Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Long Weekend

Well Kiddies,
     Looks like everyone here is of the same mind, we need a short time off.  This effects all orders prior to November 21, orders after that date have been dyed and are just waiting for tomorrows mail to come in. Orders after that date needed to be dyed and that will happen when we get back from our long weekend with family.  We will still take orders for the book and will still be in contact with you.  Just no more dyeing until first week in December, which is to say, next week. LOL
     I rarely take time off but what with the whirlwind that has been opening two KAL's at one time, custom orders, kits and old KAL's that are still up on the blog... there are just too many order to keep up with. Which means we are going to grow, again! LOL It's a great thing and we are very happy about it, just need to learn exactly what that looks like.  Pixie's stepping into larger shoes and becoming Fairy's I imagine.
     While I'm here, all the cashcob has been wound and there is just a bit left on the cones.  If you want this, order it ASAP under the Katya page.  It's almost all sold out.
     When we come back you have a few things to look forward to.  We are hard at work getting patterns ready for publications.  Do you remember Seaweed Stockings?  They are on the very last push and will be ready first.  Bun & Kid our new bases in a hat and scarf set.  We have V4 which is: 
V=Victory-I'm finally publishing a sweater pattern
V=Variegates-this one screams for variegated yarn
V=V neck LOL
V=Vest, can be a vest or a pullover sweater.
There's instructions for the vest, 3/4 length sleeves as well as long sleeves.  I can't wait to share.
     Lastly there's the next KAL.  We are doing the sock weight skirt.  Some yarn has been dyed and we pretty much have everything nailed down, can't wait to begin to see this one take shape.
    Back in a week.  You all enjoy your family get together and the food that inevitably follows.  Get energized as I'm sure to put you to have you hopping once you come back.


  1. Y'all have no idea how crazy this girl works. I have not been able to make her stop for a day for at least 4 weeks and often find her at it until well after midnight. I pleaded for a break so point at me. Now if I can just tie her down and hold her to her no work status until Monday, 12/1/14!

    Our family thanks you for the support. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. I hope you guys made it! Everybody needs a break and hey.. if you can't wait a few extra days for such gorgeous yarn you're just not appreciating it enough ^^

    I hope you feel better and more rested, even if it was just a few days! And no working through christmas.......