed each aside.  Now I don't even have to ask Pixie #1 as I know what I have for Chart 2 is amazing.  YIPeeE skippy!!!  I'M BaaaaaCCCCK!!! and it feels so good. contented sigh 
      BTW-We will push the date out on this KAL as far as need be until everyone as their orders.  We still have to wind all the yarn into hanks so don't fret about not getting your goodies in time.  If we have to begin in February, so be it,,, we'll just double up on the number of clues at the beginning.  It will all work out. Just needed to share.
     Oh and a funny for you... spent hours decorating our 9+ foot tree,,, no one touched it after I was done.  About 2 hours later, this was the sight.  Should have known it wasn't in the base well enough as each time I pulled slightly on a branch it tottered.  Such a shame but we'll pop it into the base better and get her up yet.
     Away I go into the realm of the Fae again for church. Ya'll have a great day. 

Friday, December 4, 2015


Hi Kiddies, if you e-mail me you will get a holiday response shortly. I hope to be able to pop in tomorrow for one last time but will have no time to check in here.

WE ARE OUTTA HERE!  For a much needed break.  While we will be back in the country end of next week, I wont come back to work until the 14th.  I have 2 doctors appointments and a surgery for these things on my wrist on the 18th. I hope to dye during the beginning of the week, before they slice me open.  One of the doctors will have to deal with 4 lumps around my chest.  None of the doctors who've seen them are concerned so I'm not.  They are just painful so they need outting.

What else?  All of the Holiday Club has shipped (huge sigh of relief) in FOUR massive PO bags.  I can't believe how long it took us to get it all out.  I wanted to send you even more goodies, we will be better prepared next year.  I'm sure you'll love what all you got, the big present, the values through the roof on that one.  As you will see.  Some of you got a fine, light weight 100% cashmere lace!  :-)  It's new to our line up.  I'd hoped to have a photo of them but I just tossed them into the wrapping area and into the pressies they went.

The main thing I hope will happen over this coming week.... I need to reboot here.  For some reason I can't design, can't paint, can't seem to do much of all right.  I feel different, weird, not right.  I'm really hoping that it's just a break that's needed and not a major problem.  Especially in the design area as Pixie #1 is very good at painting now.

Oh, before I forget, do check out the Chunky Monkey page as there's a new bracelet and the Cupcakes as there are 3 new colors.  We can paint as many skeins as you need for your shawl, sweater, socks, gloves etc. We can paint from a photo for these as well.

Many Trellis Blanket and Queen Titania's (Black Orchid is by far the favorite) will be painted when we return.  I want to tell ya'll that we will push the pattern release/KAL start date out as far as we have to, then dye and ship everything.  We wont start until all of the orders are out.

While I will miss you and miss my knitting, I'm so happy to be going away I could scream!  I think I have too.  Sqweeeeee! LOL 
over the bounding main!  
See you in a week. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Present Club

It's official, the Present club will be closing on Tuesday.  We have been flooded with many more orders then we thought we'd have so we have no choice but to shut it down. I hope all of you who wanted in, got in.  Click here for more information.

Those of you who are on the Yahoo Group will get this message twice, once from the blog and once from Yahoo.  Bear with me while we make the transition.

Our hours are going to fluctuate wildly in December due to going on a cruise, the holidays and doctor visits.  We have had an insurance change and all new doctors need to be seen.  Orders will still be processed, we will dye once the first week, the third week and possibly the last week in December.  Which will keep everything moving along, do bear with us if this adds a bit more time on your order.

Everyone has been asking me when Queen Titania will be opening.  She's been pushed back so far this year due to everything we have going on, I just flat out haven't had the time to open her up.  She's my goal and has priority #1.  Looks like the first clue might come out the end of January but we will get this all done so don't fret that you haven't been able to place your order yet.

Hope you all are doing well and are very happy.  Enjoy your knitting.

Yarn Fairy 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scarf Vests

One more thing, see tole ya Chatty Patty was here.... I am late onto this fashion statement.  I have been looking for these chiffon vests... finally I'm going to make my own.  I bought expensive silk, not the chiffon... the crepe de chine to paint on.  Like you see on the Goodies page.  I got a 12x60 for the top and a 45x45 square to sew onto the back.  CUTE!
We'll have to see what I come up with. It will not be solid black as you see here but I do want a black one... or gray, perhaps I will paint in both black and gray?  FUN is coming.

