Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hammer Time

     SUP Kiddies? It's Hammer time, sing it with me.  Anyone dyeing to know how I'm doing?  Day 10 past the final surgery hit and I've got so much less pain!  I can walk, talk and chew gum all at the same time. They worked so good that I'm now scared you ain't gonna see hide nor hair of me!  LOL I have been cooking, cleaning and doing GREAT! We've had Sinigang, Chili and GF cornbread and barbecue chicken with corn on the cob and German potato salad.  It's been a great food week here.  Tonight I'm making a millet stir fry.
     The things you miss when you can't walk for 6 years... the things you take for granted when you can walk.  All I wanted to do all these years was to cook and clean for my family.  The first day DD and I did my bathroom.  I felt like I was going to vomit, sweat drenched but I did it.  Late that night I walked up our hill to the gate, actually left our property and walked to the main road.  Again felt like I was going to vomit and covered in sweat but I AM determined to regain what I have lost over these last 6 years.  The next day I cleaned our room and my work space.  I deep cleaned and DH came home to NO allergies that night YIPEE! Poor dear was allergic to our room. DS steam cleaned the carpets and I destashed a bunch of stuff that was gathering dust.  I don't recall feeling the upset tummy but I do remember all the sweat. It's not like I have NO pain, there's still plenty of pain there and I know that all that sweat is reporting it,,, I'm just pushing through the pain. Before, I would tell the doctors that I dyed yarn, spun and wound yarn... like that was exercise, coming to realize just how wrong I was.  Just how much muscle mass I have lost being in bed all these years.  I'm sore, the good kind in which muscles are building again type of sore. Here's the kicker... Doc tells me this isn't permanent that the nerves regenerate daily.  The maximum amount of time I will get is either 1-2 years.  I feel twinges and at times it still goes out and I can't walk but for the most part I'm doing a jig.  I'm wondering if there's a surgery to permanently repair me.  We go to see him in a few weeks and will ask him then.  For instance, today I can't walk for right now.  Earlier I could, it's trying and scary to think of actually leaving the house.
     We had a major dye day, the first in which we did 300 skeins, it was way too much and took us some long hard days to finish but we did it. It was INSANITY.  After about 5 hours DD and I both loose it.  She was smart and left, I continued for another hour.  We got back to it at noon the following day and pressed on until 8pm.  We stopped for $70 worth of taco's in there as I had to feed the family since we do this in our kitchen.  It's really time to think about a dedicated dye space I just haven't been able to walk.  We have a large barn where we really should be doing this. Now that I can walk I really feel like we should be down there.  Outside in the fresh air instead of breathing all those fumes. 
 That's the other thing, we have been wearing flimsy masks and really need to bump up to full throttle.  "Are you my Mummy?" We were so sick, headaches, couldn't speak correctly, felt faint, and got plumb loopy towards the end of the night.  It was NUTTER!  When it came time to rinse all that yarn that was laid out to dry, DD and I just wanted to cry.  We new it was going to turn into three days.  Instead Pixie #2 decided to step in and help! YIPEE! He's back in the fold and I don't know what I'd do without him.  He got it all rinsed and onto the rack in like 2 hours!  It was insane but he's got it down pat.  Plus he was fresh where we were worn out. I was so happy not to have to crawl around, getting soaked while rinsing all that yarn.  I tell you it was insanity and we will NEVER try over 150ish skeins again in one setting.
     Speaking of Dickens, have you checked out the Dickens page recently?  There are now THREE prizes for the first three people who finish their shawls.  There's a new Cameo necklace and I really want to make Lady Mary but so far no one has asked for her.  I have all the vintage glasses to work her up in and can't wait.  I might have to put her up on DD's Etsy shop for her to sell after it's all said and done.
          The other day I got in some Musk Ox and Huacaya fibers, some of the most expensive fibers in the world as there are so few of the Musk Ox left so they have the corner on the market.  I'm going in for more before it disappears until next spring.  Found the best place to buy it here :-) There's only ONE person in the lux sock category of the club this time around and she's getting HANDSPUN! LOL no, not quivet or even the alpaca but I have a bunch done here that's never going to be used if I wait for myself to get round to it.
     Mom's not doing so good though.  She fell and fractured a disk, she's a mess now.  I feel bad for her as I know the emotional stuff that she's going to have to plow through as well as the physical pain.  It's hard to lose mobility and have to recover but at least she can.  I believe if she doesn't re-injure the area, if she lays down in bed to allow the bones to knit, that in 6 weeks her bones will be back to normal and she will be out and about again in no time. Is that weird or what?  I was down for SIX long years, the day I get up, she fell down.  She can still get around, just with a lot of pain.  She drives herself to the doctor and the pharmacy,,, that's something I haven't done in a very long time.  I'm really looking forward to getting out.  Got some new dresses and I'm ready!  Look out world, here I come.
     I'm also looking forward to scrap booking again.  I didn't realize just how much time you spend on your feet while cutting all that paper.  The initial chipboard has to be cut on the guillotine as it's thick.  Then there are the multiple cuts for the album pages in cardstock when you need it again. YIPEE I can do it again but not until after my room is totally destashed and all the yarn is shipped out.  I still have like 200 skeins to ship but I have to do that on another day as I'm pretty flattened out from all the work that I have done.
     Must away, the world is calling and I haven't set down to my e-mails for days!  ENJOY!

