Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lace Weight

Well Kiddies, I'm a mess.  Turns out the polls obsolete... the 2/18 is a NON superwash.  I can't bring that in as we must have a superwash.  AND my supplier says that lace doesn't sell well so they aren't bringing it back until MARCH!  Obviously I need to find another supplier.  I have been searching and writing e-mails for the last 3 hours and I'm totally drained.  I do not want to drop this yarn as it's our go to for everything deep, dark and saturated.  You'd think this base would be easy to find but it's becoming as obsolete as cobweb and just as difficult to find.  I did find some out of the country but I fear that the VAT charges would push the price right out of the roof.  I thought 8 kilos would be enough, who knew ya'll would eat it all up and I wouldn't be able to get more.  I can and still will bring in the 2/24 when the company opens back up again first week in January.  SAD and upset as you know how I feel about being a good supplier for you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


     I can't stand it any longer, I wanted the Holiday post to stay up until we returned to dyeing on 1-6 but I can't take it one more minute, IT'S SNOWING!  Ya'll know we are in the mountains of Southern Cali, and we have been in a drought for years.  Well, looks like this winter it might just break.  We've had some good rain and now we are getting a nice layer of snow.  It's actually sticking and it's hitting our relatively low height of 3500 feet above sea level.  I LOVE IT!
     Something else happened today that I need to scream from the rooftops... we have almost run out of our superwash lace yarn.  There are only FIVE stops available for Mirkwood or Raven remaining!  I freaked, went to buy yarn and it's backordered!  WHAT!  Yeah major freak out.  Should have bought more then the 8 kilos I got for ya'll.  Cest La Vie, it has happened and there's nothing I can do about it.  I have enough yarn remaining for 5 more orders.           That said I can get a nummy replacement but it's a bit more expensive as it's super fine merino but out of LAMB wool which is by far superior quality wise they adult merino.
 I can get it in 2/18 which is 900 yards per 100g OR 2/24 which has 1200 yards per 100g!  NUMMY!  I love me some fine yarn in large yardage.  I think I would like to add the 2/24 to our base yarn anyway as you could get a really nice large triangle out of that yardage.  I will make a poll to let you tell me what you think 900 or 1200?
     Another thing I have been doing is playing with getting true color from Johnny #5 and a white box.  GOT IT! finally, after all these years I can get a really smashing photo, see the Twist page.  That handspun is true to life FINALLY FREE!  ahhhhh....
     I have also been collecting, I feel like a squirrel.  Loads of Venice lace from here and Hong Kong.  Lovely stuff, in pieces, collars and front bodices.  Yeah, why right... well I have these ideas of making beaded necklaces from them.  I now have a great deal of supplies for trimming them with edge endings for lobster and chain to make them work as a necklace and I'm past ready to begin working on the stuff I got in the USA.  I have that and a small fortune in sterling silver, marcasite and vintage black glass.  One of these days all of this stuff is going to come together to make some amazing stuff.  I only hope there will be a KAL to pair them with.  Weird how it seems like I work backwards,,, yes?  But you watch and see, it will all come together.
     I have two large events this year that I'm loathe to tell of as they have yet to pass. One will happen in the first quarter and the second in the third quarter of this year.  The second is MASSIVE and I can't WAIT to share but until I have the funds in hand I just can't do it.  Suffice to say it will double our customer base and be very difficult for us to manage.  BUT we rise to every challenge and are looking forward to it.
     So far I have really enjoy the lounging and gotten into it, possibly too far.  Never changing out of PJ's for one thing!  LOL Been learning a lot about my puter, anti virus- Avira is out and AVG is in.  Messed things up a bit so I had to learn.  I was forced into learning why this and that was happening and what to do about it.  For instance, I was having a memory issue (LOL nothing new there) and my puter is empty and new so it's hard to think that there could be an issue.  Figured it out in the end and feel less vulnerable and more secure.  Through all of this I'm feeling different, my brains feel like they are unscrambling and hopefully all will be well when the time comes and I return to pattern writing. Artist's can have down times where there's just nothing there and it's not something you can force.  It has to just come naturally or you end up with junk.  I don't make no junk, I'd prefer to hang up my hat then to make patterns that were a disappointment to me but mostly, to you all.
     ENOUGH for today! Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday "Hours"

While we are open 24/7 and will take orders and ship over the Holidays we will not be dyeing and no custom orders will be dyed.   When we do dye, it will be towards the beginning of the first week in January with the hopes that you can still get your Mirkwood just after the opening date of the KAL.  That said there are a few things that are already dyed which we will be shipping during this time.