Dyeing yarn, Hair and playing with pen & ink

There's been so much happening that I really don't know where to start.  What with a photo being worth 1,000 words perhaps we will have a photo V-log today?
Lets start with the oldest photo in the "Post to Blog" folder.  This is the September Fae Yarn Club, called Rocky Dragon, you can see how it took the colors differently on the different bases, still really pretty no matter which base it landed on.

Since we are talking club, might as well share the October one,,, this quarter we have moved on into Wizards!  I LOVE the goodies for this club. 
I found a wizard, performing magic and using a blue opal to work his spell.  COOL!  Yes, it's a real opal! dyed blue cause I love blue.  That goody helped us to know what to dye.  He's gunmetal so the yarn color had to be gray.  Subtle under coat of the opal shine and pop of colors and then gray all over.  LOVE how it appears and reads gray but has all these lovely colors in it that will keep you knitting, "just one more row".
     I love it when Peeps ask me to work up a custom job for them.  That they trust me enough to either send me a photo of the family pet, home, sunset, etc... then to make the nummy that is their dream. 
 Here we have Penny Dreadful taken from this TV show.  The base had to be a superwash... it needed to be lace, so there was only one choice, our work horse, merino, smooshy lace weight.  LOVE this yarn. 
 You can see the subtle pops of color coming through. The green was my suggestion as a nod to Frankenstein was mandatory.  Goodies were also made.

Another was for the Fall Harvest taken from this photo.  All the colors needed to be in there.  We needed a superwash again and the request was for a sock base.  
At first we were going with 6 skeins of 100g and then I remembered we have the yarn from Dickens which is already in 50g skeins so we ended up with this magnificent wheel of color. 12 skeins for the price of 6, inexpensive and magnificent.  There's so much that can be done with the blending of these colors.  This was made for the Cruising Shawl Sweater which I'm working on, it's going to be published as a pattern I believe.  I had to put it on hold for work, surgeries and life.
     All of you Coin Collectors out there, this is another iteration of Gold for the Coin KAL.  Just ask and we can make it for you.
Remember the good ole days, back when I used to talk about all the knit items I'd finished!  Now I just get to share, oodles of dyed yarn and parcels that I've shipped.
Now there's another thing we've been painting,,, hair!  Here's the first iteration.  We used too much conditioner and learned to use less for the next time we did it.
Yeah, what the Yarn Fairy does with her life... paints it rainbows!
I LOVE how this one turned out.  But one thing we learned from watching all the video's is that this turquoise and green,,,, they are very hard to get back out of the hair.  The gloves were green when Pixie #1 was finished painting.  She washed them thinking the dye was still on them... no such luck, I will be blue there for at least a month.  Liable to paint the top over and over in that time,,, I'd like to go back to the checkerboard we had in the first one, perhaps paint just the bangs yellow, dunno, time will out.
Does no one have a baby, grand baby due?  I have one Mommy Nursing Necklace left for sale for a new Mommy.  Baby's love the different textures and playing while nursing.  All the wood is unfinished and the entire thing can be washed.  The thread is cotton and the shiny black are plastic.  All are knotted firmly and nothing can come off.

Writing is becoming a lost art form.  Peeps of my generation weren't taught to write with fountain pens.  I would like to encourage you to get one, they make you think before you write.  You tend to write better just using one of these lovely pens.
Top to bottom, Monteverde marble turquoise, Reflections in royal, Zebra (very inexpensive as are the rest Amazon) Mahogany with dragon clip and a Chinese dragon runs around the gold part of the bottom one.  Today I got in a set of 2 of them, these new ones were like $5 for both and they have an extra fine nib.  I can't wait to write with the extra fine nib as I've never tried one. They have a neat, weird looking thing at the tip, reminds me of the old feather cut on the bias.  The leather fairy book came from a Bestie.  I use it and my pens as often as I can. Normally, late at night when I can't sleep.  I really have been enjoying this pastime.
We have a new prize for the next person who finishes their Here Be Dragon shawl, check out our Ravelry thread to enter your shawl to win.

