Thursday, December 11, 2014


     Did you see?  The Fae Yarn Club is open once again!  Forest Nymphs, if you can only get one this time I highly recommend the Lux Sock as we have YAK, camel, too many new yarns to name.
     Ya'll know me... hound dog that I am, I now have 300 of the wee buttons coming in.  I can SEE a pair of gloves with faux buttons up the sides... very vintage and old fashioned.  Just like the old dresses had all those buttons up the back and on the cuff's of their dresses. 
 We have so many new lux yarns that would work for this... our new silk/linen would be fun with the AB crystals in cream.  I got three different colors.  The AB on the left, aquamarine on the right and below is a lovely deep purple which would look smashing on black!  OH and our skirtcho! Yeah baby!
 I can't wait to play.  Perhaps we have a glove KAL coming in 2015?
We are officially distributors for HiyaHiya now as they can offer us all the 00-00000 size needles we need for cobweb shawls.  I will be loading those as soon as I can. 
 While ordering I bought a bunch of fun accessories that might make it into Fae Yarn Club this year.  Cause who doesn't love a Panda holding a knitting needle or knitting a sock?  Perhaps another video is on the horizon as I open our box of goodies.
     Last night while rummaging through the stock to gather up presents for the Christmas contest see here. I found a massive bag of old Yarn Fairy hand paints!  There's one customer who loves the base (discontinued) so she gets first crack at them.  If she doesn't want them I will be loading them to the Twist page here shortly.  I also found some Raven sock on what appears to be cashmere! YUM and a skein of Pixie Paca in a lovely purple/plum
    There's also as some deep purple/violet fingering weight silk for a top.  It has all sorts of colors in it black, hot pink, blue and green.  Looks as though it might have been dyed a few times then kettled since there are so many colors. This is a bad photo it's much prettier in person. There are 6 skeins, like I said, perfect for a top.  If anyone is interested please e-mail me at wmdress at and I will find the price on this as it's not something we carry but I do remember where it came from.
     Well it's been fun but I need to clear the decks as Pixie Bell is coming up to play with her doll house. It needs some finishing touches and I thought we could make a book too. Have a great weekend.

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