Friday, September 5, 2014


Well Kiddies, I have this huge backlog of goodies I've been wanting to share.  First up the health though as so many have been asking.  I had the 2 surgeries and am still in recover.  Saw Doc this past week, (days are a blur) and he said I have another 10 days at least of recovering to do.  Which is good cause I thought I was done and it didn't work.  I have had 2 very good/great days in these last few weeks where I had ZERO of the crippling pain which keeps me from walking.  Those two days were marvelous, on the last one I got to see my grand baby, our LAFD and DIL... that was GREAT!  They got our call, VERY last minute, with dinner on the stove, dropped everything to come out and meet with us.  I was so happy that I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention to the food.  LOL  I have no idea what I ate but I had a great time with my grand baby, he's such a character and a total charmer.  Had me singing with him and talking volcanoes and well, I'm in love, he's amazing.  I walked all over Rite Aid and only had a whinge ONCE, the rest of the time I was fine.  In and out of two medical facilities to see two doctors.  Did a wee jig for the children and well, it was great.  I slept really well that night.  Now I'm still paying for it.  I got two good days, more will come.  Doc is weaning me off of the drugs... well, he thinks he is.  So far I haven't been able to skip any as I'm recovering from my jig date.  LOL
     I promised to share Johnny #5 with you all,  here he is.  Isn't he adorable!  Got his wee tripod and he's all set for adventure.  He's been taking all the great close up shots I've been getting.  I hope to be able to walk to get the yarn outside and get even better photos of the yarn for you in the future with my wee boy here.

Some fiber which was purchased and I LOVE, just had to share.  The box full of Loop is for their Spin a Long over this month. LOVE me some Loop center pull batts.  I really wanted to play along but so far only got as far as having the wheel brought back into my room.  Soon.  The misc fibers are all from the Paradise Fibers club, love this club.  They now have a yarn one and we might be up next year!  FUN eh!
     As I'm confined to my bed (not for much longer I hope) you all know my quilts have been being tortured by our pets.  Decided it was time to get a comforter which could be washed.  Thought it would be cheaper,,, yeah right!  Ended up with a 2 inch feather mattress topper for my side of the bed, I have been sleeping so much better of late.  Course the curtains have been up for 8 years and are trashed so I got new ones that are just like that striped pillow top center, you can't see much of it.  The bedding is fun and it's nice to see something different.  As a quilter though I can tell you this comforter is NOT going to wash well.  It's not tied nor quilted down... there are just the top, bottom and the poly bat... HOW is all that poly fill not going to bunch up in a corner I ask you?  Does anyone know?
      On to the fun stuff, aren't these little tins fun?  I haven't decided what to put into them yet but I will soon as everything gets filled around here.  See the wee crystal ink well?  I thought it would have a screw top but as it doesn't NO WAY I'm going to actually put any ink into it.  I do love my ostrich pen though... it's like 3 foot long!
     Got this lovely lace Scentzy from a darling customer who wanted to brighten my day.  Came in on the day of the first surgery, talk about timing! I LOVE stinky stuff so this has been so much fun.  It's lace so it's really pretty to boot.  Thank you deary.  It sits near my tea service.  Tea for one, the china pot is actually a very old electric kettle.  When I find another as pretty or prettier I will eventually have to replace it as the plug is scary!  The silver thingy is for sugar cubes, vanilla candle and way in the back, 4 small journals all Jane Austin dance card books! 
     For years now I have wanted a vanity complete with silver hand mirror and now I have one.  Along with a crystal powder pot and all my creams are in crystal or blue glass fun!  Oh an see there on the bottom left... an Elgin pocket watch from 1905.  It's got a serial number in it and I was able to track down all the information.  It's in great shape and just last night I found out that it actually works!  OVERJOYED!  I have been tracking one on e-bay that's much like this one only the crystal is cracked in three places and its more worn down.  Not that I'd sell it mind you, it's too precious.  Have a look at all the other goodies, love my new boxes.
     Last but not least, if you are one of my snail mail cronies (what a thing to call my best buds!) you will end up being WAXED!  YUPPERS sealing wax and an M on a wooden handle.  CRAZY the things I end up getting in the mail eh!
     DH called me a gypsy the other day, I called myself a Hippy,,, I love the broomstick skirts and gauzy tops.  What with my amigos keeping me bra free, I really feel like I was part and parcel to the bra burning era.  Alas I was a bit too young to need one during the burning.  What with heal, rise and walk, I need new clothes.  All my skirts are trashed, I didn't care before as I never left the house... now I find myself patching and applying lace.  I went shopping once and came away with only 3 dresses for a mint!  I need to find outlet prices for broomstick skirts.  HUM.... wonder where that will be?  Fortunately I can sew and have taught DD so we have always been able to get what we need even if it's from a bolt of fabric. :-)
     There's so much more but I really want to work on my Victorian Cameo Necklace.  All these nummy goodies and they are just screaming,,, come out and play,,, you know you want to play,,, you know you want to watch Monarch of the Glen and play with pearls so come out and play. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

PG Holyfield

     I have so much bottled up and lists of things I wanted to share with you.  They all just broke apart like so many shards of glass from a crystal vase dropped on a tile floor.  I got an e-mail from Pip Ballentine, a site update....  I didn't know, PG Holyfield is dead.  Who is he you ask?  If you are interested in science fiction/fantasy I don't need to tell you.  
     He's best known for his genius Murder at Avedon Hill, which I have listened to many, many times.  He's left behind 3 girls and his beloved Kim.  
     Later, once I finish hurting, once the lump leaves my throat, I'm going here to do the only thing left to me.  The only thing that's left for any of us to do, help those children.  I read through all the posts on that site, the girls enjoy seeing the number climb, so I want to try and make them smile. Can you too?  I don't normally do stuff like this but PG helped me through a rough time in my life... just by publishing his book.
     He was so young and he left the world so fast, it's insanity.  He touched so many lives through his work in the audio world, he will be sorely missed.