Mermaid Lagoon dyed on our Gold Shot and Medium Sock to go with one of our latest releases of the same name.  You can find the yarn here on the Kits page and the pattern is located here.
     Tole ya I'd been holding back.  Kept waiting to have a minute, didn't want to loose my cruise counter, how do I push that back to the top?  And I've been waiting for Chatty Patty to make an appearance, as you can see she has.
     Last thing,,, I have been getting those outpatient Radio Frequency Ablation surgeries.  "Once the needle and electrode placement are verified, a small radiofrequency current is sent through the electrode into the surrounding tissue, causing the tissue to heat. You should not feel discomfort during the heating portion of the procedure." That's what they do, first the right side at 3 places, then the left a week apart.  I get another next Wednesday. Takes about a week to recover from one and then I see Doc the following week.  By then I should be back in tip top form.  That man's the biggest blessing I've had in I don't know when... since DH dropped on my lap and handed me my children?  I dunno,,, a long stinking time!  The first time I came to the center in a wheel chair, they had to put me in a bed.  Doc said do Yoga, I have done everything I could that he's suggested.  After about 6 visits to the center, I was able to walk in, sign in, STAND there and sign the paper work!  WHAT! Yes I said STAND THERE!!!! at the front desk chatting for a good 15 minutes.  Then I get to sit in a chair and WALK into the OR room #3.
     Doc's a miracle worker, if you are in So. Cal or even within 10 hours drive, heck fly in!  He's so worth the traveling.  He's got me walking again, something I never thought I would ever be able to do. I'm able to take care of myself (limited but still!).  I told DH it would take a miracle.... the Lord sent that miracle in the form of Doctor Kumar in Santa Clarita. Tell him Wendy sent you.  Great big blessings heaped upon my Doc. PTL I'm going places and doing things again.  I feel like I've been handed my life back.  Course I'm sitting here in agony as I type this, BUT I know that when I rise up in mid November it's going to be to a new me. :-)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Cruise Countdown Ticker

Can't wait, bucket list here we come!  It's just a short cruise to see if we like it.  Don't fret it wont take long and it's business as usual around here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mommy Necklace available

Hi Kiddies, hope this find ya'll well.  Just wanted to let you know that I'm playing with my beads again.  I love to play!  So much more fun then factor settings,,, replicate,,, "you will be assimilated".  LOL but this!  This is fun. 
 There's only one necklace available which is why it's here and not incorporated into the pages.  I love these colors.  The beads are all baby proof and it give the child something to grab instead of hair, shirt etc. The different textures give the baby something to explore as well as the fun of exploring all the tactile differences in the beads.  The white is a silk cord which is super strong.  The back is for mommy, black velvet and silver, classic.  It's just $22 and I will pay for shipping.  First paid, here gets first dibs.  Click GOODS send to: wmdress at sbcglobal dot net (replace at and dot, remove spaces) in the notes put Mommy Necklace.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gotta enter to win & future designs

     As I'm always telling ya'll, ya gotta enter to win.  We have the Finished Objects contest on Ravelry and only a handful of people compete for three prizes every other month.  
     Why am I telling ya'll this again? Well, I entered and won!
 I just received notification from Crystal Palace yarns that I won two skeins of their allegro lace weight yarn.  COOL BEANS!  If it inspires I might have to make a shawl with it.  I asked for the Deep Teal color way which is in this photo on the right side, 2nd down from the top, gorgeous yarn.
       Lately all I can think of is working this gorgeous feather and fan type of pattern I designed recently though.  Lovely and would look smashing in a variety of colors on a sock yarn base worked in a few rows of garter stitch between repeats of the pattern.  Standard but really different the way I made up the pattern.  This is been something I've had at the back of my mind for a few months now.
     Another one is to paint 2 sock blanks and work up a crescent.  Or say, one blank (so expensive) and a dark, solid skein of the same base to work the edging. With CRYSTALS! OH YUM!  I have too many ideas.  I know, ya'll can't keep up with what all I have going already, let alone more.  Perhaps they should be released as stand alone patterns.  Thing is, I get much more satisfaction and happiness out of making up kits for ya'll and doing the whole KAL thing.
     One more before I close,,, an afghan made of squares.  9x9 squares made and put out over a year long MKAL.  You have 4 colors of worsted and each time the pattern comes out, knit up a square (or 2) from each color.  This could be 6 different squares coming out every other month or 4 square with more colors coming out every quarter.  
     What do ya'll think about all of this?  Is there one item you'd like to do more then another? See poll at right, go full screen to access. The poll doesn't seem to be working there are just squares.  

