Thursday, October 23, 2014

Birthday week

     Before I get into this I have to tell you, we got the Radiologists report from the MRI I took last week.  It now show's mild- MODERATE! A word we have not heard before.  I'M GOING TO A BACK SURGEON!  Finally!  Pray that he will be able to do something here.  I have a 2mm bulge,,, seems really small and L-5 to S-1 has never been involved, S1 that is.  If he can just do something minor I would be in hog heaven.  What a birthday present eh?  I couldn't ask for anything I want more strongly then just to walk, cook and clean again.  Crazy but all I want for my birthday is to clean my toilet! :-)
     For some reason, in this house, we celebrate my birthday over a week. Guess what's coming round?  My birthday!  Don't ask me how old I am, I can never remember.  Normally I look to DH but he's started to have to do math in order to figure it out.
     All this to say that I got my first present.  A box!!! full from a dear, much beloved, friend.  In spring she made me this green rabbit (left) who's now decked out in faux opals.  My buns tails almost worn off as it's made of 50/50 angora/wool, I sleep with it nightly and hold onto the tail. Something I've done since a wee child.  Now I can make my own ani up in all angora Lush fiber.  Box wouldn't be complete without a fairy, she's an ornament for our 15' tree.  The orange chocolate sticks were brought state side by her traveling hubby, all the way from Germany! LOVE IT!  See the shiny thing to the right of the chocolate sticks, it's my Opal soap rock that she know's I love.  I JUST ran out of the last one she sent to me, such timing.  She know's I adore scents so I got 2 candles, both smell so nummy! Along with a bit of potpourri.  I have to wait for the first rain as my beloved and bestest girl are still in pretty high allergy mode.  My bedside kettle will make me a cup of Chai tomorrow while I begin to read through a series of books.  Lately I've felt I read everything there was out there... low and behold here's something I haven't seen!  YIPEE!  They are much loved and from her owe personal library. You know what that means?  She really loves me to give up something so precious!  The cards great!  That fronts all felt sewn on and when opened it plays What a Wonderful World.  Thank you so much deary, I love you for remembering me.  And so timely eh?  Those of you who read the Riot thread in Rav know what I'm talking about.
     Speaking of being "down", I was literally put down today.  I slept all day, rising only long enough for oatmeal in the am and a smoothie later. Why? After dye day yesterday.  See the drying wrack in the front?  That's all we used to have to dye. Which turned into towels over all the chairs and then we knew we had to move outside. Now it's the wrack, the pole outside which dries them much faster and this massive line which goes across the TWO car garage!  You always want to see all the yarn from a dye day and I'm very bad at taking photos for you.  Here you have it, all deep dark saturated colors... some are for KALs, current and upcoming.  The balance of all this yarn is TWIST!  I hope to load it soon for you on the Yahoo Group so do go individual mail if you want a slice of the pie.  There's something for everyone, all sock and lace but such stunning examples of said bases.  Everything from tencel blends to solid silk and everything in between, you will love it, promise.
Father like Jane Austen
Son is more serious Amusing Ourselves to Death
     Lastly I will share our love of books with you, including our animal friends. 
     Must away Bun & Kid are calling me.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Knit Skirts?

Inquiring minds want to know.  How do you feel about a knit skirt? I have several drafts in my design book, all very simple and easy to change sizes depending on how many stitches you c/o.  Think of a poncho or a circular shawl with a large hole in the center.  

Of course a circular will give you a very full skirt and will take a good deal of time.  This is something I want to get into in the future as it would make a GREAT bottom half to a wedding dress.  I have the tencel and tiny beads all ready.  But that's not what we are talking about.  I'm thinking of a more tubular shape. 

