Monday, December 8, 2014

Can't keep a good Fae down

     This weekend I crawled into Dr. Mike's office, my Chiropractor of about 25 years.  He was very kind when I said, "gentle please",,,, he gave me a bit more of a rub down to try and relax me (saw him yesterday 30 minutes after he touched down from a flight!!!) and worked on me for about 15 minutes. Before the real work began.  It hurt but I expected screaming and only got an OH! out of it all.  When I climbed onto the table (needed help!) my left side was shorter then my right, per the old foot gauge thing he does and he could tell the left side was bunched up and that the pelvis was off on that side.  So I asked, can you tell which side I fell on?  Which started this conversation about how we fall, the height and how we land.  To make a long story longer.  After the fall I didn't have any strength in my left hand, found it hard to knit, was REALLY SCARED about that, as you can well imagine.  But, since there were no bruises at any of the pain points all down my left side, I realized that it was ALL in my spine.  When he worked on my neck something like lighting bolts shot from my head down my arms and into my hands, that’s where the "OH!" came from. Sure enough, got my grip back.  Not just that but the hunched over person who walked into he office got off of the floor due to having to be there and walked about doing pirouettes just because I could.  Then I got back down on the floor to play with my Wee Yorkie who couldn't be left alone (dying).  There was a rib which is always twisted, I call it Adams rib, it's twisted no longer and I can breath again! I can also look to my left and right, got my radius back!  
     Chiropractic is like a miracle, in the right hands,  hands that have been blessed by God... a woman hunched in pain can haul her carcass into the office and come out dancing... just one word for it miracle workers. Ok, two words hehe.  People like Mike, who put the patients first, who was trained up by a mentor who only wanted what was best for his patients, who grew up KNOWING what he wanted to do with his life.  You put these things together and you have one heck of a man, who’s hands are blessed of the Lord.  I know He could make me walk again if I were only able to see Mike a few times a week for 3 months.  I miss living close enough to make that happen.
     The terrible things is, you will never keep me off of the ladders,,, stools, high chairs, tops of tables, etc.  Just last night I was on top of a table!, again!  Looking through the boxes for O rings. I know, I know, but I know it wont stop until I’m dead.  As YOU full well know.
     This week we will be shipping what was dyed last week.  Currently we are accumulating orders for the last dye day before the Holiday shut down, next week.  We are getting a lot of orders for Lady Rose so I'm assuming some photos got out there?  Love that gal, she's sooo pretty.

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  1. What a relief for you! I am so glad that you know such a skilled and caring Chiropractor. He certainly knows how to relieve your back problems.