    The below list can ship to you OR how about a friend? Last minute Holiday shopping? We gift wrap and can include a lovely little a hand made card signed by you.  
     See individual pages to order KAL yarn, others can be found on the Kits page.  Twist page is also available to ship immediately.  We have many small Purse clips, stitch markers, necklace sets and that sort of thing, pm me at wmdress at
 PREDYED and ready to ship
MirkwoodALL SOLD OUT  
Mirkwood sock one Spruce available
Creature Feature one skein in Pegasus
Silken Web Blue Dew, Cream and Mist
Bo necklace kit page
Kenzi necklace kit page
Jane Bennet Gloves
Mini Skeins
Stardust single skein in purple
Wolfie Cowl one in the beige/brown available
ChiaGoo and HiyaHiya
Katya-Medium dark Lilac, Sugar 
Lady Rose - Royalty and American
     When we come back after our rest you can look forward to seeing many new patterns which will be published as kits.  Our KAL list should have a few more items on it and Skirt/cho will open.
     If you have special needs but want to join the Fae Yarn Club... there is a place for notes.
Write to your hearts content. Hate orange? allergic to Yak, please feel free to make special requests as we aim to please.
     Most of all we want to wish you all health and happy Holidays from Yarn Fairy and all her Pixies! To you and all your friends.  Enjoy and be safe.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shipping & Dyeing

     Due to the Holidays, items might be in the mail for a bit longer then normal.  We will ship Priority Mail where ever feasible.  Mirkwood and Katya are the only KALs this will effect and we are upgrading all of you in the hopes of getting the KAL yarn out to you in time to start both of these on time.  At least the Peeps State side, I can help you.  General post is taking about 3 weeks and getting items to you well after Christmas as this point. I over heard Pixie #2 say he ordered something on the 13th and it wasn't going to here until the 31st! Crazy right!
     Those of you who haven't received a shipping label at this point are still in process and we will be dyeing on Thursday, hopefully all that yarn will ship by the 21st, the First Day Of Winter!
      Those of you outside the USA, hopefully you shipping will be just as fast as is has been all along.  Perhaps only with an added day or two in there and you too will get your yarn in time. We can hope any.  So if you have been putting off your order this is the Last Call to order yarn for Katya and Mirkwood to receive it on time.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


     Did you see?  The Fae Yarn Club is open once again!  Forest Nymphs, if you can only get one this time I highly recommend the Lux Sock as we have YAK, camel, too many new yarns to name.
     Ya'll know me... hound dog that I am, I now have 300 of the wee buttons coming in.  I can SEE a pair of gloves with faux buttons up the sides... very vintage and old fashioned.  Just like the old dresses had all those buttons up the back and on the cuff's of their dresses. 
 We have so many new lux yarns that would work for this... our new silk/linen would be fun with the AB crystals in cream.  I got three different colors.  The AB on the left, aquamarine on the right and below is a lovely deep purple which would look smashing on black!  OH and our skirtcho! Yeah baby!
 I can't wait to play.  Perhaps we have a glove KAL coming in 2015?
We are officially distributors for HiyaHiya now as they can offer us all the 00-00000 size needles we need for cobweb shawls.  I will be loading those as soon as I can. 
 While ordering I bought a bunch of fun accessories that might make it into Fae Yarn Club this year.  Cause who doesn't love a Panda holding a knitting needle or knitting a sock?  Perhaps another video is on the horizon as I open our box of goodies.
     Last night while rummaging through the stock to gather up presents for the Christmas contest see here. I found a massive bag of old Yarn Fairy hand paints!  There's one customer who loves the base (discontinued) so she gets first crack at them.  If she doesn't want them I will be loading them to the Twist page here shortly.  I also found some Raven sock on what appears to be cashmere! YUM and a skein of Pixie Paca in a lovely purple/plum
    There's also as some deep purple/violet fingering weight silk for a top.  It has all sorts of colors in it black, hot pink, blue and green.  Looks as though it might have been dyed a few times then kettled since there are so many colors. This is a bad photo it's much prettier in person. There are 6 skeins, like I said, perfect for a top.  If anyone is interested please e-mail me at wmdress at and I will find the price on this as it's not something we carry but I do remember where it came from.
     Well it's been fun but I need to clear the decks as Pixie Bell is coming up to play with her doll house. It needs some finishing touches and I thought we could make a book too. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Swavorski Crystalletes