One in which begins with a button band and is worked in a variety of lace, cable, and texture in sections.  
These sections can be worked as long as you need and will increase gradually to be worked in order.  You can make your skirt as long or short as you like, floor length or mini.  I would like you to answer the poll at the right.  Don't want to make a skirt? You could make yours a poncho instead.  Can't see the poll?  Go full screen and then you will.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Three bags full

A short story.........
     Once upon a time, in the Provence in the mountains, there was a Yarn Fairy and some Pixies. They turned cream yarn into all the brilliant colors of the rainbow. These yarns were made into lovely shawls which warmed everyone in the Provence.  
     One year for Christmas all the Pixies gathered and dyed their hearts out; They took 3 huge comforter size bags full of cream yarn and began to dye.  
     After just a few hours they got sick and could dye no longer. You see, they were creating such tremendous clouds of fumes that they all became very sick.  They discovered their problem, they had worked unprotected and unventilated, so they purchased respirators and eye goggles. Have you ever seen fae so equipped? 
They now walk about saying, "Are you my Mummy?" and bump into walls while twirling about.
     After many weeks the yarn was all completed and beautiful. For two days they labeled all those skeins of yarn (it was crazy!).
They also took another day to make lovely jewelry and stitch markers.  Yet another day to wrap up all those rainbow yarns into packages, tied with a pretty pink bow.  
Miss Yellow Shoes Yarn Mountain
    While they wanted to take photos of the yarn to prove it had been done, they just could not; You see, this one... it was painful, both physically and emotionally. They'd never taken this long to dye yarn before, feeling the pressure to get it out they couldn't take the photo. The photo would have required placing a tarp down to keep the yarn clean, pulling out all the yarn, and packing it back up again.  It all sounded like so much effort they did not take the picture. So while there is no proof we must take it on faith, that it was done and the fae dyed yarn for all the Provence.
     Finally they sat there, going from the oldest of oldest parcels to the most recent parcel.  They very carefully packed it up in preparation to wing it's way around the globe. 
     They were a happy bunch to begin with but after all that work they began to be really loopy!   After all the parcels were wrapped and the labels were being slapped on... the belly laughing started, all the relief came out from finally getting through so much yarn. More yarn than they'd ever dyed before, and they all got really goofy and laughed and laughed!
     When the yarn parcels were all back into the 3 massive bags they collapsed on the bed and couldn't speak for HOURS!  They sat in companionable silence, one cross stitching, the other knitting with CREAM colored yarn. 
                     .............. The End
     I hope you enjoyed my silly story which details the events of the last 30 or so days.  Now I will get you caught up on my life.
     Health... not so good, after about 10 days of being able to walk my back went right back to how it had been, only worse.  We are trying to get a referral to a back surgeon and get a new MRI.
     Knitting, I finished so many items it's CRAZY, they all were finished in the same week too.  I recently bound off the samples for our shawls, Ouroboros, Dickens, Modern Heirloom (so lovely!) MMario KAL circular shawl.  Then birthday cake socks, watermelon socks and a top made from sugar cane with purls on it.  I have them all in a big bag waiting for a photo shoot day.  Instead of c/oing anything I pulled out my UFO's.  Poor dears have been clamoring for my attention, some for years.  I have a sweater in 50/50 tencel in the St. Lucia color way, 2 cream shawls and a denim cabled top which is so close to being done.  They are all getting equal attention, except the cables as I'm not always up to them.
     Normally after shipping out so much yarn, I would a cleared work space, not so.  My desk is covered with this major large scrapbook I'm making.  I am thinking about redoing the outside as the inside pages are huge.  The spine is too small so they don't fit... this per the measurements I was given in the tutorial... so they don't work on the inside.  I might have to rip it apart and buy new stuff and start again.  DD said to just walk away from the outside of the book and make another and use that for something else.  She's right of course.  That's just NOT something I do.  I'm the person who will not rip.  Even in designing... I find an error say after the first repeat... rather then rip out the sample, I will leave it in and do the next repeat... still don't like it and change it again.  LOL I do not rip.  Time will out.
     My wee Yorkie is still here with us, every day I wonder if it will be his last but he's hanging in there.  Just as sweet and loving as ever, although he doesn't allow me to be out of his line of vision, at all.  Which is sort of cute, in a very stalker sort of way.
      Well that's it kiddies, felt like you needed an update.  Oh and for those of you who didn't get your yarn, it's coming in on Monday, we are dyeing again on Tuesday.  No rest for the weary.  Or is that wicked?  LOL have a great day.