Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Long Weekend

Well Kiddies,
     Looks like everyone here is of the same mind, we need a short time off.  This effects all orders prior to November 21, orders after that date have been dyed and are just waiting for tomorrows mail to come in. Orders after that date needed to be dyed and that will happen when we get back from our long weekend with family.  We will still take orders for the book and will still be in contact with you.  Just no more dyeing until first week in December, which is to say, next week. LOL
     I rarely take time off but what with the whirlwind that has been opening two KAL's at one time, custom orders, kits and old KAL's that are still up on the blog... there are just too many order to keep up with. Which means we are going to grow, again! LOL It's a great thing and we are very happy about it, just need to learn exactly what that looks like.  Pixie's stepping into larger shoes and becoming Fairy's I imagine.
     While I'm here, all the cashcob has been wound and there is just a bit left on the cones.  If you want this, order it ASAP under the Katya page.  It's almost all sold out.
     When we come back you have a few things to look forward to.  We are hard at work getting patterns ready for publications.  Do you remember Seaweed Stockings?  They are on the very last push and will be ready first.  Bun & Kid our new bases in a hat and scarf set.  We have V4 which is: 
V=Victory-I'm finally publishing a sweater pattern
V=Variegates-this one screams for variegated yarn
V=V neck LOL
V=Vest, can be a vest or a pullover sweater.
There's instructions for the vest, 3/4 length sleeves as well as long sleeves.  I can't wait to share.
     Lastly there's the next KAL.  We are doing the sock weight skirt.  Some yarn has been dyed and we pretty much have everything nailed down, can't wait to begin to see this one take shape.
    Back in a week.  You all enjoy your family get together and the food that inevitably follows.  Get energized as I'm sure to put you to have you hopping once you come back.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Any thing that can go wrong will go wrong...

     Isn't that Murphy's Law?  We have been having quite a few weeks now.  I keep saying stuff like, I'm shipping this week.  Then I have to come in here and say, it didn't happen.  This all started with the winder I believe.  Yeah, I don't think it was before then.  The electric winder broke and we still had about 130,000 yards of cobweb to wind.  Which we are now hand winding.  
     All week it went like that.  I'd lay out everything I needed to ship and then run out of a key component.  Not just something I can make but something that I have to buy something else for before I can make it. 
        What happened to the honey beads I ordered?  Looked online through ALL the orders and none of them have honey on them.  I only right this minute realized that it should have been smoke and not honey.  Good thing I didn't close out the order last night.
     Once I was stopped dead in my tracks due to running out of leaves for the Mirkwood KAL.  No leaves, no shipping.  
     Where's the beads for Persimmon?  Oh we didn't order them?  Where's the other 5 beads sacks that should be in this bag that I just opened fresh from the wholesaler? Come to that, where's the other kilo?
     GET THIS!  Why are these tiny 11/0 beads skittering all over the place?  Each hank should be individual... instead one strand was attached to another hank.  Like they were married for crying out loud.
     Here's this order, where's the silk that goes into it?  Hit the dye pots cause we are missing a few skeins.  Lets double check and make sure it's just there two.  NO?  No it's 20 skeins you say?  Ok, we dye again tomorrow.
     The camel/silk came in today?  Ok, so we dye again tomorrow.  
     Last night we were stopped dead due to running out of the bead containers that I had to put into that kit!  If I wouldn't have told all of you that I was putting them into the kit I would have been able to ship anyway as you wouldn't be expecting them but no.  Not only did I take a photo of the freebies but I did a video of them too!  Talk about painting yourself into a corner.  At about the same time as I ran out of the containers I ran out of bracelets for Mirkwood.  
     All this time I'd been packaging all the stuff that's outside of the USA so that they MIGHT be able to start with us.  Well, when DH said, "I'm leaving in a few minutes, you know that right?"  I just sat down, put my head down on my desk and cried!  That was it.  You see, he does all the International shipping. WAAAAA!  Not only that but he's gone all day today until late at night and again tomorrow when he goes to work.  Monday's are hard on him and he comes home exhausted.  
     Yeah,,, that's my week in a nutshell.  WOW!, nuts right!!
     Normally I like to design on Sundays due to the fact that there's no one here to interrupt.  I normally can get a good deal of work done.  For some reason, designing,,, it takes uninterrupted time and I have so much to do yet.  The socks front is done and the back is niggling at my mind just yet.  There are a few drafts some... really fun.  But then I have this list I made up last night that's 2 pages long going on about all the things I need to do before I can ship. A really important one is to close the bead order BUT what if I need some hardware?  I need to check to see who needs how many of what.
     Then I really WANT to get a photo of what happened to the baby/camel and silk when it went into a spruce kettle, marriage made in heaven.  Then there's Duo and Paca Peds...