Have you seen these things!  I hadn't before last night.
They come in either gold or silver tone and they are shank BUTTONS!  Super tiny these are 3mm Swarovski crystals mounted into the shank.  They come in many colors and the cheapest I've found them is for .50 cents each on Etsy.  I keep thinking how awesome they would look up the side of some gloves or down the side of a skirt.  ANYWHERE! on your knitting.  I'm just so thrilled with them.  
So much so that I contacted Swarovski to see if I can buy them in bulk for a KAL. I was told Swarovski will not deal with a small fry but how do the peeps on Etsy buy them then? I have to have them.  WE have to have them.  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Can't keep a good Fae down

     This weekend I crawled into Dr. Mike's office, my Chiropractor of about 25 years.  He was very kind when I said, "gentle please",,,, he gave me a bit more of a rub down to try and relax me (saw him yesterday 30 minutes after he touched down from a flight!!!) and worked on me for about 15 minutes. Before the real work began.  It hurt but I expected screaming and only got an OH! out of it all.  When I climbed onto the table (needed help!) my left side was shorter then my right, per the old foot gauge thing he does and he could tell the left side was bunched up and that the pelvis was off on that side.  So I asked, can you tell which side I fell on?  Which started this conversation about how we fall, the height and how we land.  To make a long story longer.  After the fall I didn't have any strength in my left hand, found it hard to knit, was REALLY SCARED about that, as you can well imagine.  But, since there were no bruises at any of the pain points all down my left side, I realized that it was ALL in my spine.  When he worked on my neck something like lighting bolts shot from my head down my arms and into my hands, that’s where the "OH!" came from. Sure enough, got my grip back.  Not just that but the hunched over person who walked into he office got off of the floor due to having to be there and walked about doing pirouettes just because I could.  Then I got back down on the floor to play with my Wee Yorkie who couldn't be left alone (dying).  There was a rib which is always twisted, I call it Adams rib, it's twisted no longer and I can breath again! I can also look to my left and right, got my radius back!  
     Chiropractic is like a miracle, in the right hands,  hands that have been blessed by God... a woman hunched in pain can haul her carcass into the office and come out dancing... just one word for it miracle workers. Ok, two words hehe.  People like Mike, who put the patients first, who was trained up by a mentor who only wanted what was best for his patients, who grew up KNOWING what he wanted to do with his life.  You put these things together and you have one heck of a man, who’s hands are blessed of the Lord.  I know He could make me walk again if I were only able to see Mike a few times a week for 3 months.  I miss living close enough to make that happen.
     The terrible things is, you will never keep me off of the ladders,,, stools, high chairs, tops of tables, etc.  Just last night I was on top of a table!, again!  Looking through the boxes for O rings. I know, I know, but I know it wont stop until I’m dead.  As YOU full well know.
     This week we will be shipping what was dyed last week.  Currently we are accumulating orders for the last dye day before the Holiday shut down, next week.  We are getting a lot of orders for Lady Rose so I'm assuming some photos got out there?  Love that gal, she's sooo pretty.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Slap Down

