Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Worst Fear

     As you all know we have a skein winder which turns cones into skeins of yarn.  What you might not know is that my worst fear is of this thing falling apart and flying at me. I bought a dimmer switch with my electric spinning wheel and tried to make the thing go slower but there was just one speed with this thing, fast, or FASTER. Of course when you have a fear like this, it happens!  I was winding up the cashmere for the KAL and I heard something going tink tink... that was my only warning then we had a chunk come of which cut my hand and a bar fly off and hit the other wrist.  At first I thought something was broken in my wrist,,, yeah hit hard.  It was swollen, red and angry looking so we hit the RICE, rest, ice, compress elevate.
Here is the mess we have to fix, CASHMERE!!! SO NOT cheap... can't just dump it into the trash and start again and this is the culprit.
I'm so afraid of this machine now that I wont ever use it again.  NO WAY will I sit there scared that it will fly off and NO WAY is my Mum sitting here EVER again, PERIOD, she was Pixie #4 but after this, she's going to flutter off to the Realm of the Fae for a well deserved break.  Can you imagine if my Mom had been there instead of me!  FREAK, I'd have lost it and there'd be Hades to pay.  
Instead I just want a refund so I can buy a sturdy winder that actually works and doesn't try to kill me. 

     On the brighter side of all things Fae, check this out!  You asked for it... you got it. This covers a king sized bed.
Top to bottom:
The CashCob upper left, Ouro, Fae Garden, custom order,
Next row, more CashCob to Dickens, still need more Dickens,
Then a mass of Mirkwood.  All that Bark,,, it's showing up darker then it looks in person so I'm tossing them all back into kettles of brown... it's far too multi for my liking so we are going to tone it down a good bit.
     What do you think?  I have a massive pile of SM's jewelry and the like but to pull all of that into a pile would mean unboxing each individual order, that I can't do.  Hum... I could put stacks of boxes and open the top one... there's a though.  Ok, so it might follow but it's what I'm meant to be doing today so I must away.  Wednesday is another dye day, working hard over here.  
     Check out the ChiaoGoo page, I'm loading the new crochet hooks now.  They are lovely, come with a great wooden, carved box.  They are worth it for the box alone.  Dirt cheap for a short time.

     Chatty Patty must away, hope you are having a great day.  

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