Thursday, December 4, 2014

Slap Down

     Well Kiddies, it has happened, what comes around to everyone who's infirmed at some point or other.  The elderly fear it more then someone who's young and fit, two things which I am not any longer.  I'm stronger and more flexible then most invalids per a recent doctors exam, I owe that to all of you, you keep me hustling and keep me fitter then I would be if I didn't have you all relying on me.  My sense of duty and obligation keep me fighting the ailments.
     We planned a small gathering for Christmas, I fear it might be our last as our children are all grown up and could move out at any time and this sort of "party" isn't something I ever do.  I was a great hostess in the past, we rarely have people over as I'm still I Type A who wants everything perfect.
    Today we made lists while we were working.  It started out as a lovely day.  Pixie #1 was Mini Me, editing Mirkwood all day beside me as I worked on making necklaces and stitch markers.  We almost finished but had to stop as we needed food (didn't eat all day).  What with having two of myself, I felt like we'd done a lot of work and had gotten a lot accomplished even though I didn't finish and didn't get to the bracelets.

     Then there are priorities, I had to get started on the house.  I knew it would take me all the time left to get it in shape, slowly and over time with breaks.  Mind you, we still had not eaten and it was getting onto night.  We started on the oven, replaced the ignition switch and I washed what I could of it while it was in pieces.  Then we moved onto the Great Wall O Books,,, literally 15 foot by 9-10 feet high.  We had to dump at least 1/3rd of them as it was so cluttered it just looked a total and complete wreak.  There's nothing I dislike so much as a book case which has double stacked books and some laying horizontal across the top.  So we weeded out I believe 3-4 boxes full.  I was just getting to the end when the chair gave way.  Yup, there I lay screaming bloody murder on the floor, didn't even care that my skirt had flipped up, I was in agony.  I didn't just fall... no I had to have the chair smash under me, it just sort of collapsed.  It only took a few seconds but it felt like an eternity passed.  I landed BAD! My entire left side is in agony, every part of my left side is screaming as I type.  I fear going to sleep for fear of the waking, as we all full well know... it's always worse the next day.  Pixie #1 will have to do all the dyeing of the yarn that's soaking SOLO.  Something that's never happened before.  She's hypoglycemic, she doesn't eat, (wonder where she gets it from?) then she can think let alone see straight.  On top of that job she's got to home school herself and possibly tend to a bed bound Mum, who might need to be pried, screaming out of her bed and into the bath to soak the pain away.
     Kev said, I what did he say?  It was so durn cute. I jumped on the floor?  It jumped on me?  I dunno but there were a few quips after they got me up with just a few bruises and the pained side, no broken bones, we were all pretty revealed.  Course tomorrow is another day.
     This is why I don't have Peeps over, why I always tell DH no. It's just too much for me any more.  Just Thanksgiving dinner for my immediate family only, was too much for me this year.  I insisted on doing the shopping.  Those of you who know me know that I can't walk a store but I did.  I have only just started to recover from the store and then getting the bird into the oven the next day, along with the oven fiasco.  I've been in a great deal of pain this past week and it looks like I'm down for the count this week as well.
     Figured ya'll should be the first to hear it, from the horse.  Hopefully it wont affect you much if any... this is a well oiled machine and I believe it can continue to function without me being so very hands on.  "We" will continue to dye tomorrow and then probably one more time before the Holidays are upon us.
     One news worthy note before I close.  Remember a few years back I signed a book contract?  Well, I asked the publisher for the rights back as well as my samples.  Why?  It's been like 3 years and I haven't heard anything for the last year.  So, we are going to self publish each pattern solo as kits!  Ya gotta have yarn and goodies with a pattern right?  I'm very excited to get my baby back.  The samples have all been gone for so long that I have forgotten what they all look like.  I can tell you that it's all color work.  It was going to be called The Color Work World of a Knitting Fanatic.  Now that we are officially Yarn Fairy and the Pixies that will have to change.
     Hope you are all well and happy and that you were able to hold onto your Christmas presents and not open them until the 25th like good little Kiddies.  If not I hope that you enjoy them in good health.  More will be shipping out next week.

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