     Well Kiddies, it has happened, what comes around to everyone who's infirmed at some point or other.  The elderly fear it more then someone who's young and fit, two things which I am not any longer.  I'm stronger and more flexible then most invalids per a recent doctors exam, I owe that to all of you, you keep me hustling and keep me fitter then I would be if I didn't have you all relying on me.  My sense of duty and obligation keep me fighting the ailments.
     We planned a small gathering for Christmas, I fear it might be our last as our children are all grown up and could move out at any time and this sort of "party" isn't something I ever do.  I was a great hostess in the past, we rarely have people over as I'm still I Type A who wants everything perfect.
    Today we made lists while we were working.  It started out as a lovely day.  Pixie #1 was Mini Me, editing Mirkwood all day beside me as I worked on making necklaces and stitch markers.  We almost finished but had to stop as we needed food (didn't eat all day).  What with having two of myself, I felt like we'd done a lot of work and had gotten a lot accomplished even though I didn't finish and didn't get to the bracelets.

     Then there are priorities, I had to get started on the house.  I knew it would take me all the time left to get it in shape, slowly and over time with breaks.  Mind you, we still had not eaten and it was getting onto night.  We started on the oven, replaced the ignition switch and I washed what I could of it while it was in pieces.  Then we moved onto the Great Wall O Books,,, literally 15 foot by 9-10 feet high.  We had to dump at least 1/3rd of them as it was so cluttered it just looked a total and complete wreak.  There's nothing I dislike so much as a book case which has double stacked books and some laying horizontal across the top.  So we weeded out I believe 3-4 boxes full.  I was just getting to the end when the chair gave way.  Yup, there I lay screaming bloody murder on the floor, didn't even care that my skirt had flipped up, I was in agony.  I didn't just fall... no I had to have the chair smash under me, it just sort of collapsed.  It only took a few seconds but it felt like an eternity passed.  I landed BAD! My entire left side is in agony, every part of my left side is screaming as I type.  I fear going to sleep for fear of the waking, as we all full well know... it's always worse the next day.  Pixie #1 will have to do all the dyeing of the yarn that's soaking SOLO.  Something that's never happened before.  She's hypoglycemic, she doesn't eat, (wonder where she gets it from?) then she can think let alone see straight.  On top of that job she's got to home school herself and possibly tend to a bed bound Mum, who might need to be pried, screaming out of her bed and into the bath to soak the pain away.
     Kev said, I what did he say?  It was so durn cute. I jumped on the floor?  It jumped on me?  I dunno but there were a few quips after they got me up with just a few bruises and the pained side, no broken bones, we were all pretty revealed.  Course tomorrow is another day.
     This is why I don't have Peeps over, why I always tell DH no. It's just too much for me any more.  Just Thanksgiving dinner for my immediate family only, was too much for me this year.  I insisted on doing the shopping.  Those of you who know me know that I can't walk a store but I did.  I have only just started to recover from the store and then getting the bird into the oven the next day, along with the oven fiasco.  I've been in a great deal of pain this past week and it looks like I'm down for the count this week as well.
     Figured ya'll should be the first to hear it, from the horse.  Hopefully it wont affect you much if any... this is a well oiled machine and I believe it can continue to function without me being so very hands on.  "We" will continue to dye tomorrow and then probably one more time before the Holidays are upon us.
     One news worthy note before I close.  Remember a few years back I signed a book contract?  Well, I asked the publisher for the rights back as well as my samples.  Why?  It's been like 3 years and I haven't heard anything for the last year.  So, we are going to self publish each pattern solo as kits!  Ya gotta have yarn and goodies with a pattern right?  I'm very excited to get my baby back.  The samples have all been gone for so long that I have forgotten what they all look like.  I can tell you that it's all color work.  It was going to be called The Color Work World of a Knitting Fanatic.  Now that we are officially Yarn Fairy and the Pixies that will have to change.
     Hope you are all well and happy and that you were able to hold onto your Christmas presents and not open them until the 25th like good little Kiddies.  If not I hope that you enjoy them in good health.  More will be shipping out next week.