Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lace Weight

Well Kiddies, I'm a mess.  Turns out the polls obsolete... the 2/18 is a NON superwash.  I can't bring that in as we must have a superwash.  AND my supplier says that lace doesn't sell well so they aren't bringing it back until MARCH!  Obviously I need to find another supplier.  I have been searching and writing e-mails for the last 3 hours and I'm totally drained.  I do not want to drop this yarn as it's our go to for everything deep, dark and saturated.  You'd think this base would be easy to find but it's becoming as obsolete as cobweb and just as difficult to find.  I did find some out of the country but I fear that the VAT charges would push the price right out of the roof.  I thought 8 kilos would be enough, who knew ya'll would eat it all up and I wouldn't be able to get more.  I can and still will bring in the 2/24 when the company opens back up again first week in January.  SAD and upset as you know how I feel about being a good supplier for you.

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