Top one is feather and fan, 
2nd Crescent from sock blank, 
3rd is afghan of 6 squares (every other month), 
4th is afghan of 4 squares (once a quarter).
bottom is all of the above.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bucket List

     Do you have a bucket list?  Or is there something you have wanted to do all your life? I'm starting in on my bucket list! We are finally dipping our toes into the sea, my cruise!  
DD and I are going early December on a quick, 4 day cruise down to Mexico.  The thing is,,, the cost is identical as it is to take DH away to a motel by the ocean for 4 days!  AND 3 meals a day as well as entertainment are provided for both of us, go figure. Please tell me, why have I waited this long?  Same cost as rooming on dry land with all the amenities?  Probably wont be our last cruise.  IF we don't get too sea sick. December, El Nino expected?  Yeah, 2 + 2 still equals 4 in my book.
     My doctors fretting about renal failure due to taking 200mg of Celebrex three times a day for the last 10-15 years!  I got on it when the drug was new to the market, now they are probably about to remove it from the market.  The thing is the alternative is Aleve and it just doesn't do the job like Celebrex does.  I continually pray that my hands don't go out on me.  They are crucial to dyeing and designing our knit wear and hurt continually.  I can't imagine getting off of the Celebrex completely.  The blood test was taken today, will have to get back to you with the results.
     I always laugh off the fact that I'm "InValid" and talk about how great my doctor is.  Make that has been and continues to be... in getting me back on my feet again.  He continually encourages me to exercise, I figure if there's sweat running in rivulets down my back, I'm golden.  This is the state you will find me in most business days, since lately we are either dyeing or wrap, pack and shipping. We do this type of physical labor, about 5 days a week, yes I work from my chair. Then I knit late into the night so that I'm "working" about 16+ hours a day.  I enjoy my job a great deal though and don't consider it work, we are blessed.
     A great friend of mine asked me to share what this looks like. In order to encourage all of you who are like me, chair/house bound.  This is what we accomplished over the last two weeks.  Remember when I told you we dyed about 400 skeins over 4 days?  
Here you can see a tall bar stool on the right and a spinning wheel on the left... these are King XL comforter bags packed full of skeins of yarn.  On the left is Coin Collector and on the bottom is Call of the Wild.  The bag on the right contains Calypso and Ursula for Sea Witch.
Here you see Dickens in the center and some Caribbean and Coral mixed in with some Mirkwood and Raven.  There's so much more here I wont bore you naming it all but there are 3 bags by the couch, another bag has yarn covering it on the floor and there is more on the coffee table and the two leather recliners on the left out of frame.  What you see here and a few more bags, which I didn't get a photo of, are part of the 400+ skeins.  We dyed Monday-Thursday, I SO didn't expect that to happen.  We planned to dye on Monday and on Friday.  Tuesday I told Pixie #1, oh lets just fix this and that.  Before you know it we had a full blown dye day.  It just snowballed from there.  "Oh, more orders came in overnight, lets just get these couple done too."  LOL and on it went.
     After dye and dry, we have hank and label, Pixie #1 did that while I made stitch markers for the club.  Then there's wrap, pack and ship.  Which can get dicey what with there being so many different items that go into each package.  All the different kits, in the different KAL's, all the different options, yeah, dicey.  A few of you have had to write and say I got this but didn't pay for it...  or I didn't get this and did pay for it.  Yeah... dicey.  Here's what that looks like.  Pixie #1 comes in and wraps all the yarn up and puts it into piles.  I come behind her and figure out what each person gets, pack there box, or bag and decorate them.  I then attempt to multi order ship them but many times I have 15+ that need to be hand typed into the system.  MUCH room for error, the larger we grow the more detailed this system has had to become.  

