Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shipping & Dyeing

     Due to the Holidays, items might be in the mail for a bit longer then normal.  We will ship Priority Mail where ever feasible.  Mirkwood and Katya are the only KALs this will effect and we are upgrading all of you in the hopes of getting the KAL yarn out to you in time to start both of these on time.  At least the Peeps State side, I can help you.  General post is taking about 3 weeks and getting items to you well after Christmas as this point. I over heard Pixie #2 say he ordered something on the 13th and it wasn't going to here until the 31st! Crazy right!
     Those of you who haven't received a shipping label at this point are still in process and we will be dyeing on Thursday, hopefully all that yarn will ship by the 21st, the First Day Of Winter!
      Those of you outside the USA, hopefully you shipping will be just as fast as is has been all along.  Perhaps only with an added day or two in there and you too will get your yarn in time. We can hope any.  So if you have been putting off your order this is the Last Call to order yarn for Katya and Mirkwood to receive it on time.

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