Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Night

Am amazing amount of work has been put in over the last 3 day.  At the end of it I have quite literally lost 5 pounds and have shipped many more pound of yarn.  Well, it's all shipping on Friday but hey, it's all boxed and ready to fly.
     I wanted to give a quick run down of the current and future KAL's.

  1. Dumah started today and has 3 clues.
  2. Sherlock starts 8-20 and has 4 clues.
  3. Art Bag - Some time in here I will release Art Bag as a kit. I found these lovelies to put the beads in for you instead of baggies.  See the top one? That's the one I bought you all as the leaves are large for the bag.  Yes, those are 6/0 seed beads, the box is large.  I'm working still at the sewing needles I want for these kits as I want the kits to have everything you need to make the bag.

     After that Ouroboros will come out in this color with these lovelies worked into the kit. This KAL isn't in TK yet, HAHA it's not even written yet but I LOVE this stuff and HAVE to share.  Gorgeous yes?
The pattern has circles of snakes at the edge LOVE where this one is going.  I think I'm going to offer up this Mojave Green as well as a Western Rattler in gray, brown and black.  Gee, there are many different snakes, OH MAN the world of colors just opened up for me. King Snake has the white, black and red.  WHAT FUN!  I know that the boys on the edging will have red eyes no matter what color they are on.
     The next one doesn't have a name yet but we will work the color changing yarn in 50g skeins up into a lovely shawlette. This shawl will be worked for it's shape and color blending mastery.
    Well Kiddies, just wanted to update you as to the status of your orders and future KALs.  Now I need to get back to the International ones. :-)  Have a great night.

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  1. Love your work. Need to find a way to knit and work!