As you can see, we are shipping this quantity of orders about every other, to every third, week.  One week of dyeing, one week of making items to go into the parcels and the third week we ship.  So there you have it, not work, fun.  Pixie #1 and I will have fun with our Peeps names from time to time too.  We have a great customer who's last name reminds me of warren (of rabbits).  There are now 8 generations of wild jack rabbits here and it led to rhyming fun.  The great thing is that our minds are so in sync that she knows what I'm talking about as it's coming out of my mouth.  One day I will have to video the entire process for ya'll.  I challenge all of you who are like me, InValid, to get up, get moving and save yourself.  Doc tole me, if I didn't use it, I was going to loose it.  I believed him and we ramped it up. The only thing I've lost so far is 10 pounds! :-) Just living "beyond" the handicaps dream Peeps.  Can you do something more?  From that chair, something you enjoy which will bring rivulets to you?  I hope and pray you can find something for yourself.     One of our Peeps asked for a Mommy Nursing Necklace, we obliged.  The back half is for Mommy and has a Made with Love charm on it.  The front, is all baby, texture, color and vigor.  We have enough goodies remaining to make another in purple, blue and green if anyone needs one PM me.
     We dyed this months club, I love how the colors change over the different bases and really LOVED what Pixie #1 did to the sock blanks.  They blend from one color to the next really well.  In case you don't know the club for this quarter is dragons!  
Fun how it landed at the same time as the Here be Dragons KAL, totally unplanned.  This yarn was dyed to honor the baby dragon since he couldn't become a part of the KAL.  

Of course the gift had to be purple blue and green... these crackle beads really fit the bill.  I LOVE this lampwork bead that the lux club got... see the waves within?  I love staring into these lampwork beads.  I have a TON of them you haven't seen.  One of these days I'm going to get to use them.
I have all this paper for making scrapbooks, reams of it.  I had all this lovely travel stuff already on hand.  Pages of beaches, sand, sunsets, an entire pad of world maps.  
We are going to make up a scrapbook before leaving for our cruise to put all our photos into when we return.  Have something nice to showcase our photos of our first cruise. 
     Some times you just can't hack it.  See the skein on the far left?  It was the leftovers from dyeing Caribbean for Sea Witch, so there were are all sorts of colors in that bath water.  I dumped the entire thing into a kettle and stuck a skein of yarn into it.  NO way can I replicate it, but I tried.  First was Azure and black, which is the center cobweb, came out Spruce??? HUH? AND yuppers, dyeing for the 2016 Heirloom, it's that time again.  The second attempt is on the far right and it came out closer to the color.  Third attempt is on the left by the first skein, sigh, it's just not happening.  I hand painted that third one thinking that perhaps the colors would stick, they were dark, deep blues.  Should have known that the turquoise I choose to bathe it in would overtake everything... and it did.  I will have to decide on the beads, I had cobalt beads in the cart... thinking I might just have to dye again! :-)  First I have to wind the yarn though as this ran us out of ready made skeins.  I LOVE this CashCob yarn, I can't wait to work with it.
     Hope you are all healthy and happily knitting away in the corner of the couch, your feet tucked up, watching your favorite movie. :-) ENJOY! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Upcoming and teacups

Ya'll know how much I love my teacup club, look at the recent offering.  Ancient valentines and this lovely painted fine bone china cup.

DH surprised me and came home with this lovely offering the other day.  They didn't last long but these are so me.

This week I had the surgical procedure on my back which takes away the pain.  Two days of sleep and suffering then the pains gone for a couple of weeks.  Totally worth what I have to go through to get to the end of the pain.  Next week we plan on painting on Monday AND Friday.  We have a lot of Raven, Dickens and old kits to make up so I thought we'd pre-dye up a bunch.  

