Friday, September 5, 2014


Well Kiddies, I have this huge backlog of goodies I've been wanting to share.  First up the health though as so many have been asking.  I had the 2 surgeries and am still in recover.  Saw Doc this past week, (days are a blur) and he said I have another 10 days at least of recovering to do.  Which is good cause I thought I was done and it didn't work.  I have had 2 very good/great days in these last few weeks where I had ZERO of the crippling pain which keeps me from walking.  Those two days were marvelous, on the last one I got to see my grand baby, our LAFD and DIL... that was GREAT!  They got our call, VERY last minute, with dinner on the stove, dropped everything to come out and meet with us.  I was so happy that I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to the food.  LOL  I have no idea what I ate but I had a great time with my grand baby, he's such a character and a total charmer.  Had me singing with him and talking volcanoes and well, I'm in love, he's amazing.  I walked all over Rite Aid and only had a whinge ONCE, the rest of the time I was fine.  In and out of two medical facilities to see two doctors.  Did a wee jig for the children and well, it was great.  I slept really well that night.  Now I'm still paying for it.  I got two good days, more will come.  Doc is weaning me off of the drugs... well, he thinks he is.  So far I haven't been able to skip any as I'm recovering from my jig date.  LOL
     I promised to share Johnny #5 with you all,  here he is.  Isn't he adorable!  Got his wee tripod and he's all set for adventure.  He's been taking all the great close up shots I've been getting.  I hope to be able to walk to get the yarn outside and get even better photos of the yarn for you in the future with my wee boy here.

Some fiber which was purchased and I LOVE, just had to share.  The box full of Loop is for their Spin a Long over this month. LOVE me some Loop center pull batts.  I really wanted to play along but so far only got as far as having the wheel brought back into my room.  Soon.  The misc fibers are all from the Paradise Fibers club, love this club.  They now have a yarn one and we might be up next year!  FUN eh!
     As I'm confined to my bed (not for much longer I hope) you all know my quilts have been being tortured by our pets.  Decided it was time to get a comforter which could be washed.  Thought it would be cheaper,,, yeah right!  Ended up with a 2 inch feather mattress topper for my side of the bed, I have been sleeping so much better of late.  Course the curtains have been up for 8 years and are trashed so I got new ones that are just like that striped pillow top center, you can't see much of it.  The bedding is fun and it's nice to see something different.  As a quilter though I can tell you this comforter is NOT going to wash well.  It's not tied nor quilted down... there are just the top, bottom and the poly bat... HOW is all that poly fill not going to bunch up in a corner I ask you?  Does anyone know?
      On to the fun stuff, aren't these little tins fun?  I haven't decided what to put into them yet but I will soon as everything gets filled around here.  See the wee crystal ink well?  I thought it would have a screw top but as it doesn't NO WAY I'm going to actually put any ink into it.  I do love my ostrich pen though... it's like 3 foot long!
     Got this lovely lace Scentzy from a darling customer who wanted to brighten my day.  Came in on the day of the first surgery, talk about timing! I LOVE stinky stuff so this has been so much fun.  It's lace so it's really pretty to boot.  Thank you deary.  It sits near my tea service.  Tea for one, the china pot is actually a very old electric kettle.  When I find another as pretty or prettier I will eventually have to replace it as the plug is scary!  The silver thingy is for sugar cubes, vanilla candle and way in the back, 4 small journals all Jane Austin dance card books! 
     For years now I have wanted a vanity complete with silver hand mirror and now I have one.  Along with a crystal powder pot and all my creams are in crystal or blue glass fun!  Oh an see there on the bottom left... an Elgin pocket watch from 1905.  It's got a serial number in it and I was able to track down all the information.  It's in great shape and just last night I found out that it actually works!  OVERJOYED!  I have been tracking one on e-bay that's much like this one only the crystal is cracked in three places and its more worn down.  Not that I'd sell it mind you, it's too precious.  Have a look at all the other goodies, love my new boxes.
     Last but not least, if you are one of my snail mail cronies (what a thing to call my best buds!) you will end up being WAXED!  YUPPERS sealing wax and an M on a wooden handle.  CRAZY the things I end up getting in the mail eh!
     DH called me a gypsy the other day, I called myself a Hippy,,, I love the broomstick skirts and gauzy tops.  What with my amigos keeping me bra free, I really feel like I was part and parcel to the bra burning era.  Alas I was a bit too young to need one during the burning.  What with heal, rise and walk, I need new clothes.  All my skirts are trashed, I didn't care before as I never left the house... now I find myself patching and applying lace.  I went shopping once and came away with only 3 dresses for a mint!  I need to find outlet prices for broomstick skirts.  HUM.... wonder where that will be?  Fortunately I can sew and have taught DD so we have always been able to get what we need even if it's from a bolt of fabric. :-)
     There's so much more but I really want to work on my Victorian Cameo Necklace.  All these nummy goodies and they are just screaming,,, come out and play,,, you know you want to play,,, you know you want to watch Monarch of the Glen and play with pearls so come out and play. Have a great weekend.

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