Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When you need it the most... you know you wont get it.

You ever have one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right?  This has been one for me... started with the winder breaking.  Normally I will start a bead order on Friday and carry it through to Sunday night when I close it. Mind these are large orders that accumulate due to our needs.  I ordered caps for Mirkwood as the wrong size came in and 1/2 kilos of beads all that sort of stuff that I wanted to work on this week.  It only takes TWO days for it to get here and I know that so I expected it today.  Well, it's gone for a RIDE! Stinking shipping, UGH.  I tell you I have had more parcels go to ports far and near and never coming to land at home.  This shipment originated up the coast from me just right up the coast!!!! we are on the West Coast... where's my parcel?  On the EAST COAST! Having coffee and donuts, one must presume. Anything and anywhere but coming home.  It says it will be here on Friday which means I will be working through the weekend, again.  It also means that your shipments aren't going to start next week as I'd anticipated but the following week.  I'm really sorry but this one isn't on me... totally out of my control. Mind, it's not just Fed Ex, I have seen all of them do this. The shipment was about a $500+ order as there was a lot of Katya beads in there too.  So hang on, we are coast hoping.
11/11/2014 - Tuesday
8:31 amDeparted FedEx locationKERNERSVILLE, NC
Next scheduled tracking update: Nov 13, 2014
2:09 amArrived at FedEx locationKERNERSVILLE, NC
11/10/2014 - Monday
9:05 pmLeft FedEx origin facilityFISHERSVILLE, VA
5:25 pmArrived at FedEx locationFISHERSVILLE, VA
2:55 pmPicked upFISHERSVILLE, VA
11:03 amShipment information sent to FedEx

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  1. Well, I hope the coffee and doughnuts there are good at least. Not to worry, Wendy. I think we all have plenty to work on, and we'd rather get our orders a little later and have you stay in good health rather than working yourself to the bone.

    (Having said that, EEEE! new yarn!) lol