We also have all the Dragon & Sea Witch as well as two newbies for you.  We are dyeing cupcakes!  :-)  Yummy little light to a color change ending in dark.  This is an example.  Why cupcakes?  We were thinking that they'd look adorable in little paper liners and packed in a long, clear rectangle.  This is a sock weight yarn, new to us, put up in 50 gram skeins.  I made up 3 more batches to play with this week.
    The other newbie, is Spatter.  We are making an entire line of new color in the coming months and will be calling them Spatter dyed.  The technique is tricky and I don't think that they will be easily repeated so we are working on measurements and will have several samples hit the Twist page in the weeks to come.  
     The Winter KAL is coming about, we have all the yarn colors dyed and reskeined.  It's all pale colors as we are doing cables and lace and working up Call of the Wild by Jack London.  Of course the wolf Buck will be making an appearance as will all the wilderness.  I would like to place bucks face along the edging of the entire shawl for the final chart on this one. FUN Coming,,, stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I always tell myself I'm going to blog more regularly, instead I have these long blogs that take forever to make and longer to read. To get you caught up we have to go back to June.  
Our 21st anniversary was spent at the Madonna Inn which has themed and rock rooms.  We didn't get the rock since I'm so klutzy I'd come back with rock rash on half my face or something equally nasty.  We had a the Mount Vernon room with antiques, old maps on the wall.  Yes, I took them down and we checked them out! As well as our founding father, old George himself.  My make up vanity looked like an antique writing desk from that era.  
We had a blast, got too much sun at the lovely pool, walked too far for my disks and spent far too much money.  I have a scrapbook full of memories now though.  
I made a scrapbook months ago, it just happened to be themed pink and if you know the Inn, it's all pink! With cherubs and in March FAIRY's!  I want to take a trip there just to photo the steak house and see the wee Fae folk in it. They must like fairies, there's a wishing well outside that is covered with them.  I made a video of the book for you, find that here you can see the wishing well in that video. My first time using the large tripod and I wasn't set up well but you get the gist.
     We came home to 600 skeins to be dyed for the Paradise Fibers yarn club.  I wanted to see how fast we could get them done instead of taking a long time.  I also wanted to be done before Tour De France.  We did them up in SEVEN DAYS! Shocked even me!  We are supposed to be the September club but con't hold me to that.  These are the boxes full of yarn, labeled and ready to ship.  You can tell how large they are by the size of my wee pup who's DWARFED by these boxes.  After dyeing up all this yarn, drying it, labeling it, I'm happy to be finally shipping it! :-)
     Renewed my subscription to the tea cup of the month club by Alura.  LOVE my club, they come in a gift bag and normally there's something else in there too. Here's the last three and a wee dish she sent with one.
     We have been told that this is to be an El Nino year.  Which means we should get a good amount of rain, that may get Southern California out of the drought.  If this flood is any indication, I'm one pleased pup, we really need the rain.  Normally there's only one puddle out front... not the entire front flooded as you can see here.  The concern? Comes from the fact that we are on a well which is shared with 4 homes, 2 of them have several horses, 1 is heavily landscaped.  Nothing against horses, (oh did I mention the donkey and goat?) or trees, just the water they consume.  Check out the short video I made here.
     Kim Harrison is hosting a KAL of a small stuffed dragon.  Her's is from cotton, I'm using my sock yarn, wool, of course.  We are chatting about it in our Ravelry group on the Dragon Stufty KAL I have two small pieces done and have ordered enough pipe cleaners for 2 of them.  One for me and one for Pixie #1.  I was thinking of black poly fill, has anyone heard of it?  Guess I will be finding out.
     Speaking of Pixie #1, we work really well together!  She know's what I mean and I know what she means before we say it many times.  We complement one another with color sense and work load. 
Anyway, she and I were busy dyeing up this weeks work, which you can see here in the prep stage before soaking. The entire time we were dyeing we ended up chatting about the next KAL.  So much so that we didn't just talk about it but we DYED IT!  LOL We are very pleased to be doing things this far in advance as this will be our Winter KAL (see bar at right).  I believe there are 7 different colors, a veritable rainbow in a NEW technique!  We are going to reskein them so that you get the full effect of the colors.  They are medium/light as we are doing a cable and lace with a lot of different cables.  Shapes hard to discern as I've never done this one before.
     You all probably know by now, we are official distributors for the Roberta electronic spinning wheel. There's financing so you don't have to pay a dime now! We are having a BIG promotion, with every machine purchase I'm sending out far too much fiber all dyed or natural in roving form. This is a wee bit.
 Then I have some bits and pieces to play with not to mention and entire closet and garage full of more.  I believe I even have some locks which would make some fun art bats.  We'll see, no promises.  I will promise free Lube, Oil and a lot of fiber though! :-)
     TOUR!!! I had so much fun!  This is the final yarn I ended up with.  I spun a LOT, far too much.  I'm not real fond of the bottom left, gray brown.  Those of you who know me,,, know I'm a peacock and I need my color.  You can see more info here. $60 and it's yours. Super inexpensive for a hand spun lace weight, Cashmere blend.

Tour was fun but I learned that my thumb pad, on the hand, they hurt from spinning daily. I was so very pleased to find out that it was all the spinning and not "all that knitting" which made them hurt.  If it had been knitting, we'd all be in trouble.
     Lastly I want to tell you that this months yarn club is going to be a day or two late getting out.  I'm making these LOVELY lampwork glass beaded things.  The fun part (well there's a few) is that these beads are all hand made so they differ and I LOVE working with different things instead of doing the same thing over and over again.