      OH and Pixie Mazy... SWEATER! Our first real sweater from start to finish.  The pattern is written, it's even TKed.  I just need to knit it.   
     ooooowww then there's our skirts that I'd like to photo DD got Poison and I got DS gorgeous blues!  Turquoise, sapphire and royal... these are all on our 822 sock weight for the ponch/skirt for 2015.  Course DD has this crazy skirt that's either knee length or buttoned up it goes longer!  CaU T E !  Each has ruffles, 3 tiered in the three colors.  
     Looks like all the yarn is dry.  I really should get out of bed and at least LOOK at the whirlwind that we left on the tables.  EVERY stinking work surface is covered.  Either that or go watch Haven and say forget it all.  Thing is I need to know how many necklaces, bracelets, sm sets I need for all these orders and I just can't do it again. UGH!  Not today.... and on the 7th day He rested.  If He got to rest surely I do as well?  I should go knit on my Mirkwood socks and enjoy the day. But what I will end up doing is finding out what I need to close out that order.  It's not going to happen solo, I need to get up.  This is why you don't have your notification from paypal that you shipped. WAAAAAAAAAAA Hang in there, it WILL happen.  Good thing these KAL's aren't starting for another month!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Yarns

Just in some fantastic new additions to our yarn family. This is the one I'm most transfixed by.  Can you see that one strand is pale grey?  That's alpaca and the other strand is merino.  I can so see this knit up in cabled socks or kilt socks. NUMMY just as it is bare.  There's 438 yards per 100g skein and I can't wait to dig in. 

 While adding base yarns we got Pixie Paca in sock weight, 438 yards per 100 skein... same as our Paca it's baby alpaca, silk and cashmere,,, some of the most amazing yarn on the planet... for your FEET!  We are restocking our merino/nylon/cashmere as well as the camel/silk lace.  If you would like to place an order for any of these yarns, please PM me at (wmdress at sbcglobal dot net) and we can work something up for you.
     We need names for our new yarns.  I thought Pixie Paca Peds would be cute for the sock.  The photo above, Dirty Duo comes to mind, what say you?  

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When you need it the most... you know you wont get it.

You ever have one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right?  This has been one for me... started with the winder breaking.  Normally I will start a bead order on Friday and carry it through to Sunday night when I close it. Mind these are large orders that accumulate due to our needs.  I ordered caps for Mirkwood as the wrong size came in and 1/2 kilos of beads all that sort of stuff that I wanted to work on this week.  It only takes TWO days for it to get here and I know that so I expected it today.  Well, it's gone for a RIDE! Stinking shipping, UGH.  I tell you I have had more parcels go to ports far and near and never coming to land at home.  This shipment originated up the coast from me just right up the coast!!!! we are on the West Coast... where's my parcel?  On the EAST COAST! Having coffee and donuts, one must presume. Anything and anywhere but coming home.  It says it will be here on Friday which means I will be working through the weekend, again.  It also means that your shipments aren't going to start next week as I'd anticipated but the following week.  I'm really sorry but this one isn't on me... totally out of my control. Mind, it's not just Fed Ex, I have seen all of them do this. The shipment was about a $500+ order as there was a lot of Katya beads in there too.  So hang on, we are coast hoping.
11/11/2014 - Tuesday
8:31 amDeparted FedEx locationKERNERSVILLE, NC
Next scheduled tracking update: Nov 13, 2014
2:09 amArrived at FedEx locationKERNERSVILLE, NC
11/10/2014 - Monday
9:05 pmLeft FedEx origin facilityFISHERSVILLE, VA
5:25 pmArrived at FedEx locationFISHERSVILLE, VA
2:55 pmPicked upFISHERSVILLE, VA
11:03 amShipment information sent to FedEx

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Worst Fear

     As you all know we have a skein winder which turns cones into skeins of yarn.  What you might not know is that my worst fear is of this thing falling apart and flying at me. I bought a dimmer switch with my electric spinning wheel and tried to make the thing go slower but there was just one speed with this thing, fast, or FASTER. Of course when you have a fear like this, it happens!  I was winding up the cashmere for the KAL and I heard something going tink tink... that was my only warning then we had a chunk come of which cut my hand and a bar fly off and hit the other wrist.  At first I thought something was broken in my wrist,,, yeah hit hard.  It was swollen, red and angry looking so we hit the RICE, rest, ice, compress elevate.
Here is the mess we have to fix, CASHMERE!!! SO NOT cheap... can't just dump it into the trash and start again and this is the culprit.
I'm so afraid of this machine now that I wont ever use it again.  NO WAY will I sit there scared that it will fly off and NO WAY is my Mum sitting here EVER again, PERIOD, she was Pixie #4 but after this, she's going to flutter off to the Realm of the Fae for a well deserved break.  Can you imagine if my Mom had been there instead of me!  FREAK, I'd have lost it and there'd be Hades to pay.  
Instead I just want a refund so I can buy a sturdy winder that actually works and doesn't try to kill me. 

     On the brighter side of all things Fae, check this out!  You asked for it... you got it. This covers a king sized bed.
Top to bottom:
The CashCob upper left, Ouro, Fae Garden, custom order,
Next row, more CashCob to Dickens, still need more Dickens,
Then a mass of Mirkwood.  All that Bark,,, it's showing up darker then it looks in person so I'm tossing them all back into kettles of brown... it's far too multi for my liking so we are going to tone it down a good bit.
     What do you think?  I have a massive pile of SM's jewelry and the like but to pull all of that into a pile would mean unboxing each individual order, that I can't do.  Hum... I could put stacks of boxes and open the top one... there's a though.  Ok, so it might follow but it's what I'm meant to be doing today so I must away.  Wednesday is another dye day, working hard over here.  
     Check out the ChiaoGoo page, I'm loading the new crochet hooks now.  They are lovely, come with a great wooden, carved box.  They are worth it for the box alone.  Dirt cheap for a short time.

     Chatty Patty must away, hope you are having a great day.